Grumpular Bunday

Both grumpular and prosh at the same time?



Broccoli By Bee Honeydew, brings on The Grumps.

Waiter, There’s Cat Hair in My Orange Juice

… and it’s still attached to the cat.

Building Better Bunnies

Welcome to Pet Propulsion Laboratories, where we make ani-pals faster, stronger, and cuter. In our wind tunnel, for example, we’re testing a new aerodynamic bunny that can reach speeds of over 90 MPH.

Thanks to researchers Serena C. and Ting Y.

And Now, Time for the Weather

Well, folks, it looks like clear skies for your early morning commute, but by mid-morning we’re going to see those low-hanging catocumulus clouds, and you know what that means — it’ll be raining cats and dogs by this weekend.

Don’t forget your umbrella, Rosie.

THIS JUST IN: Maru in a rain coat

Everyone’s favorite round-faced kitteh pal Maru just tweeted this stylish pic. Love the one-ear action.

More of Maru’s twitpics here! Arigato, Bill S.


Someone please administer a bun-sized Ambien STAT:

Dr. Annie M., paging Sender-Inner Annie M.

“Their eyes are just starting to open”


(Will you please check out that anerable paw action.)

Sweet little pink-carpet dwelling Girlies by Jessica F.

You Tell ‘em, Tough Guy!

“That’s right, you better run! And don’t come flinging your poo at me again!”

(“Wow, I chased those monkeys off all by myself! Wait until I tell Mom!”)

This is Ajang, newborned one-horned rhino at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo near Dunstable, Bedfordshire, England. Full story here. (Photo: Photo: Ian Nicholson/PA Wire)

Know Your Obscure Norse Goddesses!

Very little is written about the warrior princess SkëlärthGrøønt, who took the form of an alpaca sharing a head with a soccer mom from Keosaqua, Iowa. One ancient text refers to a similar creature intervening in battle to confound the invading Visigoths with a series of increasingly complex riddles involving buttered toast.

(AP Photo/Kerstin Joensson)

New on Dateline: Kitty Catches Tail, but at What Price?

Some say he’s not playing with a full deck because he uses his claws. Others think he’s an overachiever…

Me-ouch, Erin S.


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