Naugh-tea, Naugh-tea Kit-tea

You have steeped long enough. Time to get out now, my little tea bag, and let Mama squeeze you.

Cup of kit-tea from Buzzfeed

Look 120/60 Pounds Lighter Instantly!

Too much turkey? Fur feeling fat? Remove unsightly tummy bulge in minutes with SlendaSleeve!™ Just slip it on, choose your desired waist size, and — presto! — watch as inches squeeze away like magic!

Via Mark Turnaukas.

THIS JUST IN: Santa Rates CO 2013 Calendar As “Best In Class”

Get your Cute Overload Page-a-Day or Wall Calendar Today!

People are raving about the 2013 Cute Overload Calendars

Just look at these comments from

“I normally get several of these calendars every year – for me and for Christmas gifts, since everyone loves them. Last year, however, I ordered another page a day calendar and was very disappointed. The photos weren’t as adorable, and the back of the photos were jokes or puzzles. This was terrible, as I use the back of the page as a grocery list. I swore I would never get that other calendar again.”

Another page a day calendar? Paula, Paula, Paula…

“I love this calendar. Have ordered it for last 3 years. Also makes a great gift. One is never enough!”
-Melinda P

See? One isn’t enough. They come in two formats, so get….a dozen of each.

This is the 3rd year I’ve bought this calendar. It is so cute and fun to see a new photo every day!
-Lisa D.

Cute nevah goes outta style. Evah.

Get your Cute Overload Page-a-Day or Wall Calendar Today!

Send Us A Nosetacular Photo, Best 3 Win Cute Overload Calendars!

Unless you’ve been hiding under a ‘tock, you’ve seen the jumbo-sized Nosevember posts, right?

We’re gonna do One Last Nosevember Blast—and this time there’s something EEN EET for U!

1. Find your most nosetacular, schnozzle-riffic pet and snap a photo.
2. Send it to us! Make sure that photo is as huge as poss.
3. The top three submeeshes will be featured on Cute Overload on November 30th and get Obviously Fabulous 2013 Cute Overload Calendars!

Submission deadline is 10am PT on Thursday the 29th. So get to woik! Schnozzles UP!

Dumbo by Stephanie O, Henry from Christy B, Alba c/o Janne, Cailin via Vicki N, and Banjo from John B.

Stocking Stuffer

It’s Black Friday, and Cute Overload reminds you that stocking stuffers come in all sizes.

When are services at the Temple Of Cute Animuhls?

Turkey Overload

A Thanksgiving Song

Let’s sing it together, everyone.


“I aaaate too moishe
Too moishe is what I ate
I ate too moishe
I ate too moishe
I ate too moishe
IIIIIIII aaaaaaaaate too mooooishe!”

Listen to the song here [156K]


Now stop checking C.O. and go outside and play Thanksgiving Football with your family er something…

Black Friday Haiku

Must have doorbusters

The madness of Black Friday

Get ready set go

Don’t delay act now

Supplies are all running out

Flying off the shelves

We have what you want

What you really really want

Give thanks for CO!

♪ ♫ “Shoppers rush home with their treasures…” ♪ ♫, Katie K.

Happy Tonguesgiving, Part II

Sometimes eet gets stuck here for like five minutes.

From Anna B!

Happy Tonguesgiving!

That Tryptophan Coma oughta be kickin’ in any min- wait, too late. Biggie, wake up!

The one & only Biggie Bigs, from Redscylla.

Tonguesgiving, Red Panda Style

Via Meerkat Mania.


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