Increase Your IQte Today

Everybody wants a higher IQte. ‘But I’m cute enough already!’, you say. Actually, that was your Mom.

For real life results, you too can be decadently cute by consuming silly hamster photos and studying the Rules of Cuteness!

…and eating up all your spinach, Hannah.

THIS JUST IN: Honk-shuing Polar Bear

Born last month at the Scandinavian Wildlife Park in Copenhagen, little Siku (it means “sea ice”) wasn’t getting enough milk from his mother, so keepers are giving him 24-hour care until he’s big enough to rejoin the family (contrary to the video’s title, he’s not an orphan). Listen closely for some classic honk-shuu action!

Also, check out the photo gallery at the Chicago Sun-Times.

On the Tenth Day of Cutemas,

My true lof gave to me: Ten prairie dogs a-shooting!

How’d these guys get through basic training, Peter Dutton?

Baaa Humbug

You are being visited by the Goat of Christmas Cute-ure.

Season’s bleatings to Claire P. and her 1 week old Nigerian Dwarf goat.

Sammy and the City

I’m Sammy.

You may remember me from such Cute Overload polls as “Boo v. Sammy“.

But there is so much more to me than the fact that I’m a sweet Pomeranian.

I’m an extremely well-traveled, fashionable, cosmopolitan New Yorker

I could tell you stories all day. Come on over to my neck of the woods and hear alllll about me.

Special thanks for the follow up from Scott S. and of course, Sammy. Learn lots, lots more about Sammy over at

The Hard Sell

I know our calendars are THE STOCKING STUFFER of the season—but don’t take my word for it:

Just check out these happy clients!

Then… Order the Cute Overload Calendar today for delivery on December 23!

OMG We just passed “Extraordinary Chickens” on the Amazon Best Seller list. We’re coming for you DILBERT CALENDAR!

Want to look inside the calendar? You can do just that here!

Uke Tide Carols

And now, everyone’s favorite Japanese-ukelele-playing-bunny-puppy-puppet-duo, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE CHRISTMAS HITS of U-900! [Kermit-like arm frantically waving in an introduction-like fashion]

Sleigh Ride

Happy Christmas (War is Over)

Silent Night

Jingle Bells

Walk, Don’t Run and Diamond Head are other faves. Don’t miss ’em!

On the Ninth Day of Cutemas,

My true lof gave to me: Nine pups a-pondering!

Well, are you going to finish that sandwich, carterse?
Here’s the rest of the canon!

Pleeease May I Open One Gift Before Christmas?

Nooo. A thousand times, no.

You’ll have to wait a few more days.

Keep asking, Buckles, I think you’re wearing Kate P. down.

Move Over, Martha Stewart

This season, turn your regular old pine ‘n’ holly centerpiece into a SHOWSTOPPER!
Simply add a spiky store-bought hedge and turn this classic arrangement into anything but!

Fritz the Christmas Hedgehog is by Sender-Inner Serena N.


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