The baby-est of chipmonnnks takes the tiniest of bites

[Mini chipmonnnk salts Dandelion head]

Mmm, delectabuhls!


Speaking of delectabuhls, can you believe those TINY, chompable ears, Richard N.?

Hamstah Hauswife

People, this is the THIRD hamster in a dollhouse. Do I smell a new category!?

First, there is the winding of the Grandfather clock… (nom nom)


Then, there is the never-ending stack o’ dishes…


Hether, nice brick floor/starwberry wall combo in the kitchen [shaking head]


[muzzlepowshe wrapped around berne]

Nom nom nom [pause] nom nom


Excellent nommage, Kevin W. :D

Dangerously Prosh

I am a dangerously prosh pug, and I am coming your direct-shons.

You may not survive dees.




Doug W., you’re right, Olie is dangerous! (-ly prosh)

Señor McFluffersons

I think this is a baby Chow Chow, but not sure… I do know that he is basically owning the place with his complete and total fluff-ball-ness. Check it!

Shelagh, what a poofy YouTube selection.

Vulnerable areas + privacy tail

I love it when kittehs use their tails for privacy, by covering up their parts.

This little guy is so prosh, he’s all owning you with his 70′s carpet wriggle action


Looks muy soft, Alexis P. [head tilt]


And SPEAKINGS of Puffée-esque-itude…


Kronschew.  (gesundheit)

Sender-inner Emma W., dis be teh sweet!

Madamoiselle Puffée, picker of fine fabrics

This behbeh kitteh is choosing her first upholstery sample.

That’s so cute.


Madamoiselle Puffée, you may choose as many samples as you like, and we shall make MEELLIONS of kitteh beds for you. Right, Johanna S.?

One small, one large interspecies snorgler

There’s nuthin’ better than a little interspecies snorgling, ESPESHE when there is a great size difference in the size of the two ani-pals. Somehow, seeing a little small guy and a big guy cuddle is even prosher. Don’t get me started on the Japaneseness of this.

I’m gonna crawl over to your butt and snuggle by it, Amy F.


This water bowl is not big enough for two, Baby.

[shove] Ehn!

[shoving your credit to the side]–>Hannah B., thanks!