Mini McCheetersons is spending a Caturday in a bucket. Hopefully he’ll sproing out of there soon.

Via Catasters (Cats + Disaters = Catasters) <-OK…? [shifty eyes]

Old MacDonald Had a Pomeranian


[Verses continue in the comments…]

Made possible by John Deere and Sender-Inner Ramona.

Is That Big Dog Gone Yet?

Not… not that I was scared or anything like that… In fact, I really wanted to say hello, you know, maybe see if he wanted to go lift weights sometime, have a beer, whatever… but I just became so interested in these lovely shoes of yours, I just lost track of time… Golly, it’s such a shame that I missed him…

We’ll give Sophie the benefit of the doubt, Michael.

Cute Overload Profiles in Braveness!

In this episode, we salute the brave members of the Kitty Bomb Disposal Unit. Every day, these heroes put their lives on the line to keep us safe. In this video, demolition expert “Twitchy” Greenblatt and partner neutralize a suspicious device:

Get More Bounce for Your Buck!

Looking for a hopping good time, mate? Then come on down to Walkabout Wally’s Wallaby Warehouse! Buy direct from the warehouse and put the savings in your pouch! Ask about this week’s special: Four-pack of joeys for the price of three!

Good onya, Don.

Are You a Cat Between the Age of 65 and 90?

Are your ears hairier than your head? If so, then Cheesy Toupee’ is for you!

Riley is not just the President, he’s also the client. Submitted by Licky and Stacey L..

How Slow Can You Go?

Scene: Smooth Operators Call Center.

11:00 Perky Receptionist, manicuring nails, notices the boss never came in.

1:00 Instantly realizes, “No boss!”

2:00 Immediately buzzes Operator 1, “No boss, pass it on!”

3:00 Right away Operators 1 & 2 peek over their cubicals.

4:00  Without further ado, it’s, …. Office Liiiiiiiiiim-Bo Time! Everybody limbo!

These photos (Limbo) rock, Irene K.

Rule of Cuteness #48 Tiny Tongues are Cute

Check it! Simultaneous miniature slurping and ‘Pppbbbbffft!’ action!


We are closing in on 50 Rules, Miriam Sssssssth.

How’s My New Haircut Look?

Seriously, what does it look like? I can’t see a damn thing.

It’s like a Q-Tip with a mouth, Winn S.

From the “Snowpocolypse, Bring it” Files

Check out this super “Ehn!” action:

Gozo fetching his ‘duck’ brought to you by Beth L.


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