Oh, So That’s How They Did It

Dear Diary:  Have located source of the Orange Creatures.  Apparently, they arrive via a small, portable window, which the Tall Dogs carry with them and consult frequently.  An exciting find, as now it may be possible to return Orange Creatures to their own dimension.  More study required.

Thank You for Flying Air Indignity…

… in the event of a water landing, your e-collar may be used as a flotation device.


Does the “e” stand for “embarassing,” Ginger K.?

Red, White and Blue

Happy American Independence Day, Everyone! Here is some red, white and blue for you:


Picture 2 copy



and Blue:



Picture 2



and Blue:

Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.





and Blue:


Photo credits: (RED) this little raspberry … by jude. (WHITE) Pearl Winter White Dwarf Hamster via Wikipedia. (BLUE) name our puppy // Done! by chadmiller. (RED) Baby Fox by these are only words. (WHITE) Polo the Chow 20 byadrianrhys. (BLUE) 黑枕逆彩 by John&Fish. (RED) Stolen puppy, riding home by Glynnis Ritchie.  (WHITE) Anerable white kitten sent in by Karen M. via Piccat. (BLUE) Poison Dart Frog of the blue variety by ucumari.

Chewy, Get us Out of Here!

While the chump in charge churlishly chides Chewy Chipmunk to check out, Chewy chooses to cheerfully chew chestnuts* in his chunky cheeks.  “Don’t be childish, chief!” chimes Chewy to his chum.  “I’m no chicken!”


Worst. Copilot. Ever by powerpig. Bonus: See the “making of” video!
* Yes, I know those aren’t chestnuts.

Please, Think of the Kitties

This week is Sweatshop Kitty Awareness Week (yeah, it kinda gets lost in the whole Fourth of July weekend, but all the other weeks were taken), calling attention to the plight of kitties around the world who put in long hours, for just a handful of kibble a day.

tailor cat

A public service message from Renata C. and this station.

Honey, are you sleep-nomming again?

Oh, Honey. [Shaking head]

Honey you’re SLEEP-NOMMING.

Daniel M and Jenniflower, it’s OK, it’s OK. Go back to bed.

Friday Haiku Limerick

There once were inseparable pals
One monkey and one little gal
They took strolls and made tea,
Were friendly as could be,
Now both species have evolved morale

One toddler and one chimpanzee:
She showed him just how to pour tea.
He would not have maligned her,
But he had to remind her
“Hey kid, you’re descended from me!”

Said the Girl
Some things can not be
I’m afraid you can’t marry me
Your wrinkled and hairy
With manners quite lairy
besides you belong in a tree.
-Honorable Glad


Barry Bland, Photographer for Barcroft. Now you try, Jane M.!

Hey! I come here to Cute Overload
For a kitten or blorpable toad
Orangs should be wild
Not at tea with a child
I will nuff now until I explode!
-Trabb’s Boy

This orangutan’s trying my patience.
I’m tired of his poor imitations
Of the way that I crawl
And my dear little doll,
And I abhor how he wastes my libations!

Mr. Mucky McNufferson huffs
His bellicose cheek outward puffs
He raises his ire
With indignant fire
And says to the comments e-NUFF!

“I come to this site for the cute
Like a marmie asleep in a boot
Not a chimp with a kid,
Or, the heavens forbid,
The two of them sharing a snoot!”


Baby barn swallows, or “barnacles” are fluffy, round, beaked creatures with tiny claws who encrust themselves firmly on to barn walls and fixtures. They squawk rhythmically to both attract their mother’s attention for food and to alert photographing cuteporters:


Alert reader Keith W. spotted at these barnacles at Mercer Slough Barnacle Blueberry Farm in Bellevue, WA.

Sur-prise im-preg-nay-shons!

BunnyHuddleAccording to Sender-Inner Amanda, one of her bunnehs, “Mr. Morris” managed to impregnate a female bunneh (name withheld) the day before he was fixed. Way to GO Mr. Morris!

Luckily the babies were all “pretty darn cute.” Yay!

IMG_2586 copy

Send your (non human) surprise impregnation story in tuhday! [cross-eyed head tilt]

Paw Bouquets

[Martha Stewart voice] “Last month, we showed you what all June brides are carrying.”


“Now we’re back with more options. This Marmelade Paw Bouquet includes some Tailio Iglesias.”

Gretta & AZ Trip 002

“The Tuxedo Paw Bouquet looks nice in a basket, with some Paw Pads showing.”


“And for that extra zing, throw in a Toe Hawk. They also make great boutonnières.”


Fabulous, Sarah. Fierce, Julia G. Tranny Mess, Diva Kitty. Work it out, Little Miao.


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