The C.O. Guide to Beer

According to Wikipedia, the Hoegaarden Brewery in Belgium dates back to 1445, when it first brewed the wheat beer for which it remains famous today. What Wikipedia doesn’t tell you, however, is that after five or six glasses, you start having the strangest hallucinations involving a kitten holding a tennis ball.

Bonsai kitten, by Flickr user 松林L

If it Don’t Fit, Don’t Faucet

Well, if the fink sits…

Emma S., does Zigzag go with the flow?

March 14th: Learn About Butterflies Day!

Like airborne jewels flitting about, butterflies are a wonder to behold.

Monarchs travel 2500 to 3000 miles to migrate from Mexico to the Northern United States to Southern Canada – and boy are their…sorry.

Butterflies can also be amazing pollinators. To help out these pretty things, you can plant butterfly loving plants like common milkweed, purple cone flower and marigolds to provide them with food and you with delight.

Thanks a bunch butterfly lover, Lisa S.

Mint Out of the Box

Ooooh! Look at that. It’s in perfect condition.

Thanks for the delivery, Stephanie J

Cloudy with a Chance of Tennis Balls

It’s… it’s… beautiful.

Another one of Ant’s Quality Foraged Links:

Secrets of Stage Magic — Revealed!

Few illusions are as classic and breathtaking as the “pulling a baby goat out of a hat” trick. In this lesson, we’ll concentrate on how to conceal the goat so that you may slip it into the hat undetected. For this, it is important to select a goat that can fit entirely into the palm of the hand…

Magically adorable, Judy S.

We Are Dealing With a Master of Disguise!

Waaait. Is that really you, Fluffykins?

(arf! arf!)

Your voice sounds, funny.

We almost fell for it, Jill M. and your accomplice, Dolly Parton.

Two Against One = Fun

Time for another episode of Hyper Hound vs. the Power Piggies, complete with a TV soundtrack that kinda sorta matches the action a little bit, almost.

And the Kick is Good!

…Going for a field goal attempt…the defense has lined up… There’s the snap. Right down the middle! Like it was shot out of a cannon! And it’s over!

Another victory for Ant


Welcome back to this week’s episode of everybody’s favorite game show. Last week’s show results proved many of you are animal savvy! More than 2500 votes and over 41% of you picked the correct animal, a tarsier. Let’s see how you do this week.

Tic toc. Tic toc. Buzzzzz! Time’s up.

This week our hint comes in the form of a riddle: My youth is spotty, but as I mature I can get horny.

Have you got it? Answer below!

If you answered, b. a fawn, you are correct!
Brought to you by Em.


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