In A World Where Puppehs And RC Toys Collide…

iMovie and DINCARNATIONS present: KIMGEE WARS: Hailfire Droid vs. Cute Maltese Puppeh.


As you can tell, Damian W. helmed this effort. DW? Mr. Spielberg is on line 1.


I’m Sorry, I Thought This Was the Toy

Well, I’m sure whatever you brought me is very nice, and I promise I’ll play with it shortly. But now, back to the adventures of Buck Bluebox, Space Ranger!

Via Blacksmarty.

It’s Bunday: Hop Right In And Help Yourself

There’s plenty for everyone!

From The Webbersons.

Just Admit It!

NO. Nemo is not in the tub. Well, maybe he was, but I’ll never tell!

Emily S.’s kitty pleads not guilty of needing a bath.

Rumblin’ Bumblin’ Stumblin’

You get just about every sound a Bebeh McBulldoggersons can make, all in one convenient :43 second package.

From Labonte Bulldogs.

Emma’s Big Adventure

Like many other CO Peeps living in the USA NE, Cynthia W. had to contend with the effects of last weekend’s Winter Storm Nemo. It appears that she also had her own personal Mini Snow Plow to help dig out.

“I’m sub-meeting a video of my 14-year-old Westie, Emma, doing her famous snow plow routine in Zuccotti Park, NYC, the day after Nemo struck. At her age, she mostly sleeps but when there’s fresh snow outside, she gathers up all terrier energy and enjoys the season. (I love your website. Thank you for giving me a place to go for smiles every day!)”



Spoon Fed


This tiny Spoon-billed Sandpiper chick is the only species of bird born with a spoon shaped beak (thank you BirdLife International).

Via BuzzFeed

ResQte Rap

Put your paws in the air and wave ’em like you just don’t care!

Fave Frame™

Sent in by Allie G., presented by Pet Collective


You will simply not believe this, folks.

Holy Bat Videos, Teresa C!

Thees Kitteh Look Familiar 2 U?

Prolly so!

That’s ‘cuz thees kitteh ees on today’s 2013 CO Calendar desktop page!

Her hoomin Danielle says “Honey doesn’t fit in my pocket anymore. I love your site and have bought the calendar for the past 3 years in a row. Keep up the good work!”

[Three years in a row! Outstanding. And we appreciate the kind words. -Ed]