Something’s Wrong With This Carrot

It’s a bit pale, kind of mooshy, lacking that crispness one tends to associate with carrots — but what the heck, I’ll eat it anyway!

Cuteness — Innnnn Threeeeee Deeeeee!

Oh sure, you could drive all the way to your local cinema to see a younger, less puffy Leonardo DiCaprio in 3-D, but we’ve got 3-D puppy cuteness right here.

The first set are crossview images, and you have to cross your eyes to see the effect. It takes practice, but gets easier after the first few tries. Click an image below to view it full sized, then cross your eyes until the images overlap.

If you happen to have a pair of 3-D glasses, click these images instead:

From Flickr user ☯ 忠実空狐 ~ Fidelis ❂

THIS JUST IN: A piglet chasing a ball like a dog

Your Friday?


Fave Frame™

Thanks to Peeg Wheespèrèr Brinke Mc.G.

I’ll Hippity-Hoppity You, Lady

Since no Easter would be complete without a visit from the Easter Porcupine, here again is Teddy Bear, filmed by his ever-present nemesis, Velma Snackgrabber, wishing someone would get these stupid ears off me everyone a happy Easter.


Mewey won a sweeping (sleeping?) victory in the purrsidential election yesterday. Early returns show Mewey with a consistent lead over Human in the polls. All indications are that the complete returns will show that Mewey has won by an overwhelming majority!

Geneva R., with one of her five Brooklyn miracle kittens born after the Mama cat was rescued from inside the wheel well of a car! Yay, everybody wins!

Toe Warmer

There’s nothing like a good toe warming first thing in the morning. You would be surprised how long bread holds the heat.

Also, so convenient. When the warm runs out, you just push it back down and up it pops providing your toe beans with the warmth they crave.

Toastyfoot, indeed, Shazzoir!

Friday Haiku: Flashy Fellow

Sunshine sparkling bright

Makes a dazzling sunburst crown

And a twinkly eye

Naomi, Pom Poko has found his place in the sun.

Achievement Unlocked: Proshness

You wanna take me on, bro? I’m an ace at all the best games: Call of Cutie, Grand Theft Wheel, Sonic the Hedgehog (he’s my cousin, ya really! Yuh-huh!)…

Level up, Katherine McAdoo!

Kittea Party

Dear Friend,
You are cordially invited to attend!
What: Kittea Party
Where: Anywhere you are
When: Now and always

There will be catnip sandwiches and chocolate mice for dessert!

Please RSVP at your earliest convenience.

Fave Frame ™

Ant delivered this delightful invitation to us from TommyAndGracie.

Rule of Cuteness # 33 – Good as new!

Dusted off and displayed for your viewing pleasure! A bygone Rule of Cuteness that was stumbled upon down in the ol’ CO basement!

“Your tail says, “Yes!”, but your ears say, “nyerhe!”

Miriam S. sent in this baby squirrel orphan rescued by Second Chance Wildlife Center.


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