“Hamsters are huge online right now!”

…So says Sender-Inner Lindsey W.

Doi Lindseeeeh!

SpotMotorcycle Hamster was not harmed in the making of this vid. They swear! via Urlesque

The new face of Disapproval

Audrey Tautou is the new face of Chanel, and “Pancake” the pup is the new face of DISAPPROVAL. (Also a great perfume name, by the way). This pup is at DEFCON 5, People:


Scale of Disapproval: 5 out of 5Nyerhe!Nyerhe!

I never thought I’d see a pup outdo a bunny, but it happened, Mai N.

Say something nice

[Covering mouf with two hands]


#1 Cute Overload Fan OtterPoppy alerted us (indirectly!) to this one..

My Name … is … Meow!

2003_4_matrix_reloaded_04_scolOne of the standout sequences in the otherwise unnecessary sequels to The Matrix comes when Neo fights off an endless swarm of Agent Smiths. Well, make some popcorn, because you’re about to see that scene the way it was meant to be made–with puppies!

Today’s Contest: OMG POETRY!!!!!1!!!

Congratulations to yesterday’s winner of Kitten Corner: Jessica K.

To win this contest / Write haiku based on photo / Pony game is prize


dk-promo-ponyToday’s prize: Pony Paradise for the Nintendo DS by 505 Games. E-mail your haiku to competishe [at] cutelabs.com by 9 PM Pacific time today! Official contest rules

Tempting Morsel?

Just in time for your afternoon tea, please try one of our famous Side-eared Marmelade Morsels. [Offering you a plate] You will simply fall over ded if you try one! [head tilt]

Freya, Yellow baby boy, Kuan Yin as seen thru the fantastic lenses of fofurasfelinas.

“No More Barks™”

Patent Pending.


Pending lots of treats that is.


No w(h)ining, Sender Inner Courtney H.

I moste chomp you



You look mostly delicious!


I think I must TAKE A CHOMP!


Sweet Georgia Brown!

We knew they were shellfish junkies, but these otters have a basketball jones, too. (I’ll bet even these guys could beat the Washington Generals.)

Today’s Contest: Ode to a Fat Cat

Congratulations to yesterday’s winner of Puppy Playtime: Leslie D.

In this contest, we’ll give you a chance, here
At a game prized by each kitten fancier
So a limerick compose
That’s inspired by the pose
Of this fiscally-fit feline financier.

May I interest you in a subprime mortgage?

dl-promo-kittenToday’s prize: Kitten Corner for the Nintendo DS by 505 Games. E-mail your limerick to competishe [at] cutelabs.com by 9 PM Pacific time today (May 5, 2009)! Official contest rules
Photo credit: nates_flickr_pix


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