Another Sad Story of Addiction

It started innocently enough; a Batman comic book once a week. I thought I could control it, but I started craving more: X-Men, Justice League — I bought them all, and when that wasn’t enough, I started reading… Archie. So that’s my tale of woe, and hey, if you could spot me for some Green Lantern, I’m… I’m really hurtin’, man.

Via tux0racer.


We’re Off to C the Blizzard

Now that Winter Storm Nemo is history, Winter Storm “Q” has arrived! A name which begs to ask, Y? It’s quirky, it’s quaint. We like to think it’s “Q” for Qte.

Dakota B.’s pup says this storm is like Deja Q all over again.

You Otter Be In Pictures

Got this prosh little dude from Cuteporter Robin S., who sez “Here’s an article from our local paper with an adorable picture of a newborn river otter, a first for the Oregon Zoo.”

[You realize we used this header before. Ah well, it’s been 4 and a half years. -Ed]

All in the Family

Moses the African elephant was in rough shape and orphaned until he was found and adopted by the big family at the Jumbo Foundation.

Now he’s got it all – dogs, people, meelks, a big bed and lots of room to play and roam.

I always thought my family was a mishmash of wonderful weirdos until I saw these photos send in by Beverly W. via YAHOO! News.

Of Course, An Australian PigDog!

It appears that The Aussie Porker In Question, AKA “Miss Pig,” thinks she’s….a dog. According to The Telegraph, “She eats with the dogs, hops into bed with them and makes all sorts of noises that are more like a dog.”

That’s all well and good, but how ’bout the kangaroo?


Duck Duck Fail

This marmie’s all set for a duck dinner — until her friend gives her a goose.

Reached for comment, a representative of the Duck Hunter’s League offered the following expert analysis:

Unsuccessful Provocation


Very mature.

Phineas Finn the kitten sent in by Eloise R. and photographed by Michael V. and Margot the pug by Caitlin C.

I Got a Hurt

I didn’t mean to do it.

Kiss it better?

That is better.

From Xinhuanet by Tim G.

The Master of Disguise!

Do you see me in this picture? Of course you don’t. That is because I am… The Master of Disguise! Thanks to my years of study in the forbidden Ninja arts, no door is locked, no room impervious, no secret safe from… The Master of Disguise! I am but a whisper, an errant thought, a vague feeling of unease that one is not alone. Hark! Was that a gust of wind? Or was it… The Master of Disguise!

Nice six pack, Marcos H.

Turtle in a Half Shell

Dude, where’s the pizza?

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