Sun Salutations

Dog: Hi buddy.
Cat: Hi buddy.
Dog: Napping in the sun?
Cat: Yes.
Dog: Fancy a snorgle?
Cat: Yes, please.

Your friends know how to live, ross.james.

Things That Make You Go Harumph!






Old Age.

Cali harumphs for a lot of us, Ross H.

We All Went To College With This Guy

You know the type, there’s one in every class: Sneaks in late, sits in the back, never raises his hand, falls asleep…

Paws-up (in)action from Jpockele.

A Lesson In Etiquette

When meeting someone for the first time, it is best to take a conservative approach and slowly get to know them.

Engage in conversation; ask them about themselves and their interests.

Meeting new friends can be rewarding and fun.

These tiny morsels must be a delightful handful, cuatrok77!

Meanwhile, at Skydiving School…

OK, for our first lesson, we’re going to practice floating in place. Let the air gently lift you off the… Um, guys? Floating in place? Anytime? Guys?

The Pupper Class

I would simply love to stay and chat. But I’m off to my Ladies Garden Society meeting. We do enjoy digging up the dirt and slinging the muuud. (purses lips)

How very dognified, Soggydan .

Just Like Momma

Momma! When we grow up we want a tail just like yours!

So you want a gorgeous plume like mine? (beams with pride)

No, we want to be able to clear table tops with a single swish!

Hair raising, jurvetson!

And Lion Makes Three

Yep, nothing to see here, just your normal family: Mom and Dad, a dog, a bunny… and a lion cub. When Simba became ill, zookeepers cared for him at home, where he befriended Monty the dog and Thumper the rabbit.

Thoughtful Dog is Thoughtful

It’s quiet. …It’s so quiet, you could hear a pin drop. …Hmmm, I wonder why people are dropping pins?

We like the strong, silent types, Soggydan!

Slurrpitty Durrpitty

The great philotsafur, René Des-cats says, “I drink, therefore I am (cute).”

Truer words were never spoken, Dirigentens !


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