Where Do We Draw the Line?

Is it really a cute kitten if it’s only a picture of a cute kitten? Can a picture be “real”? That’s a tough concept to wrap oneself around; I just can’t put my finger on it…

From Sin Amigos via Flickr.

Baby Navann Gets a Bigger Bathtub!

Still not big enough for mom.

Fave Frame™

I love a good sequel, Mindy P. We’ll be sure to check in at Save Elephant Foundation to keep up with Navann’s hijinks!

Hoomin Taxi

The Cute Overload Mom Taxi series is well established. We now bring you the first in a (hoped for) series: Hoomin Taxi!

“I’d like to submit my newly adopted puppy, Nikau, which means ‘sunlight’ in Japanese. This is Nikau on a bag plus my boyfriend about to take him for a trip (he hasn’t gotten all his shots so he is better off the streets). So hope you like him and hopefully see him on your site…..been a fan since forever!” -Aldana G. (from Argentina)

Bo Knows Christmas

The tree and all the trimmings are up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!

First Dog Bo takes a look around.

Gingerbread Man Never Had A Chance

Hi! This is omnomnomnom Teddy Bear! And I’d like to omnomnomnom wish you omnomnomnom a Merry omnomnomnom Christmas!

Oh, Deer

The nose is real and the antlers are fake. No, no, the antlers are real and the nose is fake. No, wait a minute, the nose is real, the antlers are real and the eyes are fake!

Sender-Inner Soren says this is Trixie, the Christmas Greyhound.

Ultimate Encore Presentayshe!

You know, there’s…cute. Then there’s…cute. Then…there’s thees. OMGPLAYITAGAIN.

Parry Gripp #UltimateWin.

Any Fan of the Marx Brothers would Recognize this Facial Expression Anywhere

It’s a Gookie!

Little grey Margaret Dumont kitty is nonplussed.
Katherine P. introduces us to “Gu (pronounced Goo) and Giblet. Gu has the squishy face, and Giblet is the little grey kitten.” Now if we could just get Gu to play the harp and honk a horn! Unfamiliar with Harpo Marx and the Gookie? go here.

Tiny Jimmy Durante Spotted at St. Louis Zoo

Whoops! That’s not Jimmy Durante, that’s baby Colobus monkey, Kivuli. My bad.

Here she is hanging out with her mom, Jimmy Durante Cecelia.

Via Zooborns, photo by Ray Meibaum, St. Louis Zoo

Friday Haiku: To All the Noses We’ve Booped Before

Good bye Nosevember

Schnozzes, beaks, nosicles, boops

Was nice nosing you

Gizmo says, “smell ya later”, Aileen M.


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