And now, a white, blobbular hamster sleepingks

Meeka is so tie-tie.

You can almost hear the mini honk-shus.

I’m going to sit here and wait for a ‘straaaaaaayche!’

Sender-Inner Lilly, does Meeka fall asleep with full pouches!? Sleeping hoverfacts via Mayo Clineek.

Firth Date

Well I hath a lovely time tonight. Thankth for a wonderful evening and ethcorting me home.

How about a thmooch thweetie?

…Thweetie? …Hey where’d you go?!?!

Did Thally have thith troubel with Hairy, Joel?

Maple Sap Sipper

And when he’s finished with the pancakes he’s going to want to wash it down with some milk.

The cows will not be pleased with his methods.


See you on the flipside, Peter

Cute or Sad? A Seal goes “Ehn!”

Cute or sad?

You tell me, People.

Josh N. says “cute.”

Has Anyone Seen Larry?

I told him to wait here with the others, and now he’s wandered off… Oh, there he is.

On Your Mark, Get Set,

BEEP!         BEEP!          BEEP!

(Turn down your volume!)

Aooogah! (eyes pop out on springs), Sophia.

Get A Life!

Actually, the pawlm reader said I have NINE lives! Seeeeee?

Live it up, Sender-Inner Rosalind.

The Eternal Struggle of Puppy vs. Ice Cube

The rich tapestry of Nature is woven in conflict. Here, we see an ice cube locked in a life-or-death battle with a hyperactive puppy. The wily ice cube remains cool and collected, aware that tiring his adversary holds his only hope of survival. Alas, the tactic fails, and the poor ice cube succumbs to a fatal licking.

“This has to make @CuteOverload,” said Barbara M. in our Twitter feed. What an ice idea.

Spin the Banana

As they both stared in crestfallen silence, Carl and Belinda knew fun times with the “bun-nana” would only lead to heartbreak.

My bad, Gwenovere. I was hungry.

My Happy Place

Your mad gardening skills totally harshes my mellow. I must close my eyes until I reach tranquility. Mmmm, I am a pebble, my thoughts are floating, floating, higher… Why am I visualizing a sparkly green dragonfly? I must maintain focus amid the chaos! Waterfalls! Why couldn’t there be a waterfall here instead, with a reflecting pond. And koi. Now I need tea and healing crystals. Think I’ll write a haiku…

That’s a new kind of enlightenment, Mandy


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