The Dazzlers Find What’s Missing from Their Synchronized Swimming Routine

Chaz knew it was a gamble, but he decided it was time for the team to go big or go home. And, as it turns out, spraying each other in a 40-60 mixture of coconut oil and glitter is not only moisturizing but it also leaves a lovely iridescent sheen in their wakes.

They could also work on the synchronization, Peter G.

Whatchu Talkin’ ‘Bout, Owner?

You mean to tell me that you’re not going to punish that peeg who dropped the water balloon on me? Unacceptable!

Someone’s wearing some wet cranky pants, Josh N.

Jeesh, Who Knew Maru was Such a Whiner

Interesting. I always pictured him sounding like Vincent Price. Go figure.

Thanks, DaChickenLady! See more Maru here, as if you don’t know already.

Ongoing Heat Wave Continues to Swelter All

“Watch it, Mildred! If you’re not careful you’ll step in one of them bunny puddles and end up with disapproval all over your shoe!”

Radiating disapproval, Kristin H.

The Lives of the Bootleggers

In the heady days of Prohibition, booze ruled the speakeasies — and violence ruled the streets. No self-respecting mob lieutenant would dare travel without his trusty “tommy cat,” hidden discreetly inside a violin case to fool the police.

Actually Chloe G. says it’s a guitar case — and we agree, Cleo there is a fat little girl!

The Ironically Named Mrs. Peacock Witnessed Much at Tudor Mansion

I don’t care who you just killed with a wrench in the Billiard Room, Mrs. White, because I just walked in on Professor Plum and Miss Scarlet in the *ahem* Lounge, and quite frankly I’m gonna need to borrow that wrench to gouge my eyes out.

Game over, A.Q.F.L.! [Another of Ant’s Quality Foraged Links].

Lift From the Knees, Boys

I think it’s safe to say that when the forklift lifts him from the inexplicable leopard-print duvét, a motorized scooter will be waiting on the floor.

The adorable Hefty McSinch Sack forwarded by Julie B.

Use the Blitz, Luke

A play-action pass? Hah! A quarterback sneak? Feh! A Jedi craves not these things. Only the long bomb into the end zone must you use. Save you, it can!

Says Sally K.: “I was recently camping in Alaska, and my friend Katie brought along her adorable pug named Bosley. Pug in a sweatshirt to stay warm or secret Yoda camouflaging technique?  You decide.”

Fractured Fairy Tale

… and so, after he had eaten Grandma, the Big Bad Rottweiler put on her cap and glasses and waited for Little Red Riding Hood…

Photo credit: theowl84

On-Top Dog

What looks at first like the work of the Society for Putting Things on Top of Other Things is Flickr photographer how long it takes, whose dog Martin enjoys (or tolerates) being perched on objects all over New York City. With her mountain-goat footing and infinite patience, Martin’s fair and balanced all over town.


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