Nose Roll Nirvana

1. Place index finger on top of nose roll
2. Place thumb under nose roll
3. Gently squeeeeeeeezeNO NOT TOO MOSHE

Bulldog pup photo titled Like butter wouldn’t melt, by odin’s_raven.

Raise the Roof

[Roof raises slowly but surely]

Super slow ’n’ prosh baby sloth, Costa Rica, is by sals_r.

This little piggy went…


This little piggy went SNEEF

And this litle piggy went SNURF SNURF SNURF

All the way home. Holy moist nosicles, ManyFires, hawaiichihuahua and Sam T.

I’m going commando

NO WAY am I wearing a peenk sweateuw.

Beady eyed righteous lambkins from Handsome Brook Farm. Spotted by Andrew M.

I’m not that strong a swimmer

Pup-Freestyle isn’t a competitive sport yet

Which is just as well because

I could…

use the time.

Sender Inner Angie C.. says pup Cricket is a great swimmer. (As long as her raft is nearby.) Dialog circa 1984 SNL.

The Food Fights Back

You! are!

Powerless against my “Pffffts!”


Moira P., AKA “Chinuq’sMum” witnessed this battle Royale.


The distinguished Society of Dramatic Animals welcomes its newest member, Dramatic Eagle, taking its place alongside luminaries such as Dramatic Prairie Dog, Dramatic Kitty, Dramatic Wood Mite, and Dramatic Single-celled Organism.

Uh, What’s Wrong With This Picture?

I’m down to almost nothing on the kibble! I take another bite, and I’m in a kibble-free zone, ya get what I’m sayin’ here? Can’t be cute on an empty stomach, so let’s make with the chow!

Sez Liz: “This is our puppy, Taffy, at about 8 weeks old. She is a miniature australian shepherd.”

Parental Dilemma

Every parent tells her child, “Sweetums, you can be anything you want to be as long as you work hard and set your mind to it…I believe in you!”

So what do you do when you when your child comes to you and says, “Mama, I’s wants to be the first Air Force pilot who also happens to be an albino penguin!”

More confusing than a platypus, Ayen D.

This Obesity Epidemic is Out of Control

Admittedly, Mister Sack of Po-ta-toes wasn’t a fan of exercise.

However, when he started to lose the muscle memory in those lazy bones, even he knew there was a problem.

It’s just baby fluff, Michael Y.


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