Spitting Image

Aw, look. See, he has my nose.

Winston’s such a proud pawpaw, JoJo R. But don’t let him pawtty train Bobby.

Even More Drams

Get ready for more drama, People. [shaking head]

Dramatic Chipmunk started it:

Then the Surprise Kittens were all ‘nah-ahn';

Then Cupcake Dog was all ‘way':

Meanwhile, this ham was all:

And now, piling on is… HUSKY DRAMA!

The addition of Juno the soul-stealing Husky brought to you by Hope K.

Sleppy Mode

After 5 minutes of inactivity, kittens automatically enter sleppy mode.

If only they would stay asleep all night.

Unfortunately, your settings will be lost if you were in the middle of a game and you’ll have to start all over.

Foster kitty Tazzy, sent in by Jan W.

Soooo (Scroll down) Comfortabuhls…

Will you please check out this redonk scene (involving a silly, silly Pomeranian, natch) that looks soooo tie-tie-comfortabuhls. I wanna get one of these little houses for my own self:


High Noon at the CO Corral

OMG, it’s the Side-Eye Kid.

I want you outta town by sundown.

Circle the waggins, Truman! Yee-ha, Erin M.

Coming this Fall to Fox!

When a by-the-book city cop teams up with a footloose fishing bum, the salmon start jumping — and the bullets start flying — as these crime-fighting canines turn this resort town upside down. Thursdays this Fall, get ready for action… get ready for danger… get ready for…

Cute Justice: Tahoe Knights
This lake is anything but placid.

Oh look, it’s the Neutrals again, from Marion.

I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Giddy Up

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it skate on an ice rink.

Perfect 10, Sarah S.!

Short Attention Spans are Cute

Admit it! I’m cuter than you.

You can’t out-cute me!

I’m fluffier than you’ll ever be!

You can’t get by on fluffiness forever!

Oh come on, I’m cute and fluffy. I win!

Fluffy don’t put dinner on the table!

Dinner? Dinner? Where, where?!

That went well, Vanessa C.

Elvis (Dachshund) and Daisy’s (kitty) opinions do not necessarily reflect those of this site.

Just stop it.


No really stop. This is like, unhandle-a-ble. Via DListed, bien sûr.

Verily, a Valiant Varmint

From a hidden glen deep within Sherwood Forest, Robin Hood greets the new day. Atop his faithful steed Schmendrick, the beady-eyed bandit king surveys the dense, majestic woods that shelter him and his daring band of outlaws.

But hark! From the west, the sound of approaching hoofbeats approaches! Perhaps it is one of Prince John’s greedy tax collectors, his purse heavy with plunder wrenched from the calloused hands of Nottingham’s poor and oppressed!

His blood aflame with excitement, the valiant Robin knows what must be done. “Away, Schmendrick,” he calls, “We must ride like the wind, for while there are wrongs to be righted, we shall never rest until…” (Psst! Mom, that’s your cue!)

Marie T. doth hath captured yonder images with the aid of a magick devise.


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