Equal Time For Sledding Possums

Why? Because Ratatouille the sledding possum also has a cute sweateuw and cute music and he is all, “Yo, Fabulous Pug Models, check me out. Whee. I’m gonna get your pom poms.” Also because, this vid is now a CO tradition:

Fave Frame:

Ma nuh ma nuh, YouTube be-doo-doo.



Anything we can get you?

You’ve Never Felt So Happy at Such Grand Disappointment

Buzzy sends in the best thing I’ve seen this year by Ze Frank displayed on Laughing Squid.

Another Way In Which Cats Rule

They are aloof; they are intelligent; in recent days we’ve learned how some of them are clearly superior.

Now we have incontrovertible evidence that they can do command based tricks.

Sent in by Buzzy – who says, “soon cats will rule the world and that really scares me cuz I’m allergic” – found on Laughing Squid.

Chillin’ In Ma Jam Jams

Sam P. sent this one in with the P.S. “My heart is melting” and even provided the post title.

PUPPEHS IN JAMMEHS. All aboard the Reeeeeeeeeeeeee-donk Express!


Look Ma, We Brushed Our Tails

Can we go to the Bamboo Bistro now?  Huh? Can we?

From the always adorable Zooborns.

Playtime 4 Baby Trunkster Navann

Elizabeth O. sent this one in. “You featured this little guy a while back, so I started following him on FB. This is a recent video—the best part is around 1:50.”

[She’s right. What a little hoser, eh? -Ed]

Here’s the website of where Navster lives.

The Heroic Adventures of Baxter!

In last week’s episode, Baxter’s young ward Stuffy the Wonder Pup was kidnapped by shadowy operatives of the Little League of Evil. Racing to the rescue, Baxter arrives just as the fiends heave Stuffy over a cliff, due to a mishearing of the phrase “throw out the first pitch.” Will Baxter be in time to foil their underhanded plans?

Via the thrilling Flickr account of Matthew Simantov!

If You Like Pugs, Pom Poms and Sledding

(and frankly, who doesn’t?) you’re going to love this video!

Fave Frame:
As seen on YouTube from The Fabulous Pug Models.

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

This Robo Dwarf Hamster Ham Ham DUDE is CO-Certified 100% HAPPY!

Discovered on The Tubes.