It’s That Time of Year Again

It’s cat o’ log season! …yuk yuk yuk

Daisy is one cat o’ log we would not mind finding in our mailbox, Ben T.

Business-Class Buckley

Hello! Today I’m off to the annual convention of the Association of Quill Straighteners. Just a moment for a goodbye kiss from my lovely wife, Betsy — mwah! — and it’s away to the airport!

As a frequent business traveler, I demand on-time performance and a generous rewards program. That’s why I rely on Air Hand™.

Air Hand’s WheePerks™ Double Bonus Miles program rewards me with extra miles whenever I yell “whee!” while flying. I’m not sure why that’s so important to them, but apparently it is. Now, if you’ll excuse me, they’re calling my flight…

More Buckley on Instagram, from Lindsay C.

!Top Corgis Of 2012!

corgi_with_branchMax Stubbular here. I’ve got a bone -er, branch to pick with you, Buzzfeed. You run Top 40 Most Influential Corgis Of 2012—and I’m not on there? So whut if I’m fictional; CO takes a great Corgi photo & BOOM they name him Max. I’m not complainin’- you should see the last royalty check. And you can Google me, unlike these guys.

Wait, that’s me drinking from the faucet! I take back all the bad vibes, Buzz. Much love. -M.





First four photos are from Corgi Addict dot com, final photo from Burnred.

The Very Breast in Protection

Armed with caterwauling alarms, claws and surprise attacks, Rack Security Systems protect against intruders and marauders.

Now with optional purr mode to let you know all is swell.

Fave Frame™

Via MSN, video by Ignoramusky.

When You Are Overwhelmed with Concern

Lay down on something soft, play with some string and purr.

Nobody likes a worry wart, but everyone likes a kitten.

I think we’ve really learned something here, Josh N.

Is That Santa at the Peephole?

Sorry, but I’m going to need to see some ID. Besides, of you’re really Santa Claus, what are you doing at the front door? Shouldn’t you be using the chimney?

Does this hat make my nose look too big? asks G’pa Bill.

Friday Haiku: Bright Eyes, Bright Future

Orphans waifs urchins

Empty Cages Collective

Angels friends treasures

FallDec2008sm (1)
For years Valerie & Tim W. have been transforming lives and tewtelly deserve a huge squee of thanks!

Daisy a-splishin’ and a-splashin’

Daisy the meelks magnet!

Surf’s up! Hang ten, Daisy!

Whoopsie Daisy!

Somebody has a very quick camera and a movin’ groovin’ kitty, Ben T.

No, Not The Angel On Top!!

Simon’s Cat, everyone’s favorite black and white cartoon kitteh, returns with a pair of new videos. In the first one, he discovers Christmas and….all the fun stuff you can destroy!

And here, he discovers how to fish. Kinda. Sorta.

Much more of Simon’s Cat here and here.

Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

THIS Bun does:
Tell us about eet, Brogan S.: “This is a photo of my rescue bunny, Betty (AKA Clock Ears), showing me how she knows exactly what time it is! (Time for an Egg Biscuit!) Love your site and the calendar. [Nice plug, thanks. -Ed] Keep up the good work!”


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