Could I Mebbe Get Some Ranch Dressing Here?

The cilantro is a little dry. Thanks.

Ira The Pig, professionally taken by Brittany Ankrom.


Everybody On Your Feet, It’s Caturday!

Our furry feline friend looks like he/she has spotted lunch/dinner.

Spotted on MSN Now.

No Stick Left Behind

You can DO it, Montana! Then again…maybe not.

Cuteporter Kiko A. sent this video to us.

THIS JUST IN: Eet’s A Bebeh Grilla, People

The Cincinnati Zoo has itself a new resident, a five week old bebeh female grilla named Gladys Stones, that was born at the Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville, Texas. (Her name is a combo of the facility name, and the last name of the family that cared for her prior to leaving for the Queen City.)

Gladys, make sure to have some Skyline Chili! (Ooo, and Graeter’s, too.)


OK, Does Everybody Have Their Buddy?

Washington D.C. is all wound up ’cause of some sequester stuff. Some D.C. folks took time out from that stress to help lead these Little FuzzButts from a park near the World Bank Building over to a pond at the National Mall.

Field trips can be SO stressful!










Submitted by Elizabeth C., with details from DCist and pix by Propine.

Happy Dolphin-Horse-Pig Day!

Combing thru the massive CO computer database (A Google Calendar with a lot of dates typed in) we find that today happens to be a CONFLUENCE of three happy occasions.

It’s the beginning of Dolphin Awareness Month, and it’s also National Pig Day and National Horse Protection Day!

We have to give plenty of love today to our Cute Friends, whether they swim, gallop, or grunt! So the next Dolphin, Horseh or Piggeh U see, give ’em a high fin hoof five! w00t!

(Alex S. sent in that last video FYI)

Please Don’t Leave Them in the Cold!

Every year, thousands of kitties are imprisoned, shivering in a cold, cruel world, with no warmth, no comfort… and no hope.

These are the Kitties Without Laundry. But you can help. Send your donations of warm socks, towels, t-shirts, whatever you can spare, to the Mom Turn Off Judge Judy and Empty The Dryer Already Foundation, PO Box 101, Outfox, ME.

Via jchaven.

Friday Haiku: Snoozin’ Puppeh

Scout the tired puppy

Sleeps on the nice soft couch and

Dreams of chasing cats

From the Beagles Forever FB.

Up In The Sky! It’s A Bird..It’s A Plane..It’s..OMGPANDAS!!!!1!1!

GP logoThe Toronto Zoo is prepping for the arrival of two big ol’ ROLY POLYS, AKA five-year old giant pandas Er Shun and Da Mao. These two McBlorpsters are gonna fly the friendly skies on the FedEx Panda Express from Chengdu, China to a new home in the Great White North, arriving in late March/early April. They’ll stay in Toronto until 2018, when they’ll move to the Calgary Zoo. Have a safe trip, y’all!

Da Mao

Er Shun

Dateline: Kigali, Rwanda- Magilla Glub Glub, Vol. IV

The Kuddlin’ Kigali Kitteh AKA Magilla Glub Glub is back! Hoomin Nathan G. explains: “He’s older and bigger, but still cute enough to melt my wife’s heart every morning when she wakes up and he’s asleep on her feet. He likes to make a fort out of the couch cushions and play hide and seek. He also LOVES scratching at the banana leaves the couch is made out of, much to my wife’s chagrin.

PS – We got our CO calendar. Thanks! My wife loves the daily pictures and we give the old ones to a neighbor girl who is always thrilled. We recently got a cat carrier so we can fly with him, but I’m pretty sure my wife won’t let me ship him to you.” [WHAT?? A calendar for the kitteh. Fair deal, right? Outrageous. -B]

Small_Cat Basket

Small_Cat Bathroom

Small_Cat Bed

Small_Cat Butt

Small_Cat Couch 3

Small_Cat Couch 4

Small_Cat Couch 5

Small_Cat Couch 6

Small_Cat Couch

Small_Cat Drawer 2

Small_Cat Sleeping Couch

Small_Cat Under Covers

Small_Cat Yawn Couch