THIS JUST IN: Finger-sized bunny behbehs

Alert Cute-porter Johanna S. just alertly alerted us of these delightful, bunnular behbehs. Wait until you see the scale of them!

She says they’re all up for adooooooption! [singsong]

When Yarn Isn’t Cat’s Best Friend

“Dear God, I look like a blue turnip and the Queen wearing plankton.”

Uh, you do know that Dr. Zombie still has claws, Shana L.? [I’m reminded of that snarky ole gem YouKnitWhat!? – Ed]

[…or this. – Ed. the First, i.e. “Theo”, ahem]


How did this little cutie escape our attention for over three years? He’s a Brazilian ocelot, born at The Louisville Zoo in November, 2007, and given the suitably diminutive name of… (booming echo effect) El Conquistador!

Photo by Kara Bussabarger for The Louisville Zoo. Found by Jay D. on his blog.

C.O. Travels the Globe!

Hoist a tall frosty one — with your cat! Each spring, the quiet German village of Lürkensproingen hosts Bierfest für Katzen, a beer festival for our feline friends. Sample such daring local brews as Wach und Schlief (“Awake and Asleep”), which substitutes catnip for hops in the brewing process.

Danke to Beer Ambassador Kristyn L. (You can spot more photos at SloshSpot.)

What is this—a Pixar movie?

Behold some pure, unadulterated, old-couple-style nuzzlence:

birds nuzzling

[Eye Plinking Xtreme Close Up]

And someone get me Pixar on the phone:

Another beaut from Flickerererer Jessica L.

Cat, trapped in refrigerator, eats own foot

Yes, it’s another “Airplane!” reference (it was just on TV Friday night). I suppose naming the cat Taters just made the foot seem even more delicious, Misty C.

It fits, I assure you


Extraordinary measures, caption and photo by Jessica L.!

Sell it, Smokie, Sell it

[Camera clicking sound] [Camera clicking sound]

Come on Smokie, Sell it!

That’s right, clutch the bone, show me some claws

And look up just a bit, show us your ear flops

And, take 5, there’s milk at the Kraft table—nice job!

Michele H. says this was Smokie’s first shoot, but we don’t believe her. Pet photography hovertexts by For Photography.

It got three stars in the Michelin guide

OK, listen to this: Rooms overlooking the ocean, free wi-fi, day spa with massage and mud bath, 24-hour butler service, daily in-room flower delivery, 60-inch flat-screen TV, and you get a pug on your pillow when you check in.

… and a free monogrammed robe that says Yumi W.

Brain freeze! Brain freeze!

Apparently Ginge never learned the most important lesson from “A Christmas Story”:

“I weewy, weewy wish you had wahned me about dis befuhand.

It’s all in Good Humor, Maria F.

[To a very few folks out there: Stand down, people. Please. We do understand chocolate isn’t pet food. This kitten is taking small licks of the ice cream, not mawing a pound of baker’s semi-sweet. And to the rest of you, carry on. ;) – Ed.]


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