I disapprove of this elevator

I am reporting this elevator to the Elevator Hall of Shame. Where is it even taken me? There’s no penthouse suite up here.


He should at least be happy that his paws are in a dangling position, Sarah K.

Let’s check in on Nora, the piano playing kitteh

Nora the piano-playing kitteh is up to her usual tricks, interrupting piano lessons with her own compositions and wreaking general ebony and ivory havoc.

I found this one!

Az ecsetfarkú pele és egy kis tudomány

Dewds, there’s a Hungarian Cute Overload. Check it!


NIce find, Derisive 13 (Sorry, don’t know how to say ‘thank you’ in Hungarian yet…

Nigel, thank Aunt Ethel for your new sweater.

Nigel? Nigel Honey, look at me.

The sweater looks great on you!



Oh Melissa M.! Someone’s gonna git kilt in their sleeeeeeeep! [singsong]


You cannot come up with a funnier name for this post. Admit it. Look at that cat.


Fabulous, Larry R.—you may have stopped the Internets with your kitteh Sleed here.

No, Nibbles, Stop!!!

NIBBLES! Do NOT sniff that McSnakersons!

He’s nothing but TRUBZ!


Or… IS HE!? [I see the smallest of smiles here...]


Jessica V., I hope you appreciated Nibbles early XMas present…

Bird-sized stockingk

Well, would you look at dees. A bird-sized stocking.

Looks like the hamsters are finally including me this year.


[Looks up and sees candy cane] "Oh, thank you so moche!"


No, thank YOU so moche, Monica A. and Steve the bird.

Secret beluga behavior revealed!

Amazing photo—these belugas were so comfortable in captivity, they started celebrating Christmas just as if they were out in the sea. Amazingks.


Lauren P., this has the Japanese written ALL OVER IT!

High School Fluffsical

This fluffy circle is about to break into song;


The Zac Efron gosling is all "Time for my solo, Dudes!"


PLEASE get a load of this belleh/winglette/tongue combo, Kass M.!

Annoying virus :(

Commoncold_2If you’re on Internet Explorer, you may be seeing warnings about a virus when you attempt to see Cute Overload.com. A virus appeared on this site about a week ago, and we’ve been trying to fight it, but have not killed it yet.

Thank you for all your notes and concern. Please know that we are working on killing it, but it’s an elusive little bugger.

We will follow up with more news ASAP, and in the meantime thank you for your patience…

"Common Cold" from Giant Microbes.com!