Move over bobblehead llamas !

Bob bob bobblin’ along with, Kira.


Important C.O. Policy Change

As you know, many animals are cute from home, a practice called “telecuteing.” Effective next month, all such employees will be required to relocate to Cute Overload global headquarters in Oxyquatl, Peru.

This change will accomplish three things: Create a fertile environment for cross-team collaboration; re-contextualize the parameters of our core competency oogular flaffernappies; and mainly ensure you slackers are still working.

photo (2)
Employees requiring assistance with relocation may contact the HR Department for a $5 U-Haul discount voucher. Supplies are limited.

Photos from Melissa, Tracie S., Ola M., gathered during Photo Assignment day.

OMGPONIES!!!!1!1!1111!!!!!1!!! (Like You’ve Nevah Seen Them Before)

This takes OMGPONIES!!!!1!1!1111!!!!!1!!! to a whole ‘nuther BIZARRO level. You can make your own, too!

John N. submitted the first video, with the PS “Also, thanks for all the qyoot!”

Is It Summer Yet?

I’m ready for some dog days, ya know?

Photos by (in order of appearance) istolethetv, Andrew M. and Sookie

This Goblet is Sufficient

One does prefer to be served in the manner to which one has become accustomed.

You may address me as, Griffin. My servant, Jessica, reports I am particularly skilled at not minding sitting in things for photographs. I am over four months old now so I keep needing bigger things to be put in, but that’s okay. I am a lovely “little dude”.

You’re Watching LaundryTV

Up next, the popular soap opera Time and Tide. Then, newsmakers get agitated by host Rinse O’Reilly in The Spin Cycle. Don’t touch that dial!

via Phil Hawksworth.

Bleh. Mondays.

Let’s all stay under the covers and dream of bunnies.

Photo by Aaron L.

Rupert Aces the Audition

All right, it says here your name is Rupert, very nice to meet you. If you could turn to the left so we could get a profile, please…

No, your left; OK, never mind. Now, in this picture, you’d be playing a character with lots of pent-up anger, seething and boiling within him until he can’t take it and he explodes with rage. So start from page six and let’s see what you can do…

No, that’s kind of a happy look. Show us some anger…

Ah, let’s try something else, forget the script for a minute. You’re poor and hungry, you’ve been waiting in line for hours, and just when you get to the counter, the lady says “sorry, we ran out of soup, come back tomorrow.” Aaaaand, go.

Uhhhmmm… right.

Well, we’ve got your headshot, and we’ll let you know if anything comes up. Next…

Via Andrea Arden, dog trainer.

Please, allow me to say a few words in his honor.

I Di’unt do eet!!!

Mary Ann sent in this photo of her two purr-pet-trators, Momo and Papi.

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