I repeat, Noodles is indeed awake. As we reported earlier, she was sleeping most of the day, but now appears fully lucid, with ear bows intact.

Excellent cuteporting, Miguel G. of Petographer.

Double Scoop Mint Chip with hamster topping coming up

I assume you want chocolate sauce over the whole thing?

Say yes, Nehama V.!

THIS JUST IN: Maltese puppy does not want to wake up

[Whispering] Ladies and Gentlemen, Noodles has decided to sleep in. We’ve tried Sausage-smell-smelling salts—nothing will awaken her.

All we can do is patiently wait, make sure her ear bows stay on, and photograph the hell out of the situation.

We’ll check back on this story this afternoon. Miguel G. at Petographer will keep us informed.

Someone’s Got a Case of the Mondays

Hey, Norton, what’s happening? Listen, I’m going to need you to not press snooze again, alright? Yeah, if you could go just ahead and get up and come into the office, that would be grrrreat.

That’s my stapler, Stephenson B.

Oooooooooh for meeeeeeeeee!

Oooooooooh for meeeeeeeeee

Thank yoooooou!


[Pan down] [Annoyed kids voice] Yeah. Thanks.

Thanks a lot. Let’s go, Mom. Vamos.

Grateful walla and wallababy photographed by Melissa B. in Australia’s Rainforest Habitat.

Good luck, we’re all counting on you

Your mission is clear, little Ham.

Roll into the kitchen, procure yogurt drops, and roll back.

It’s simple.

We’ll be waiting for you.



MORE kittens on their backs!

It’s a never-ending stream of kittens-on-backs this last week. Adding to the collection, check out this prosh specimen, a kitten named Cotton:

Anerabuhls, Elizabeth M. See Cotton’s channel here.

“The train is perfectly hamster sized…”

Roving cuteporter Miss Heather over at NewYorkShitty found these anerable teeny subway shots. The photographer Victoria Belanger says:

“I’m a photographer for the DA’s office and there is a women there who makes these models (trains, apts, buildings, etc) for court cases, as a visual aid for the jury. The train is perfectly hamster sized so I brought my super tame hamster into work yesterday for a little photo shoot. They came out better than expected. I’m really excited about them.”

Our compliments to you, Sender-Inner Chef Mike! Via NewYorkShitty and BoingBoing.

The Amazing Flying Foxes

If you were expecting actual flying foxes – sorry, but we have something better – bats!

And may I introduce you to Beatrice, our resident gossip hound:

These tiny freaking gigantic flying foxes are a type of bat vital for the pollination of tropical plants, yet they’re listed as “vulnerable” on the endangered species list.

These two guys come from the Tolga Bat Hospital that rescues, rehabilitates and releases hundreds of bats that would otherwise die. They also provide lifetime sanctuary for many bats that are too severely injured to return to the wild or have been retired from zoos.

Check out:

Thanks, Alina K.

This Public Bathroom Has the Worst Janitorial Staff Ever.

Um, excuse me? I don’t mean to disturb you, but if you wouldn’t mind just scootching over for a moment…? I just ate at Panda Express and I have Duck Sauce all over me. Hello?

No worries, I’ll just grab some toilet paper…

“No, I can’t spare a square. Now beat it. I got eatin’ to do.”

Try a hotel lobby Rhiannon and  Natalie S.


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