Have you been lacking the cute due to lack of space?

That is ridiculous! You need cute in your life right now! These little cuties will help you condense the cute into whatever space you have.

Don’t be cuteless, be cutefull!

Thanks for making room for the cute, Ned Hardy.

Head Games

At first glance, this playful tussle between Quincy the Doberman and Sadie the Pomeranian seems like a mismatch, but when you consider that Quincy is using only his head, they’re actually the same size.

Via Marabet Farm.

Some of the Best Friends Don’t Have a Pulse.

And I will always love you, BuzzFeed.

A Soldier’s Squirrel Story

A good soldier never leaves a comrade behind—no matter how small. When soldiers in Belarus found a baby squirrel weak and near death, one of them kept and nursed it back to health. When the soldier left for civilian life as a cab driver, his new friend came along for the ride, and the two became inseparable.

Story, more cuteness at Tigertail Foods.

Which One Is the Baby?

√ Lovable?
√ Squishy?
√ Cute?
√ Little?
√ In a baby seat?

It all checks out, Redditer Loka1408.

36 Days ‘Til Halloween.

There is a lot to do! Have you pulled decorations out of storage? Have you ordered or made your costume? What about your ani-pal?

What? What do you mean your pet doesn’t have a costume yet?

You better hurry. If you need some ideas, here’s one sent in by Buzzy from Amazon.

Lick That Cow!

When you decide to yell at a really big cow, just make sure you’re far enough away.

If you get The Look, you’d better run.

Thanks to OneyNG.


{Sigh} I cannot tell if I am very comfortable or extremely bored.

Jackson the kitty brought to you by Sandi and Mike Williams.

It’s Cute Overload’s Birthday Today!

Cute Overload turns 29 today (In Internet years.)

Don’t be disappointed…

Celebrate good times. Come on!

Yanhg, yanhg, yanhg:

Happy Birthday Dear Meggie
pinky and little G partying
0606 I
It seems like only yesterday you were a sweet, young blog, with less than a 9000 posts. Ahn.

Teddy In ’12!

President Obama promises this. Governor Romney promises that.

The Po’ Pine Party’s very own Teddy Bear has decided to enter the race, and he has his own agenda, People. Listen up! Teddy in ’12!

Corn for everyone!

See more of The Tedster right here.


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