Uh-Oh, I Think I’m on the Wrong Bus

I thought this tortoise was heading downtown! Dang, now I’m gonna be late!

This looks like the return of Bizorro, Annie M.!

Take it from the top. Again.

Girls, you are NEVER going to make the Cheerios with this routine!!!


Sue Sylvester will be disgusted, Ed P.

everyone… just… back… away… slowly…

He’s been fed, so he most likely won’t randomly attack. Then again, this one’s completely unpredictable; so please proceed with caution because “Jakey” La Motta‘s a real beast.

I hope you have body armor, Daniel S.

Oh yeah, the neighbors must love this.


Welcome to Chinchy Burger!

May I interest you in the 3/4-pound Super Chinchy today? Or perhaps the Chinchy Combo: A Chinchy with Cheese, Chinchy Fries and Chincher Ale? Or would you prefer the Roast Belgian Pheasant with Beurre Blanc Sauce, served with baby asparagus in a Cognac reduction, rice pilaf and a 32-ounce Chinchy-Cola?

Update: GMTA, Lizzy (who also spotted this)!

“Let’s welcooooome bachelor number one!”

Hi, my name is Skittles and I like dining on crustaceans by candlelight, being clingy, and unicorns.

This little guy is one of eleven potentially new species found after a deep-sea expedition off Canada’s Atlantic coast. To read more, head to National Geographic. And as always, thanks to Marilyn T. for sending us these gems.

Set Phasers on “Whuh?”

Captain’s Log, Stardate 5291.3: On a distress call at Snorgulon-5, we arrive only to find no one to greet us. Most… peculiar. No… citiesNo… buildingsNo… source of the distress signal. I… fear… we… may be walkingintoatrap. And yet, except for a lone Redonkulan Flozz-Poodle, we find no sign of life at all.

Live long and prosher, Mischa M.

THIS JUST IN: Streeeeeeeeeeeeetch

Limber up, People:

“Lookforthewoman” sent this in with a ‘Toes!’ exclamation.

I Keep Telling You, It’s Not A Pacifier!

It’s actually… ah… a ring through my nose! I’m really a ferocious bull! Toro, toro! Hey, which way to Pamplona? ‘Cause I don’t want to miss the… running of the…

No? Erm…

I’m really Hannibal Lecter! Yeah, and this is my scary Hannibal Lecter face mask! Say, you wouldn’t happen to be a census taker? See, I skipped breakfast, and…

(sigh) Yeah, it’s a pacifier.

Well, we think it’s very becoming, Taylor S. (suppressing giggles)

Worst. Remake. of Little House on the Prairie. Ever.

Mary…? Laura…? Run down to the creek and fetch your Pa and Mr. Edwards for supper!

Mrs. Olsen and Nellie would never stand for such crap, Mischa M. Original photo here!


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