Number 1 Reason Cats Clean Themselves

Even when they get the bath water temperature to feel just right, …it still feels wet!

Maura C., rescued a curious kitten and gave it a curious name; Squid Ink Sassafrass, who, “seems to be a bit confused about the whole “cats hate water” thing. She drinks with her right paw in the water bowl, hangs out by the bath tub and dips her tail and paws in, and can often be found staring at the drain in the tub or the shower. I blame myself for naming her after a sea animal…”

Cute Animals Beating Up Toys

Let’s see what we have here. First one, “Nico who went out for the first time. Hatch which caught the castration operation.”

Um, OK.

And the bottom one is Mika putting the big hurt on her stuffed frog.

BONUS NICO INSTAGRAM ACTION: “Contemplating The Meaning Of A Tomato.”
Nico photo and vid from Hacth427. Mika vid from Thechellyroach16.

Who ResQte Who?

This is Mika.

Jordan tells us, “He’s about 6 weeks old and was orphaned soon after being born. We were offered him seemingly at random by his owner outside of a shopping centre, after being told that he’d be put down if no one took him. We didn’t hesitate at all to welcome him into our family.”

Mika is settling right in to his forever home.

Now that he feels secure, he’s found his voice and he’s not afraid to use it.

He’s so comfortable he’s taken control of the remote and now everyone has to watch Blue Planet all the time.

And, finally, Mika surveys his new-found territory from the safety of his Catbus.

Best wishes to Jordan O., Maxine and Mika and thanks to Patti for taking great photos.

Get It Fresh!

Finding fresh cute in the middle of winter can be tricky. But that doesn’t mean you have to go without. CO is here to supply you with fresh cute, all year ’round!

Plump and squee-liscious Bella, brought to you by Christine D.

These ‘Tocks Speak For Themselves.

And HEY let’s go to the Fave Frame™ Action, why not?


Bouncing Chubbular Fur Heads from Stephanie T.

Gotta Dance!

Get ready! It may appear that Miss Foxy Brown is simply being over-the-top-super-cute when in fact she is auditioning for Dancing With the Paws!

Miss Foxy Brown is ready for her big number, Tonya N. Photo by Russ D.

Move over, butter.

Cute puggle comin’ through! Outta the way!!

We are very moved by Sherlock, the 10 week old puggle, Alexandra C. & Jeff L.!

Think Pink, Dahling

Sez Bridget F.: “This is my 13 year old Persian, Zsa Zsa Marie AKA Zsa Baby. She sticks her tongue out like this when she is feeling playful! We adopted her when she was three years old. This picture was taken last summer shortly after a haircut.”


Happy Mew Year!

Yesterday wuz New Year’s for Hoomins, but 2day ees Happy Mew Year for kittehs!

Photo via Johanna S.

Puppy’s First Cwissmuss

Hope you like egg nog between your ears, because that’s what’s going to be sloshing around up there after you watch the brain-meltingly cute Sadie on Christmas morning.


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