Encore presentayshe: Bunnular adoptshe

OK, that title was illegible, what I meant to say was, Here is an Encore Presentation [doffing chapeau] of a baby bunny and cat Mom. En garde!!!

Fave still:

Sent in by Velociraptor, if that is your real name.

RhinoPhone includes Charging Cradle

This just in from the Cuter Image Catalog: Make your corner office feel like the vast plains of Africa, with the new RhinoPhone from QT&T. Rendered in rich earth tones, the cordless RhinoPhone helps you get your point across in style.

Order today!

Kitty Wigs — THE BOOK

If you loved Kitty Wigs the wig product, you’re going to love Kitty Wigs—THE BOOK! Now in its second printing.

It’s Glamourpuss: The Enchanting World of Kitty Wigs. A must-have for your coffee table! Written by Julie Jackson, author of Subversive Cross Stitch, and photographed by Jill Johnson.

The OMG Cat



[jaw drops in amazement]

We’re shocked, Bobbeh!

I have a Big Problem

Now I’ve never been one to fear much of anything, but if I’m a 500-pound, 33-foot anaconda, then HOW FREAKING BIG IS THIS LADY????

Does your home come with a bean stalk, Alana M.? Photo by Trish H.

You’re the Cute in My Coffee

Meet GiGi, the chihuahua who fits in a coffee cup — well, up to her ears, anyway. Since we seem to be having a mini-outbreak of pups in cups lately, maybe it’s time for a new Rule of Cuteness; what think you, peeps?

Speaking of outbreaks, Nancy H., that cup looks like it has measles.

Pup overboard!!!

Oh noes! The helpless little puppy is drowning! How can you people just stand there and laugh, when that poor pooch is in terrible peril! Somebody throw him a Life Saver, or at least some Skittles! Oh, this is terrible (…ly cute)!

The Jig is Up!

In order to pull off his Great Cantaloupe Caper, Careless Whisker perfected the art of camouflage. And he would’ve gotten away with it too had he not settled down smack-in-the-middle of Mrs. Meowington’s kitty litter.

If it wasn’t for that meddling Meowington, Laura G.

He has a Great Personality

Eugene suffered through some serious awkward years as a teen, and his school photos were often punctuated by headgear, scoliosis, a lazy eye, and pigeon toes. But no more! Today Eugene became Sharper Image Employee of the Month, and he’s never felt more handsome.

black toy dog in yellow shirt

Thanks again to Kaitlyn K.

New Guy, Meet Wild-Eyed Crazy Ginny

Ginny moonlights as a stalker who challenges her victims to terrifyingly freaky staring contests.

In Ginny’s defense, nobody likes change – especially when the new model looks like Nermal, Dan R.


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