The Many Moods of Maru

Lest we think that our favorite boxaholic is all about boxes, Maru is also into bags. And sleeping. And eating grass. And surprise attacks. And yes… boxes.

First Person Cuter Game

Video game nerds everywhere! Play Call of Cutie and experience the action through the eyes of a squirrel!

Look! Now you can level up! Because sometimes you gotta go airborne to cute the baddies down!

Warning: Playing with the tiny squirrel, Little Baby Boy, by Danny W.  and flying squirrel by Sophia P. has been linked to excessive squeeing behaviour.

Get ’em in the Handy Three-Pack!

Can’t settle on a favorite color? Then choose the kitty assortment, lovingly packed in this beautiful display case. Includes Rule 25 dangling-paw action!

From Flickr user Threat to Democracy.

A dog’s gotta do what a dog’s gotta do

I love how the pup is all “Let’s GO!!!” at the very end… Thanks to Sender-Inner Jesika M.

And Now… This.

For some things, Ant, there are no words.

OK, So Everything Is Mostly Terrible

Ordinarily, the blog Everything is Terrible lives up (down?) to its title, a treasure trove of 20th century video absurdity, bad acting, obscure how-tos, all sliced and diced into bite-sized nuggets (a few of which aren’t safe for work, just FYI).

But once in a rare while, they unearth something that isn’t the least bit terrible, especially if you like Teh Qte. In that spirit, enjoy Puppy Party.

Sleep Hug

Whether in my dreams or in my waking life, I love you!

Jason W. says that Luke often uses his sister, Leia, as a pillow.

You Know How It Is

I didn’t mean to. Sometimes I’m not perfect. Sometimes I have other priorities. Sometimes I just can’t help myself. Sometimes I hope three lame excuses will be enough.

Tell us another one, Maia. Cutest guilt complex ever, Maria R.! Photo by Ben L.

The Infinite Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn

You know what they say: yawning is contagious — and it looks like the newest mutation of the Infinite Cuteness Project just claimed another victim.

Miles the Welsh Terrier and Emma the sender-inner hop on the Sleepy Train!

There Are Three Certainties in Life

Ducks, ‘tockses, and more ‘tockses.

They’re making quite a rumpus, JoAnn S.


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