The Flamingo Is a Good Role Model for Long Legs.

Cuz this little boxer named Bruno is gonna have ’em. He needs someone to look up to. Literally.

Oh, Lina Kurucz, are you getting anything done?

‘Tocktober Kicks Off With 24 Hours Of ‘Tocks

‘Tocktober starts the day after tomorrow, so we’re bringing you 24 Hours Of ‘Tocks. Every hour for 24 hours…nuthin’ but ‘Tocks.

The action starts at 12am PT Monday morning right here…on Cute Overload.

‘Tock Splendor from The Daily Corgi.

On The Way Home!

This cute little nut is taking the best ride of her life- a ride to her new home, from the SPCA shelter!

Love Meow’s FB page gets the nod for thees.

Hey, Do I Look Like a Bank, Pal?

Why in the world is this person trying to put Japanese currency in between his cat’s toes? I guess he just had a (puts on sunglasses) yen to do that.


¡Caturday Ole’!

Everybody loves a good purrito.

But if that’s not enough for you, a great big cat taco is pretty hard to beat!

Ay caramba, Amy B., Pete Taco and  Ned Hardy. Burritos vs tacos – which is better? Discuss!

The Fast ‘n’ The Furry-ous 4: The Dynamic Duo

Continuing our Fast ‘n’ The Furry-ous series, we offer these screaming little maniacs.

They’re clearly exceeding the speed limit:

Zoomin’ in from Ultraheo044!

I Am Zookie, Devourer of Worlds!

Across the endless cosmos I sojourn, feasting on planets like deviled eggs, raining agonizing terror upon just and unjust alike! Mutter your feeble prayers, wretched creatures, it shall avail you naught! For what Zookie desires, Zookie shall have!

Hey, sometimes a little role play is just the thing to spice up a game of fetch.

Armageddon to like this dog, Pepper M.


For kittens on the move:

Meirav R., says this is Scarlett, who loves anything that contains or concerns yarn and whose duty is to sit on or in any knitting bag. Today Scarlett curled up inside Mom’s tote bag with her knitting project, so they had fun carrying Scarlett around, of course!

Control, Are We Clear for Takeoff?

That’s a negative, K-Niner. We’ve got a sand castle on the runway. Hold your Position.

Standstrong82 Reddit so you could, too.

Toughest Initiation Ever

So, you have crossed the Bridge of Overcooked Noodles and scaled the Wall of Axle Grease, but now you must climb… the Rope of Ultimate Futility!

Frame of Ultimate Fave!


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