You’re Not From Around Here Are You

Absolutely love the dye job. With your eye-liner and my spats, we could go places, I tells ya!

Lincoln P. and Megan say, “Here is a picture of our confused Dutch rabbit, Buster, investigating a gigantic stuffed panda.”

Friday Haiku: Bouncin’ Bebeh Otters

Cute Baby Otters

Squeal and Bounce with Fervent Glee

Until they Get Fed

Discovered On The Tube Of You. [Looks a like Whack-A-Mole game to me -Ed]

Hello World

Xiao Liwu from the San Diego Zoo has just made his public debut! (Ooo, triple rhyme.) You can view him live, too!





First video from SD Zoo, second video from DoxieMom19. Photos from the zoo’s Flickr page.

0:26 Is Just Weird, Man

Brace yourselves for two full minutes of solid Shiba Inu action, as the very clever Elee shows us her best moves. Let’s go to the highlight reel:

0:08: Weirdest. Yoga. Position. Ever: The “Looking Downward Dog.”
0:11: What, you couldn’t afford a set of pylons?
0:47: Stop imitating me! Stop imitating me! Mom, she won’t stop imitating me!
1:01: Thank you for demonstrating rule #26. Here’s your binky.
1:27: I love you and I must give you a red object right now!

My Cute Goes All the Way to Eleven

Eleven, eleven, eleven.

Most blokes only go to ten. Where can you go from 10? Nowhere. I’m one more than ten.

Mushu photographed by his mama, Meredith, sent in by Erik S. and text co-opted from Spinal Tap.

How’s That Song Go Again?

She’ll tease you
She’ll unease you
Just to please you
She’s got Bette Davis eyes



Liz T. says: “Hi! I’m a huge fan of your site- here’s my rescued poodle mix, Bette Davis. I got her 2 years ago from animal control in NYC. She is a total gem with a great sense of humor and we love her to bits!”

Come to Me, Hand

Why must you torment me with your fickle ways? You’re the only hand for me. Do not abandon me for the remote, the phone, the scratching of the armpits. They will never love you like I love you. They will never… love you… like I love you.

So Close…Yet So Far

Whenever they shows those commercials on TV about BACON BACON BACON treats, they’re always with a dumb ol’ slobberin’ dog. Well this is one cat who’s not afraid to say it.



“My 9 month old kitten, Sutton, knows she is not allowed on the table but wanted to check out the bacon in a sneaky way. Photographed in beautiful Casselberry, FL by Kelley S.”

Meh, Maybe Next Year

Snooty cats everywhere are resolving to make new friends.

Sigh, I sure know how to pick ’em.

We resolve to check out more of Miss Maxolotl & Rigby. Yes, Miss Max is an axolotl!

And Now, a Few Quick Impressions

First up, I’d like to do my impression of a chicken… Thank you.

Next, I’d like to do Piers Morgan trying to interview a chicken, but finding it hard to get a word in edgewise… Thank you, thank you very much.

And finally, you know those ancient monks who used to take vows of silence? You ever wonder what would happen if one of them got into a frank exchange of views with a chicken? I think it might go something like this…


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