I Otter Not Look

If it’s scary, I’ll have bad dreams and wet the ocean.

Via The Telegraph


Come On In! The Water’s Fine!

Looks a little crowded in there. Can we get you anything? Magazine? Bubbles? Rubber duckies that don’t keel over?

Fave Frame:

Vicki saw Kinako Papa’s YouTube video of a puppy getting his daily “tubby” and thought it was too cute not to share!

Happy St. Teddy’s Day!

Chubbiest Noisiest Leprechaun ever. How’s that Pot Cob O’ Gold workin’ for ya, Theodore?

From Zooniversity.

These Things Are Freakin’ Heavy!!!

These Leafcutter Ants are GETTIN’ DOWN TO BIDNESS. From Megan B.: “For St. Patrick’s Day, I thought these Leafcutter Ants carrying TINEH SHAMROCKS were quite appropriate! They live at the St. Louis Zoo in St. Louis, MO.”

Happy St. Piggy’s Day!

And let’s celebrate St. Piggy’s today with these chubbular little maniacs! The first dude is Kermit. His hoomin Sharon says, “You have a shortage of cute guinea pigs … so I’m submitting my piggy. I am not good at captioning, so feel free to add one if the pic gets posted. Happy St. Piggy’s Day – I mean St. Patty’s Day!” [Thanks for the headline. -Ed]

Now these two guys are from Lora F. “My husband and I couldn’t pass up the chance to catalog their cuteness and use them to spread cheer to our family/friends and across the Internet!”


A Bit ‘o Blarney

Kiss me, I’m Irish! My great-great-great-great-great granddoggy was Irish!

Lucky pups by North Photo Co., sent in by Matt C.

No, None Of Us Are Named “Patrick!”

It’s just that we’re all green! (Well, sorta.) Get it? St. Patrick’s Day? Now where’s the pitcher of green beer? WAITER!
[Ah yes, freshman year, Miami University. Pitchers of green beer for a quarter, 3am in uptown Oxford. Wait- I didn’t go, I don’t drink. Never have. Never mind. -B]



Two tinee tabbees tenaciouslee taunting.

Two tinee tabbees tease time teetering on tough talk.

Two tinee tabbees tangled turmoil!

Tinee tawnee teammate’s tender touch touts truce, tie-tie time.

Tinee tabbee tempest in a teapot tattle tail!

This terrible twofer taken by the famous Fine Four-Legged Photographer!

Who’s There?

Must’ve been those kids again, ringin’ my doorbell an’ runnin’ away.

Peeping Kitty, from Elyse S.

Lona, Duck of Dexterity!

After CO introduced Lona to the world, sender-inner Nicole C.  followed up by sharing a new photo to let everyone know, “This is what Lona looked like the very next day! ;-)”

Lona at the The Dingle Wildlife & Seal Sanctuary.