These ‘Tocks Speak For Themselves.

And HEY let’s go to the Fave Frame™ Action, why not?


Bouncing Chubbular Fur Heads from Stephanie T.

Gotta Dance!

Get ready! It may appear that Miss Foxy Brown is simply being over-the-top-super-cute when in fact she is auditioning for Dancing With the Paws!

Miss Foxy Brown is ready for her big number, Tonya N. Photo by Russ D.

Move over, butter.

Cute puggle comin’ through! Outta the way!!

We are very moved by Sherlock, the 10 week old puggle, Alexandra C. & Jeff L.!

Think Pink, Dahling

Sez Bridget F.: “This is my 13 year old Persian, Zsa Zsa Marie AKA Zsa Baby. She sticks her tongue out like this when she is feeling playful! We adopted her when she was three years old. This picture was taken last summer shortly after a haircut.”


Happy Mew Year!

Yesterday wuz New Year’s for Hoomins, but 2day ees Happy Mew Year for kittehs!

Photo via Johanna S.

Puppy’s First Cwissmuss

Hope you like egg nog between your ears, because that’s what’s going to be sloshing around up there after you watch the brain-meltingly cute Sadie on Christmas morning.

Happy Maru Year!

Video, as always, from Mugumogu.

Maxi New Year + Bonus Tongue Action!

Welcome to 2013, People! Can’t theenk of a better way to kick off A Stubbular New Year…than to roll in some dirt! Who’s WITH me?

Christopher B. sez: “Submitting my dirty little Corgi who likes to roll around in the backyard.”

Bring Eet On, 2013!

Ah am ready, got my oh-feesh-yul crown and everythings.

FUR_9583 (Medium)
Photo from Josh N.

Teddy Is Ready To Par-tay Tonight

Better hide the champagne corn. You can’t quite make it out- but The Tedster seems to be saying: “Have a Happy New Year’s Eve tonight!”

Via Zooniversity.


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