Just a subtle reminder, pal — it’s your turn to do the dishes tonight! And make sure you scrub off that beaked-on grime this time!

“Dolly was on the dishes so I thought I would catch the moment,” says Flickr user Nigel Wedge.

Most defi-NUT-ly

Aaah! Look! It’s a hoarder!

Where? Where? Listen, you got the wrong guy. I am a squirrel. I like one, and exactly one nut. I just happen to have 6,000 of them. It’s a hobby. Which is an entirely different thing.

And just how many beanie babies do you have, hmmmm?

Thanks to Ingrid Taylar for these great photos of a very cute pack rat Fox Squirrel!

It’s a Pillow, It’s a Pet

This is my new friend. Please, introduce yourself, Thelma. Well, she’s a bit two-dimensional and really not much with the conversation, but she has a soft spot for me.

I’ve noticed they don’t mind when Thelma lies on the sofa.

Violet (a 3-year-old Shiba Inu/Rat terrier mix) is having a pillow case of mistaken identity, Karen G. (latch-hook pillow by Auntie Sarah.)

Why Can’t I Have a Normal Dog Like Everyone Else?

Here’s the World-Famous Cycling Ace, zooming through the air, in the cockpit of her Sopwith Basket.

To the rescue! I am onto you, Red Baron! Go, Sopwith Basket, Go!

Chocks away, Leslie R., who took this pic recently on her morning commute.

The Wagging Dead

Repeating our earlier bulletin, the city has become overrun with marauding hordes of zombie puppies. Stay indoors and avoid all contact, or you too may meet the horrific fate shown below:

Pleasant Dreams!

All night long, it’s “Mommy, I want a cuppa drink!” “Mommy, I wanna storybook!” “Mommy, how many lightyears away is the Dog Star?”

And now I have to go to work, I’ve had an hour of sleep, and look at him…

Sound Like Anybody You Know?

Snow weasel – “…they are also solitary and territorial. Neither sex will allow another weasel of the same sex in their home territory, though males will tolerate the presence of multiple females.”

There’s no business like stoat business, Robert A.


Coming to you live from the barricades, it appears that the small but scrappy protesters are engaging in constructive dialog with representatives of the NYPD.

This Week, on The Guiding Leash

In a shocking development, Reginald Van Snord, believed to have been accidentally shot, stabbed, poisoned, drowned, impaled, electrocuted, decapitated, poisoned again, and eaten by crocodiles which were in turn eaten by piranhas, returns to reclaim his family’s vast median-strip real estate holdings.

Meanwhile, Sheila Crackleflacker, under pressure from the Amish Mafia to repay her gambling debts, agrees to rent her vital organs for scientific experiments.

And a tearful Emma Bunnyslipper bravely confronts Blake Drake, the cad who savagely chewed Emma’s twin sister Abigail in Tangiers.

This is Eloise. She is a Chihuahua puppyluv. Shot by Christy @

What Time Izzzzzzzit

Time to fall back. Same as every other day. Ask me another one.

Go back to bed Jennifer C., just another falls alarm for Spike.


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