I’m Havin’ A Ball!

You wanna have a ball with me?

Seen on The Webs.


Bloody Hot In The Outback, Mate

I’ll be stuffed! Thanks for stoppin’- I was right stonkered. Say cobber, a coldie would work just fine, but I’ll have a go with this water bottle.

And maybe a little something to eat while we’re at it, eh?

First video spotted on Buzz. Oz translation guide here.

Memo from Planetary Maintenance

Once again, gravity will be temporarily suspended this Sunday between 2 and 3 AM EST for software upgrades. Please keep all pets indoors. Thank you.

Via fuzzysaurus.

Every Breath You Take

Every move you make..


Every bond you break..


Every step you take..


I’ll be watching you.

Check hovers for comments -n- creditos. Lyrics by Gordon Sumner.

There’s Something in the Air!

Spring, spring everywhere. And all the bunnies did bink. -Samuel “Bunnytailor” Coleridge

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!”” -Robin Williams


Splendour in the grass! Squirrel in the flower! -William Pawsworth


Spring, Spring! Wherefore art thou, Spring? -Chill I. Am Shakespeare

Bumper crop of fresh cute brought to you by Eames the bunny by Nicole, Unnamed via Pixdaus, Lennaert Roumen/National Geographic and Redditor hwfudge.

MM-mm eee-eee-eee ow! ow! ow!

Aa-aa-nn-nn-dd-dd, noo-oo-oo ss-star-arch-ch-ch ii-ii-nn-nn mm-mm-yy-yy coll-oll-oll-ar-ar-ar, p-p-p-lea-ea-ea-s-s-se!

Fave Frame:

It’s nice to be kneaded, Roman Positive

I Am Certifiable!


Gail N. tell us, “This is our Westie, Monty, (full name: Czarcrest’s Montrose O’the Sea – I am so 
not kidding about that) posing with his graduation certificate when he passed
 the Canine Good Citizen test. He is now a working therapy dog, brightening the 
lives of patients lucky enough to merit a visit! The secret of my success in getting a photo of him posing so perfectly:
 First, obedience training, second, a really fast shutter speed! I sure hope you post this picture. I can’t be the only one who thinks Monty
 is the cutest!” You are not alone, Gail.

Revealed At Last!

A kitteh Who’s Who of CO. Yes, it’s true, CO is run by cats. And we’re ready for our close-ups! Can you guess ’em all?





Our cuteness protection program clients are: Violet by Anita B., Pierre by Josh Norem, Kitty nom via Pixdaus, Copper the cool kitty by Candie N., Pinecoon,  Mac by Yoko T.

Buddy McBarkersons Gets His Yodel On

Buddy The Beagle has a few things to say as he suddenly notices his hoomin has returned from overseas military deployment.

Originally spotted by Mrs. Brinke on GodVine.com.

Now, I Know This Looks Bad…

Indeed, you may be thinking “she should know better.” And you may well be right.

But consider this: I simply discovered the flour here. I had no idea this was your flour. You keep your flour in the pantry, so whose flour was this? I wondered.

Or was it even flour at all? My mind began to swirl with doubt. A suspicious package, an unusual location — maybe it was a bomb… meant for you!

I had to know! I couldn’t bear that my owner — my kind, benevolent owner — might perish due to my neglect! With no thought for my safety, I slashed at the package!

Anyway, it turned out to be flour. So when’s dinner?

“Left a bag of flour on the side for 10 mins and this is what happened,” says drew_anywhere.