There MIGHT Be Something Cuter Than This..

..but we haven’t found it yet. Behold, a “Micro Piglet Wearing Trotter Socks With Grippy Dots!” (And a SWEATER VEST!)

Micro piglet wearing trotter socks - Imgur(1)
We Reddit, we did.


Must Be Dandrrruff Season

You could at least wear white.

And use a more energetic dandrrruff shampoo.

Puppeh, on my shoulders, makes me happeh, Mindi M.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Spring is here! Everything is coming up noses!

Beth R. says, Blue, the 7 mo. old longhaired dachshund, is being stalked by his best friend, Strips, an 8 mo. old tabby. (“stalked”, ha ha, good one, Beth!)

Do I Hafta? Do I HAFTA?

It’s a proven fact that most of our lil’ friends do not embrace the concept of “bathtub.” Like these little maniacs, c/o The Pet Collective:

Sam The Adventure Dog, from Veronica T.



“This is my dad’s basset hound, Hazel. She hates the tub, but loves the Beggin’ Strip she gets as a reward afterwards.” -Amanda D.


Ponyo and YoYo :), from Tiffany F.




Ruby, from Stephen L.


Well……SOMEONE enjoys the tub.

Orangadonk 2.0

Total disclosure: completely swiped the title from The Megster. Heck, it’s almost been four years.


Photos from Roland Weihrauch & Wong Maye-E/AP, both for The Telly.

The Fast ‘n’ The Furry-ous 7: AirPug

Impressive ground clearance.

This one wuz Buzzed with image by Stephanie Pilick/EPA/Corbis.

The Anry Files, Vol. I

As you know, Cuteporter Anry possesses some of the cute puppehs on the planet. Kukuma, Silvey and Saya have all landed on these pages before. Going through the extensive CO database, we came up with these that had not yet been published.

[Problem: not sure who the first two are. Anry, help us out if you’re out there. You know where to write. -Ed]






Let’s Get Ready To Rumble

Yorkie vs. Bebeh Hoomin for all the marbles. Pretty much a stand-off ’til the Yorkie Total Bodyslam Maneuver @ :34.

Posted on Y-Tube by AkAggie.

Happy Cheeks!

Well, we hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Easter, complete with all the flowers, feasts, faith and fun with friends and family, and most especially that oldest favorite Easter blessing,
“Keep eating all that candy and you’re going to be sick!”

Thanks for sharing, Daily Pozitive.

April Is Prevention Of Cruelty To Animuhls Month

Hi there, hoomins! We’re here to let you know that Prevention Of Cruelty To Animuhls is a really big deal, and something we’re totally down with. (Being animuhls and all.) Check out this website to learn more, and y’all have a nice day, here?

[Eight of THESE guys is NEVER enough. -Ed]

Photo from Izismile.