Friday Haiku: Spins A Web, Any Size

Catches those bad guys
Just like flies, look out! There goes
Smilin’ Spiderman.

Sent in by Alice P., with photo by Darlyne Murawski, National Geographic.


A Pup of Great Wealth and Taste

who also ties damsels in distress to railroad tracks.

Melly, all he needs is a top hat. Awww.

It’s Pillowtuplets!

Look! The pillow gave birth! And I helped deliver the babies!

Alyson B., your puppy is also guilty of Eyebrow Dawts!!!!

Just ta Let Ya Know,

it might be a good idea ta hide the can opener! (singsong)

Coco the calico is sporting her thumbs rather nicely, Tracy L. and Neith N. from Toronto!

Don’t Erase Me, Lila!

“I realize I am in a very precarious position here. Just don’t use the eraser or scratch your head with your pencil, and we’ll both get through this, OK?”

Lila H. is a manager at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, and she sent this little guy in.

Two Paws Up

CO is sorry to note the passing of the great movie critic Roger Ebert, who had battled cancer for years.




Image Credits: 1) Interwebs 2) Tumbili001’s Flickr 3) Daily Otter 4) The Weather Channel 5) Cosmo Brown The Smashing Kitteh from Cuteporter Sarah S.

Patty Cake, Patty Cake,

baker’s man, bake me a cake as cute and tiny and adoradonkable as you can!

Misa Minnie, the smartest Yorkie pup in the world, Fave Frame:

Untitled 2
Priscilla N. sent this in via Yorkietube.

Unrequited Lime Love

Smooch, smooch. I loff you, Lime. Smooch, smooch, I do.

Fave Smooch Frame:

Fave Twu Loff Frame:

This is Penny, who was featured on Tastefully Offensive.

Koala Care Tip Of The Day

They don’t enjoy being watered.


(Quoting The Telegraph: “This koala was sleeping in a tree when it was rudely awakened by a gardener who decided to water his trees. Matt Wilkinson said: “There was a heatwave in Adelaide recently and temperatures reached up to 40C. We use the sprinklers and garden hose to wet the house and surrounding trees when it’s hot to avoid a bush fire but when I watered one of the trees, this koala got a bit of a soaking. It was a boiling hot day so I’m sure it helped the koala cool down.”) Photo by Matthew Graham Wilkinson/Caters.

I Want To Ride My Bicycle

I want to ride it where I like!

“This is Porkey, she’s an African Pygmy Chameleon. She’s in a bike gang with me (her mom.) Porkey is in such good shape and likes to eat fruit flies.” -Lindsay E. Post text and hover inspired by F. Mercury.