No One Puts Baby in a Corner!

‘Cuz if they do, they’ll get the claw!

You’re not the only one, Suspiciousdg.

C Turtle Haiku 4 U

Sea Turtle is king of
His underwater domain
And glides gracefully

Teeniest of turtles via David Doubilet

Color Me Cute: Part Two

Ah, the hues of greens and blues. Throw in a dash of pink and purple and you’ve got a pleasing combination. Why don’t more sports teams have uniforms that resemble the colors in these animals?

These are a few of my favorite things, Bob21’s hummingbird and Hawaiian photographer Heather Osborn‘s gecko, also here on the Facebooks.

FWD: FWD: RE: FWD: Its all TRUE!

Attention truth-seekers! Regardless of what those wet blankets at the so-called Concerned Children’s Advertisers* would like you to believe, house hippos are real! They walk among us, even invading the sanctity of our showers! Friends, we cannot allow the truth to be suppressed! Share this with your friends while you can!

* We keed — it’s a good cause. Via Reddit user pitloun.

Blue Kitty

Sometimes I just get a little down. I think about how I’m not getting any younger, like life is passing me by, you know? And sometimes, I think I can be sorta catty. I know I should really try to be nicer, but it’s such hard work. It’s all very tiring and sad.

I don’t know if anything would make me feel better.

Maybe a live fish.

Kitty prosaic (catnip), STAT, Danielle Levesque.

Little Miss Kiss-Up

Oh sure, she’ll say she loves you to your face, but catch her back at the doghouse with the girls and she’s all like “You catch her laughing at me, thinking she’s all that? Oh, she did not! Bad enough I gotta wear this itchy sweater.”

Color Me Cute: Part One

This four part series will examine the horn of plenty that is nature’s Crayola© box. Also, there will be cute animals.

Let us begin with ginger. Hell, fill the screen with it.

This is way above par, Submar.

What’s a Jellie’s Favorite Song?

“Feelers, nothing more than feelers, trying to forget my, feelers of looove.

Feelers! Wooo-oo-o feelers! Woo-oo, feel you, again in my arms!”

Woah Jellyman, Super Jolly

Step Away from the Labelmaker, Ma’am

It’s not that I don’t appreciate learning the exact weight and post-consumer recycled plastic content in each of my squeaky toys, and I suppose it’s reassuring on some level to know that the large glowing object on the end table is indeed a “lamp,” but I think you’ve brought enough clarity to the house for one day, hmm?


Ride ‘Em, Cowboy

This here’s Whiplash The Rodeo Monkeh aboard Bud The Border Collie, starring at the Reno Row-de-oh.

Y’all come back now, Dan Callister…ya heah?


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