—Watch this—

I can rock MYSELF to sleep. [Plack Plack Plack]

His legs will grow someday, Tairi P.

THIS JUST IN: Ridiculous bellage

Sender-Inner Mary F. just sent in the most redonk submishe. Upon further inspecshe, her submishe led us to the R.P.B. (Redonk Piglet Belleh) below. Now I see why they are called Pot Belleh Peegs. I SEE IT!

Love the look on his face, Mary F.

It’s like a fluffy little oracle

If, on some placid afternoon, you hear a faint mewing while cleaning the attic, or rummaging through old clothes, then go to it at once, dear reader, for you are fated to discover… The Mysterious Psychic Talking Kitten Head of the Himalayas!

According to legend, those whom the Kitten Head finds worthy are blessed with a random stream of sage wisdom and visions of the future…

Is there an “off” switch, Jenny M.?

Throwing a Cocktail Party Around Her is Risky Business

When she insisted on burying the crudités in the backyard instead of bones, we obliged. But now she’s demanding to play fetch with a cheese twist, and we’re wondering what could possibly be next.

Hide the brie, Kimmy.

Welcome to Bizarro World

Here on Cute Overload, the human babies usually take a backseat to their furrier friends. And sometimes those furry friends just boot them off the bus completely.

We’re dying to know where the hamsters sleep, Yukari.

Nice work if you can get it

This whole “being a bird” thing is a real cushy gig. Three squares a day, nice cage, and I pretty much have these humans eating from the palm of my hand.

I don’t even have to fly anymore.  I just hop in someone’s shirt, and away I go!

And best of all, I get lots and lots of cuddle breaks!

Do you have any vacancies, Rachel M.?

Follow up! Kitten! is! NAMED!

We have it on very good authoritay that this kitten has BEEN NAMED!

Congratulations to original owner Dave who (had already ahem) named the kitteh…


See many many maneh more pics of WIN over at Dave’s Flickrrr

An Actual Wart Hog

“Look, I’m not going to call her a parasite, but need I remind anyone that I’m man’s best friend?

Let me guess, Duchess the Pit Bull knows that Polly the Pig has the intellectual edge, Jeremy O.

“It’s now time to play…Naaaame! This! Kitten!

Thanks, Don Pardo! Now, before we begin today’s game, let’s note that No-Name’s eyes seem to reflect a certain, uh, JEAN pool! HA! But now to get down to business: It seems that No-Name’s owners are still up in the air about a name for this ball-of-static-electricity with eyes. So what say you? Can you name this kitten?*

*Exclusions apply, as in it’s *possible* this kitten has already been named.

But maybe you should keep an open mind, because our readers are very creative, Dave M.

Wrong Order, But do They Come with Fries?

“I said I wanted a picnic basket full of hushpuppies…”

What a delightful error, Peggy W. Photo by Lawrence Shia.


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