Commander Bentwick checked the fittings in his oxygen hose for what must have been the nineteenth time as he waited at the airlock. Then, with a whoosh, the great doors cracked open and Bentwick stepped on the planet surface, followed by co-pilot Captain Chet “No Sweat” Gillette.

As they took their first tentative steps, the surface felt soft and springy beneath their weighted boots. Slowly, the two men took a look around — and it was only at that moment that they noticed the fatal design flaw in their space helmets.

squirrel with coconut

Photo by Mike Walker for the Daily Mail.

An Otter’s Work is Never Done

We look adorable, right? But what you aren’t realizing is I’m trying to drag my very late daughter – who has been on the phone with her boyfriend all night, mind you – to school, in order to make it to home room by 8am. At this rate, I’m going to have to send the attendance secretary several quahogs.

Still adorable, Diana H., and the original link is from  The Sun.

Hide ‘n Reek

Ready or not, here I come…!

I know what you’re thinking: What’s the point of playing Hide ‘n Seek when we leave such a lingering trail of delightful perfumery? Well luckily for me, Tulip up there is a little hard of smelling, so it will be a while before everyone is all “olly olly oxen free”, if you catch my drift.

Actually these are two of the four spotted skunks at the Bronx Zoo. Check out the video below, and thanks to sender-inner Luke G, and photographer Julie Larsen Maher ©WCS.

My carrot! My carrot!

Why you lousy, goat-for-nothing thief! Give me back my lunch!

(nhhrrgh!) This is (hrrrggnh!) no way (arrrgth!) to treat a vegetarian!

Well, fine!  I didn’t want your stupid carrot anyway!

Hee, hee, hee — Chelsea knows we’re running her photos in reverse order.

Um, So What’s in the Finger Sandwiches?

After a simply pitiful day of work which included the stellar highlight of inadvertently tucking her skirt into her thong upon leaving the bathroom, Beatrice needed to relax and ordered a cup of Celestial Seasonings Tension Tamer Tea.

Calgon take me away, Jill W. Photo by Jerry Schexnayder

The Dog Gets His Day

Welcome, Human Traveler. You and I are about to embark on a journey of enlightenment in ways you’ve never known. Now, as I hop into my sled outfitted with electric heaters and bacon, you will hitch yourself up to this tugline that attaches you to the other bipeds, and we will be on our way.

Mush, humans, mush!


Let’s hope those bipeds brought their asthma inhalers, Matt C.

Bark, bark, bark-AWWWK!!

Talk about scrambled: According to the Daily Mail, when her owners saved hen Mabel from the chop, Mabel repaid the favor by keeping their pups warm. Hot dog!

Sent in by Zeki, whose letter says “asdfghl!” Gezundheit, Zeki.

Frolicking, check…

Sense of direct-shons? No.


Eve S., Where’s Bea!?

THIS JUST IN: Finger-sized bunny behbehs

Alert Cute-porter Johanna S. just alertly alerted us of these delightful, bunnular behbehs. Wait until you see the scale of them!

She says they’re all up for adooooooption! [singsong]

When Yarn Isn’t Cat’s Best Friend

“Dear God, I look like a blue turnip and the Queen wearing plankton.”

Uh, you do know that Dr. Zombie still has claws, Shana L.? [I’m reminded of that snarky ole gem YouKnitWhat!? – Ed]

[…or this. – Ed. the First, i.e. “Theo”, ahem]


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