Are the H1N1 shots ready yet!?

This thing is really getting in the way of my alfalfa nomming.


Des M., you might want to try an apple a day, as a precaution.

Hon, where’d the crackers go—HEY!


[chipmonnk voice] “Oh, were you gonna eat this?”


Surely you can spare one, Julia G.?

Going to the Moon BRB



Tia A. claims George (tinfoil) and Olive (bed) are astronauts, and that some guy named Jonathan took this picture. I’ll call LOL-NASA to double check her sources.


Puppular Nose Freckles! Check this dotted muzzlepowsche action!


Did you really think I wouldn’t give you an Xtreme Close up?



Worst Caturday EVAR

Damn hamsters are always ME ME ME!


Stephanie W., I hope things improve.

Cubicle of Unfathomable Awesomeness!

We’ve all seen them, envied them:  They are the Cubicles of Unfathomable Awesomeness, beacons of style in the soulless sea of the modern workplace.  Is your cubicle unfathomably awesome?  Look for these tell-tale signs:

  • Multiple pages from the Cute Overload Page-A-Day Calendar, the only calendar specially formulated to melt away those stressful brain cells.
  • The almost-nearly-completely-as-cool calendar for the ASPCA!
  • Pen. (Pens rock!)
  • Telephone with more buttons than the Millennium Falcon.
  • Web browser open to Google Analytics, bringing instant karmic enlightenment to statistics junkies.

And the crowning touch, the crème de la cool…

Photo 1

  • Puppy in your in-box!

Bonus points if it's a boxer in your in-box.

Cool pup + cool job = cool you, Ayumi S.

Puppy Dog Eyes, Definish of

“So-called ‘puppydog eyes don’t exist!” you say. “PROVE IT” you say. “Prove it with photography from various Sender-Inners!”

OK then. Here goes:






Higgs waking up

Jack the Pup




Maverick the Anatolian Shepherd Dog by Kristin S. Black and white pup eyes look up by Amanda M. Irish Setter pupples by Paige P. Snow puppydog eyes by Amanda G. Bailey M. sent us puppy Stuart’s eyes. “Higgs Waking Up” is the work of Aurélia M. Jack the Pup is by Phoebe E., and finally, Gavin the Bernese Mountain Dog Puppulence is by Corliss. Final pup added last minute: Beagle mix by Martha P. ;)

We’re Not Even Touching This One

Sometimes, truth is funnier than fiction, so here’s sender-inner Kimberley H.:

This is little baby Rufi, our four-month-old chihuahua. He loves a bit of warmth, so when Nick my boyfriend called me from the bathroom to “show me something cute” I was initially a bit unsure… then lo and behold what do I see but Rufi nestled in the warm underwear nook!



[Can't touch this MCHammer clip]

THIS JUST IN: Vanity Fair is Addicted to Cute

I LOVE YOU ROBERT PATTINSON Will the world eventually sour from too much cuteness? This just in: Jim Windolf’s article “Addicted to Cute” just hit the magazine racks! It’s all about America’s love affair with Robert Pattinson all things cute. We got like, a quote in there! About squealing! [Head tilt eyes crossed]

Check it out…

Of Course, You Realize This Means War

The whole human-rights problem was upsetting enough, but now the People’s Republic of China has crossed the Rubicon and gone too far! From sender-inner Kristina D. comes this startling news (emphasis ours):

We were recently traveling in China and Tibet – were you aware that Cute Overload is blocked there?! It’s understandable though, outrageous cuteness threatens social stability, which is their greatest fear… We thought we would surely perish from CO withdrawal! But luckily there was plenty of cute Tibetan pooch action in Lhasa to keep us going.

lhasa pup_1 small

How dare they block Teh Qte! This outrage can be met with nothing less than… The Glorious People’s Tongue-Hance of Democracy! PTHTFHTFTHPTT!

tougue hance


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