Red, White and Blue LITERALLY

Happy American Independence Day, Everyone! Enjoy some…

Picture 2 copy

and Blue:


Picture 2

and Blue:

Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.


and Blue:

Photo credits: (RED) this little raspberry … by jude. (WHITE) Pearl Winter White Dwarf Hamster via Wikipedia. (BLUE) name our puppy // Done! by chadmiller. (RED) Baby Fox by these are only words. (WHITE) Polo the Chow 20 byadrianrhys. (BLUE) 黑枕逆彩 by John&Fish. (RED) Stolen puppy, riding home by Glynnis Ritchie.  (WHITE) Anerable white kitten sent in by Karen M. via Piccat. (BLUE) Poison Dart Frog of the blue variety by ucumari.

Freedom Sheets

At my crib, it’s the finest Sateen™ sheets monies ken buy, Nephews.

No messin’ around.



Cheers, Valerie F., and “Nuge” (As in Ted Nugent ;)


[grabbing Pomeranian-sized Sparklers]Woooooooooooo!


Jon D and “Pnut” the Pom celebrate good times, come on!

The Red, White and Cute

A proud and grateful pup-ulation
Barks out in joyful celebration!

Where freedom’s fervor never sags,
Go forth this Fourth and fly those flags!

Photos: Randy Son Of Robert, inkknife_2000

Heads Or Tails

Heads I win.

Tails you Lose.

Kristen H. says Persephone is an ambitious little ratty who has conquered the couch.

Best Montage Ever

Kittens are the stars; Jared Witter did everything else.

It Was the Duck, I Tell You!

You gotta believe me! There he was, thrashing your favorite sofa! Well, I wasn’t about to let him get away with that, so I grab the phone book, and start pounding him! But then, outta nowhere, he pulls out this weed whacker and shreds it! It was all I could do to get it away from him, too! I’m, ah, sure it’s here somewhere…

Reasons To Sleep Where You Eat

1. When you wake up, breakfast is ready.
2. When struck down by food coma, you are already in bed.
3. Leftovers can be rolled in for an aromatic facial.


Ant serves up yet another delectable morsel.

Oh, What a Hangover

First, Uncle Larry makes a toast. So we drink. Then Cousin Harold makes a toast. And we drink. Then Aunt Edna, then Grandpa Ignatz, then idiot brother Norman… Now I feel like I got a ten-ton weight on my head, and I can’t lift it!

Sandra Y. says: “I thought I’d send you a picture of my chihuahua mix after a long day of my wedding festivities. She was so tired that she didn’t even care about the petal on her head (and she can’t stand anything touching her head).”

Buddha Pup

Encourage your inner development of peace and happiness.

Respond to difficult situations with a positive or peaceful mind.

Thanks for the reminder that any species can be a spiritual teacher, cuatrok 77!


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