This teacup is too big…

This teacup is too small…

This teacup fits juuuuuuust right.

Narie S., it’s 4PM. You’re invited to High Bunday Tea.

Scratch scratch scratch, Surprise!

This one goes out to all the siblings out there that torture each other. This video is right up there with “Why are you hitting yourself!?” Without further ado…

Jorden C. why do I get the feeling you were a torturous big Brother?

Still… digesting… turkey…

Check out the gutulence on this kid!

Still tryptophanning Martyn S.?

I’m packin my things and you can’t stop me


I may have short-sheeted your bed, Meg.

You Dream It; Winston Does It

As we celebrate the season of gluttony, Winston decides to dispense with the silverware and push his face straight into his Thanksgiving feast.  Don’t tell me you haven’t considered doing this yourself at least once.

We give thanks to Rich over at FourFour!

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

“I leave you alone for the day, and just look at this mess! The toilet paper’s shredded, there’s trash all over the floor, a team of squirrels is running a telemarketing call center from the guest bedroom, and a man outside wants to know where to install my weapons-grade uranium centrifuge!”

Hey, talk to the cat about the toilet paper, man.

Did you order these 24 pizzas, Emily D.?

C.O. Celebrity Scandal Watch!

Tongues wagged this week as papparazzi spotted superstars Britney Ears and Hugh Jackrabbit at a romantic getaway in Tahiti, protected by their bodyguard Bruno.

Dahhhh, nothin' to see here, move along...

Well, I never, Carly R.

Care for dessert?

Pilgrim cataloon sweetness courtesy of Gawker.

I’m thankful for you Lil’ Buddy [LICK]

burnese mountain dog and friend

What are you thankful for Annie J?

The Food Coma

Coco the Boston Terrier has some guidelines for you to make it through Thanksgiving successfully.

1. Unbuttoned pants (or cataloons) so stomach can expand beyond normal perameters.
2. Take a short nap.
3. Eat a large dessert.

food coma

M & J C. Thank you for these thoughtful tips.


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