Twofer Toesday

The toes! Look at the …TOES! Those imposing, opposing fingo-toes!

Via The Telegraph. Bebeh orangutan photo credit goes to Sinar Sakti.

NYC Has Gone To The Dogs

The 137th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is on now in NYC- the Best In Show award is tonight. (And don’t miss this story about a little black French bulldog named…JOEY BAG A DONUTS.




Photos 1-3 taken by Lam Thuy Vo/NPR; Photo 4 by Todd Plitt/USA Today.

When is the Last Time You Had a Bunny Taco?

Now is your chance! We’re serving ’em up fresh today! Won’t you try one? Otherwise, you could live the rest of of your life Bunny Taco-less. And we cannot have that on our conscience.

Sent in by Eugenie H., via Buzzfeed

Back ‘Atcha, Sports Illustrated!

The 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition is now out! With that, we thought we’d revisit some of the best CO swimsuit shots from the past several years!






Photos 1-3 of Hazel from Rocket T. Photo 4 from Emma and Esther C. Photo 5 of Ted from Rosalie T. Photo 6 from John Lindie.


This is the city: Los Angeles, California. There are over ten million dogs here, most of them hardworking, law-abiding citizens. But not every dog plays by the rules. Some are seduced by the twilight world of easy “kicks,” and end up knocking over trash cans at four AM, or leaving little surprises on the Griffith Park lawn. When that happens, that’s when I go to work. My name’s Friday. I carry a badge.

Via John S. Quarterman. (apologies to Jack Webb.)

To the Birdmobile!

Engineering student Andrew Gray tried everything to keep his parrot Pepper from squawking. He built a squawk-activated squirt gun; Pepper liked it so much he squawked even more. At last, Gray saw an answer. He built a bird buggy that allows Pepper to roam around the house.

Awwws ‘n Claws ‘n Jaws ‘n Rawrs!

This vid has it all! Great Sound Editing, Action, Suspense!

First it’s all happy-happy, tapiddy, tapiddy, tappidy. But then, Hulk Smash is not a Riverdance fan (think he wants his money back) and things get hairy! Long vid but worth watching to. the. end. You will want to see if Tap Dancer Kitteh survives Hulk’s smashes, or not?!

Fave Preview Overload:

Picture 5

Picture 3

Picture 2

2:10 is hilarious. Fave Frame:

Picture 1
Via FaqYouTB

Are You Lookin’ at Me?

Are you lookin’ at me, huh? You lookin’ at me?

Are… you… lookin’… at… me?

Well, whaddya know, you are lookin’ at me…

Lacey seeing herself in the mirror

Pic and vid of Lacey by jelene.

It’s a Very Philoslothical Questshon

What are these two doing? Are they kissing upside down? Are they having a Lady & the Tramp spaghetti scene moment? Maybe they are sharing a bite of pineapple upside-down cake? But then, shouldn’t sloths eat upside-down cake right-side up?  No, ‘course not, …then the blood might rush to their hands.

This PDA brought to you by Briana S. at!

Otto’s Snow Daze

Hi, I’m Otto. I live in Boston. This is my backyard. Got Ken Ma Hoomin here, along with my pal Scout. Wanna know what we’ve done this weekend?

Yeah, it’s like that.

Photos from Ken and Deidre D., who are gonna take me to Florida to make up for this. (I’m from Georgia!)







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