He’s Late

Perhaps he got stuck in traffic. I’ll just make myself comfortable by this glass door so I can see him coming.

This little girl’s name is Leica. She has her own blog managed by Luciane Y. It’s in Portuguese. No matter what language you speak, it’s rude not to call if you are late.

Rocky-A-Bye Baby

(pup falling asleep) Ohhh I really love this great chin rest.

(raccoon waking up) Ohhh every time I move, my stomach growls.

Keep your chin up, Tyler B.

Polar Cub Crawl

Prepare for some searingly sweet baby polar bear wriggling cuteness from the  Toronto Zoo‘s newest cub.

He’s been named Hudson and in this video he’s all, “Look Ma, I’m a sloth!”

We have Callie H. to thank for this submission and for showing us polar bear cubs don’t walk until around 4 months. Who knew?!

The C.O. Guide to Fresh Fruit

6971716330_7b12a77379_zNutritious yet delicate, bananas are among the most troublesome for the average consumer. Fresh from the tree, bananas have a green color (top) and are often too firm and bitter to enjoy. For best flavor and texture, the banana must be allowed to ripen until its complexion takes on a plain yellow color (bottom).

When bananas acquire dark spots (left) they must be consumed promptly before they spoil. When the banana begins to make a mewing noise (right), it must be removed from its protective peel and gently snorgled.

Nugget is very a-peel-ing, Kelly P. (Top bananas photo by Ian Ransley.)

From The Snarker Image Catalog

Do hours of strenuous napping leave your neck stiff? Then you need the TabbyTouch™ 3000! Sit back and relax, as the patented FelineFingers™ soothe tired neck muscles while you listen to 70’s make-out music. From Cute Overload, the recognized expert in cat massage!

THIS JUST IN: Look What the Cat Brought Home

KSBW in California is reporting a fawn born on a Pacific Grove home’s welcome mat. Talk about your mat-ernity ward. Be sure to wipe your feet!

We posted this as soon as we herd, Barbara C.L.

I Submit

Might as well just let it happen, cuz it’s gonna happen anyway. Sigh. Is it almost over yet?

Hope your next shower is more joyful, Jenah D.

A Little To The Right, Please

Being a cat is already pretty decadent, but a masseuse monkey takes it to a whole other level.

Couldn’t we all use a helper monkey, Brinke G.?

The Pug Comes In on Little Cat Feet

It sits looking

Over Berber and shaggy

On silent haunches

And then moves on

Meaghan C., Reuben’s pug foo is strong but his toe foo defeeted us! Original poem is Fog by Carl Sandburg.

The Oral History Project, Tape 82: Froggie Recalls His Courting Years

“That’s right, young feller. I went a-courtin’ and I did ride, uh huh. Sword and pistol by my side, ’cause you never knew what kind’a trouble you might meet up with in them days. Now, this was back before they built the bridge over the interstate, so I had to hop right into traffic, cars comin’ both directions, and if’n you didn’t time your jumps just right — splat! It was game over, man, game over.”

What a ribbeting story, Sky H. (PS: The creator of this video claims that no special tricks were used, and that the frog was just sitting like this when they filmed it.)


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