If John Hughes Had Cast the Frog and Lab

You’re ashamed to be seen with me. You’re ashamed to go out with me. You’re ashamed your rich friends won’t approve of me! Well, at least I’m not a sell-out who allows ridiculous people to wear my image on their ties and belts while attending clambakes in Nantucket!  You’re all, “Hi, I’m the Labassador of Americana!” And then you forget what you said because you’re too busy chasing a Kennebunkport squirrel wearing loafers! But you’re right, I should be embarrassed about my camouflage.

Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to wait here for Duckie to pick me up.

He didn’t become part of “the breakfast club” did he, Brian B.?

Not the Type of Head Shot She Had in Mind

After a dozen rolls of film, Amaryllis really thought that this one would be a keeper. That coy smile and twinkle in her eye were about to work pig wonders, and she knew it. Unfortunately, it was that apparent giant bullseye on her freshly coiffed ‘do that did her in.

Poor Amaryllis. Who knew that Big Bird could fly?

I wonder if Snuffy was riding sidecar, Riana P.

The Day Alfalfa Lost All Credibility

I’m not fooling around here, New Guy. I’m going to tell you one time, and one time only: Take a hike. Now, before you go…where did you get that pink Frisbee, because Heavens to Betsy, it looks as comfy as the dickens!

Split personality, Courtney B.

What’s Next on the List? Bo-Bo Ski Watten Totten?

Really? This is how you choose to spend our time? You have the rare opportunity of not only catching, but also holding a hummingbird, and you want to declare a thumb war?

According to sender-inner Hana O.: “My classmates discovered this young hummingbird who had fallen out of his nest and immediately a rescue team ensued! He was a bit of an inexperienced flier, but in the end he made his way back into his tree.”

You’re… you’re… UNGROOMABLE

Sequoia, the matted-hair, bear-feet, insanely anerable kitt-tayns is not gonna let you groom her. No WAY:

Big thanks to Winston and Rich over at Four Four for this personal reccomendayshe.

The Cat in the App

From our “sad but true” files:  Somewhere, at this very moment, people are taking pictures that don’t have any cats in them.  To remedy this injustice, there’s CatPaint, an iPhone app that populates any pic with prosh pouncy purriness pronto.

And as if that weren’t enough, the app drives other cats insane (OK, more insane):

Spotted by Susy P.

This Just In: Runway Goat Couture 2010

Karl Lagerpelt debuted his new spring collection this week to mixed reviews. Not many will want to sport the Pippi Longstalking-like waves many of his models donned while prancing down the Carpathian-walk. However, come April, you better believe that turnip decorative barrettes will be all the rage.

Your goat’s too sexy for a tan, too sexy for a tan, so sexy he looks like flan, Liliana F.

I Think We’re Being Followed

“Like, maybe it’s just the catnip making me paranoid, man, but I keep seeing that same white-and-blue truck at every corner.  And it’s always parked right next to a mailbox; like, that can’t be a coincidence.”


It’s a conspiracy, I tells ya, Sandra D.

Here Comes Peter Cottonhead

Every morning it was the same routine: Colonel Danders would make his way out to the yard to watch the sunrise, yet he never realized he was facing the wrong way until it was too late.

Less fluff, more fold, Ashley H.

Ciao, Francesco Rinaldi!

‘Ello! My name is Fabio, and you-a must-a try-a my mar-i-nara!

OK, I’m sorry. I admit, I’m not Italian. And my name isn’t even Fabio. It’s Ken. Ken, as in, “Wake me when you’re done saying ‘Ken’.” I just wanted you to think I was exotic.

Eucalyptus…basil…same thing, Connor R.

Photos by Mathew Doherty

And please check out www.SaveTheKoala.com.


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