We’re #1! We’re #1!


We are number one on Amazon in all humor calendars OMG!

[Simulated dream music] I’m sure this is what happened behind the scenes:

“Jeff Bezos here, founder and CEO of Amazon.com! And we’re really excited at Amazon—we’ve got the hot new 2013 Cute Overload Calendar and lemme tell ya, we can’t keep ’em in stock. Our warehouse is EN FUEGO, dig? OK, so, couple things. First, Meg wanted me to pass along the congratulations to Karen McMurdie for submitting this image of me. You’re getting two calendars, on the house! Second, hey Scott Adams; I can’t help it if DA QTE is outselling Dilbert. And no, I can’t ‘tweak the numbers.’ It is what it is, bro! Peace!” [End simulated dream music]

Interested in getting your own calendar before Bezos buys them all? Get your own calendar today!

My People Call It Dinner

I’m cornstantly amazed by chipmonks, Attack of the Cute.

Lenny The Labradoodle, Please iPhone Home

“New iPhone 5? Yeah, heard about it. Four-inch Retina display…uh-huh…what? New A6 chip? Cool. And 18% thinner, 20% lighter, too? Wow. Uh-huh. September 21st’s the on-sale date? Yeah, I’m in. I’ll give this one to the other puppeh.”

Sender-Inner Courtney Lavigne, we thank thee.

Ten Seconds Of Your Day Will Impact The Rest Of Their Lives

[Peeps! An urgent word from an O-Fish-Yul Cute Overload Partner! Please take a momento to read thees!]

Today you have a rare opportunity to undertake an extraordinary act of heroism.

The Harmony Fund is sustaining 25 animal rescue squads across the planet and you can help them win a grant of $250,000 to care for thousands of homeless animals who would otherwise perish in the snow this winter. Cast your vote for the Harmony Fund in the Chase Community Giving contest.

Toni Rowles (above) holds a newly rescued dog outside the RSDM animal shelter in Bulgaria where 150 dogs are counting on him for safety. The shelter’s roof will not survive another snowfall and volunteers are terrified. Your vote will help rebuild the roof and to bring thousands of animals out of the cold worldwide. Thank you for taking 10 seconds to vote for HARMONY FUND in the Chase Community Giving contest.

And Now, a Food Safety Tip

Sleeping in your supper dish keeps your food safe.

Rule 8 rules! “She likes to sleep in the bowl,” notes Flickr user Matt Smith.

Have A Nice Day, Hoomin

Have fun at work. I’ll stay home with the dog. We’re best friends! It’ll be fine.

Trust me.

She sounds trustworthy E. Gracheva.

Pepe le Pew Scores at Last

‘Allo, mah lee-tle belle femme skonk fatale! You look like zee angel when you are le sleepeengs, but alas, I must wake you to get your order for zee breakfast of bed!

Skwerl Steals Puppeh’s Identity

They’ll do anything for belly rubs!

Somewhere out there, is a puppeh burying acorns, LinninIN

I’m Telling You, It Was This Big!

That fish was so close, it almost jumped right into my paws! I nearly had it! What, you don’t believe me? Look at this face! Is this a face that would lie to you? Is it?

From this gigantic slide show of baby animals in the N.Y. Daily News.

Aw, Look on the Bright Side

At least your dirty secrets are safe right here with us. We won’t tell anyone about it.

Our lips are sealed!

Makes locked-lips-twisting-and-throwing-away-the-key motion.

Blame it all on DogShaming


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