Jump! For My Love!

Or just roll and bark and generally have the best time of your life.

Please enjoy Mudd the Wonder Dog presented by stormy050607 and sent in by Buzzy.

Friday Haiku: Bunny Bud

Gossamer handful

Softest thistledown to e’er

Spring up in green fields

Bless its’ little cotton socks, Attack of the Cute

Wombatman! The Finale

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na Wombatmaaan!

Holy snoozing super hero and sleppeh sidekick, Wombatman!

I amzzz Wombatmanzzzz. I willzzz fight ferrr justizzzzzz …

Who forgot to tell Wombatman that evil NEVER SLEEPS?

Bat’s all, folks! Via Buzzfeed.

Cuddles, the Wonder Horse!

(Twangy, Rawhide-style guitar intro)

Well, I might be a horse or I might be a bear,
But I’m just so cute that I just don’t care,
CUDDLES! Yee-haw! (whip crack)

I’m the tallest stallion for miles around,
If you keep the camera close and low to the ground,
CUDDLES! Yee-haw! (whip crack)

The envy of others, the old and the young,
Who want to know how I do this thing with my tongue,
CUDDLES! Yee-haw! (lip smack)

Via nedhardy.com.

Puppeh Yoga

Join me in an “Upward Dog” won’t you?

Namaste, Thomas George 911.

THIS JUST IN: McPiggersons Snoozin’

The schnozzle. Hair tufts. Leetle smile.

AND the one hoofster dangling in the air!

Take eet aaaaall in.

This snorfalicious photo via Gersbermz.

Belly of the Beast

Come on ya big brute, my belleh’s a-waitin’! Snorgle me, I dares ya!

Proceed with caution, Meowifuracat!

The Fairest Flippers of Them All

Turtle watchers in Florida got a double helping of cream when not one but two cream-colored turtles hatched on their beaches. The turtles are leucistic, meaning they have very little pigment (compared to albino, which has none).

More details in the Daytona Beach News-Journal. Photo by Amber Bridges.

Hey, I Did You Guys a Favor

Do you remember the last time Grandma was here? Four solid hours of QVC later, she ran up a four-figure Visa bill buying rotating musical Tiffany lamps, a matching faux badger fur stole and boots, a complete set of Thomas Kinkade memorial potholders, and a six-month supply of “Forever Snooki” scented bath gels!

Oh, the shame of it!

The Look Of Love

Ees een your eyes…

Reddit goodness c/o tmwhtkr.


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