This beach is a total drag, man

Judging from the deep tire er, paw tracks in the sand, we’re guessing that Mr. McPuppersons is treating this trip to the beach like he would a trip to the vet. Or over to see the cat next door. And let’s just not forget those Prosh-To-The-Max Tocks©.

Forwarded our way from Mrs. Brinke.

New from IKEA

Add style and comfort to your living room with SNÖR throw cushions ($9.99). Available in soothing decorator colors ranging from white to almost-as-white.

It’s Muffin (a boy Maltipoo), sender-innered by Chris and Marilou.

I Like ‘Em Silent

I like the strong, pretty type, but I’d rather they not mess it up by talking.

Perhaps it is best to paws before speaking, comic book guy.

My, What Big Teeth You Have!

All the better to kronche you with, my dear! (just for fun, of course)

From YouTube uploader CamelsAndFriends: “Pancake is a 7 week old kitten I’m fostering for a friend after he was found abandoned in a hot parking lot. Sugar Tree is my 2 year old Doberman and is probably embarrassed that I’m uploading this video.”


Mower Power to You!

OK maam, that’s the grass all nice and mowed. Now have you got any hedges that need trimmed?

I could do you some real nice topiary. (leeeecks leeps)

Time to lay off the Miracle Grow, Jean Winters Olkonen.

Great Moments in Evolution

Wilkes-Barre, PA — Inspired by a plate of crispy bacon, Mr. Jingles becomes the first pug in known scientific history to develop opposable thumbs.

“Something will DEF happen in next 3 seconds,” says Carrie T. (via Pinterest)

Sarah, get me Juanita at the diner!

Now, you tell me this little feller doesn’t look a whole lot like Officer Barney Fife of the Mayberry PD!

Another prosh pup c/o Sandra in Jacksonville.

New From Taco Bell!

From the makers of the Doritos taco comes the latest in stunt cuisine: the Chihuahualupa™. Spicy beef, cheese, sour cream — all wrapped up in a cuddly Chihuahua. When you’re ready for crunchy cuteness, better Run For The Border®.

For here or to go, Sandra?

When Will The PDA End?

It’s a non-stop love fest out there; kissing right out in the open! Don’t any of you have rooms?

Pirizoe and Carrie T. you are killing me!

Raccoon Fell Down The Hole

Laura K. tells us her husband was celebrating his birthday by taking out the garbage and found this. Happy Birthday, James! May your picture forever remind you of this cute day.


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