Happy Feet Once More!

Poor little fella had a problem. This Humboldt Penguin was born with splayed feet after his parents had been sitting on him too heavily. So what did the staff at Sea Life Scarborough (UK) do?

Well, they made him a pair of corrective pants.

He wore the special extra-elasticized trousers for six weeks, and now he is back to normal!

From Arne.

Man, I Gotta Sneeze!!!

[I don’t know how much longer I can hold it.]


What Cat Wants, Cat Gets

This Poor Lil’ Puppeh nevah had a chance.

Nikita Has A LOT To Say Today

This one can’t wait until Caturday. Make sure the speakers are up to get all of the KITTEH CHATTERING GOODNESS. Here we goooooooo:

As seen by Pooterfish.

Wherever This Is, I Want To Go There Now

I want to plop right down on the ground with all of these Little McSquirmersons. And their Mom. One big whompin’ Snowy Snorglefest.

Yep, that’ll about do it. Yessir.

He Can’t Move A Rubber Tree Plant

..but little Mr. Ant can sure as heck swipe someone’s gold.

Laughing Squid.

Poll: Which is Sweeter?

IMAG0368_2“This is a photo of my sweet 2-year-old ResQte kitty, Gouda, giving the camera her best ‘Baroo?’ In fact, she is so sweet that I modeled her out of fondant icing and stuck her on some cupcakes,” Sarah H. tells us. The kitteh is sweet, and that Kitteh Cupcake HAS to be sweet, too. Which is sweeter?


Shhhhh….Be Vewwy QUIET….

[Day One of my Hoomin Stake-Out. I’ve surreptitiously set up a base camp underneath the kitchen table so I can learn more about the Hoomins that have a mysterious control over me. This flat piece of wood is where they consume all the food they should be giving me, for example. Curious behavior. I will report back as the situation warrants.” -Benny.


Oh Yes. Right There.

[Can, can you help a fella out and reach for the snooze bar? My arms, my hands, my feet- heck- EVERYTHING is too stubby to each it. Gracias.]

Smedley found this one.

Side-Eye Spectacular!

10603336_10152382574396309_2862961003862357774_n“Our new English Setter pup, Renegade!” From Jenn C.


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