Let’s Go Cubbies Kittehs, Let’s Go!

“In honor of the Cubs’ win over the Pirates last night, I am sending you photos of my gorgeous cat, Wrigley. He’s just as beautiful as his namesake, IMO. Go Cubs!! And keep bringing the Cuteness. Thanks, Jen H.”

[*Note 1: Got some Timely Ear Floof, no? -Ed.]

[*Note 2: Sorry, can’t root personally for the Cubs- I’m in the San Francisco East Bay. -B.]


Are You Gonna…Eat That?

[Lemme just get that little Count Chocula marshmallow there, K? Hold STILL!]

ResQte II: Way To Go, Taronga Wildlife Hospital!

This female Brushtail Possum Joey was found orphaned and dehydrated in Sydney, Australia. 😦 Taronga Wildlife Hospital is working hard to get her healthy again! She will eventually be released back into the wild. Until that happens, this Roo Stuffy is a lot of fun, matey!

New RULE Now In Effect!!

Earlier this morning we asked for your help in creating a new RULE regarding Toe Floof! And here we are! “Rule of Cuteness #59: Non-Conforming Explosions Of Floof Are Cute!” (AKA The Tina J. Rule.)

It was the word “Explosion” that pushed this one over the top, BTW. Congrats, Tina!

#TBT: 10/08/2007: Mmmmdeliciousfeetsthathappentobemyownnn

Mini-nawm, mini-nawm [pause]


Kathy M., excellent creamsicle kitteh find!

[Throwback Thursday Original Posting™. -Ed.]

ResQte Of The Week: Waynesboro, VA.!

Waynesboro is our destination for this week’s Thursday edition of ResQte of the Week! “This is a video of a young Beaver nomming on a small branch,” says Mieke Z. “It was filmed by a great organization: the Wildlife Center of Virginia, where he – along with numerous other birds and beasts – is being rehabilitated. (Note: The center also offers classes for wildlife rehab-ber trainees!)”

[*Note: Speakers UP for the nomming. -Ed.]

#Tocktober: Maximum Maxine

“Hi Cuteoverload! This is a picture of Maxine’s cute bum. She lives at Heartland Farm Sanctuary in Madison, WI. Photo taken by Jennifer R. Maxine knows how to move it!” -Ann W.

Halloween In The Big J

Ah, it’s a fall tradition at C.O. Trying to discover what Mister Donut is offering up in The Big J. Seriously, I was asking Andrew (“oooo, I forgot to look in YouTube”) Y. about this like in August probably. Anyway. In poking around the InterTubes and through their Twitter and Facebook accounts, this is what I was able to come up with. Looks like they’re staying with the Hello Kitteh theme, which is fine with us.

And this last one- well, it’s 2 years old but has the total authentic Big J vibe to it. You’ll see what I mean.


Let’s Stick Together

“Om-peh-ih-ive? Uch? Ee’re ogh uh eash iggle ict om-peh-ih-ive!”

Via Hamusoku.com.

People, We Need A Rule!

59And we want you to write it! Here’s the scoop. This post is from earlier today, and in it, Marianne H. mentions “There are some Rules in there..Toe Beans, Toe Floof, Paws Up, Side Eyes.. And General Major Fluffiness.”

The problem? There IS no Rule for Toe Floof! (Or Ear Floof, Whisker Floor, all the Floofs. I mean, I looked! Twice!)

So we want YOU to Write The Rule! It has to be short and to the point and in the general Rule format. It’s gonna be #59, and will have YOUR name on it, too. So get to work! We’ll unveil the New (Your Name Here) Rule at 1pm PT today, and you’ll get your own personalized Rule Certificate, just like the one at left!