Ego Petting

Imitation is the cutest form of flattery in the Mutt-ual Admiration Society.

Another case of identity theft by Cali and Nick J.


Catmosphere; The latest avant garde, experimental pseudo auteur film noir.
Idle, cool, disinterested protagonists’ dreamy melancholia narrated by random poetic voice-over with existential shadowy symbolism, shaky hand-held camera work, poor lighting, weird sound effects and shots of the same scene from nine different angles!

It was all a dream, Ghost and Halo. Visionary, Lauren!

My Tail’s Not Workingks

What’s wrong with eet!?

Netzanette does it again.

The Lonely Life of the Paparazzi

People think it’s all glamourous and exciting — dash in, get the picture, then off to the pub — but that’s not it at all, mate. Stakeouts, they’re the worst: Cramped for hours in the boot of me car, waiting for that one perfect shot of a murder suspect’s wife’s boyfriend’s dentist’s nurse’s transsexual lover.

But the public’s got a right to know, and sacrifices like these are what quality journalism’s all about, in’nit?

Stealthily photographed by Flickr user fPat Murray.

Them Rocks Is Wily, Ah Tells Ya

Rock fishing ain’t for the feeble of mind, no sir. Takes patience, a keen eye, and the ability to stand on your head in shallow water. But the worst part is when you get’em on land — the little rascals’ll scamper right back into the drink ‘afore you can even get out your fliet knife.

A Beady Eyed Plan

[Tiny feet clutch tree]

Meet me at 0600, we’ll scamper down this tree, grab a cab and get OUTTA HERE!

Erik V. captured this proposal on film.

We Don’t Usually Feature a Puppy’s Junk on Cute Overload

But in this case, we’re going ALL OUT:

Pema Y., it’s a good thing that Google ad showed up as a cover-up.

You! Lying on the Grass!


Boston puppulence via Izismile

True Blue Baroo™

In big trubs? Sittin‘ in the hot seat? True Blue Baroo™ instantly restores all warmandfuzzyjuju! Just point and aim the lasers and whoosh, no more stink eye death rays from your loved ones!

Disclaimer: Effectiveness not guaranteed against yeems.

OMG, is this even legal, Luna? Photos by Arwenita, sent to us by Pequenia A.

Thpppppt! Thppt! Thppt! (followed by head slaps)

But of course my mother was a hamster and my father smelt of elderberries!

Holy Grail of hamster raspberries, Juliet D.!


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