Friendship Is Awesome!

Golly, I am so blessed to have a BFF like you, Becky! You’re a true-blue friend, one who doesn’t get mad if I accidentally spill punch on your prom dress or steal your boyfriend. I just know we’re gonna be totes besties for the rest of my life!

“This is a most awkward family photo of my cat Chii and my pups, Mr. Darcy,” says Gabriella W.

Caturday: Have it Your Way

This way or thatta way!

Every weech way!

No way, Susan G.! Yes way and she says, “Sawyer is my new rescue kitten from the Toronto Cat Rescue – he looks peaceful in this picture, but in truth he’s a bit wild (but in the sweetest way!)”

Mini Horse Report

Let’s check in on Pacific Pintos and see what the miniature horses are up to.

Yep, they’re still purse-sized.

Thanks Pacific Pintos!

New sitcom coming this Fall: Pup & Quacks

Pup: Hey Quacks
Quacks: Yeah?
Pup: Peeps looking at this photo of us are giggling about “snorgling.” Any clue?
Quacks: Not a one. [head shakes in duck-like motion]

I’ve already set my Tivo Wildfl.

Mochi The Buddha Kitteh

It seems that Mochi the Buddha Kitteh has wanted to sit up (or slouch up) like a hoomin does, ever since she was a wee little one. (And here I thought “Mochi” were those little ice cream ball things you get at Safeway.) We also get a peek here at her bebeh kitteh, Marshmallow.

Fave Frame™: Will you look at this! Mochi pulling a “Maru!”

Many thanks to SweetFurx4!

Dateline: Kigali, Rwanda- Magilla Glub Glub, Vol. I

That’s the kitteh’s real name, believe it or not! Let’s get the lowdown from Submitter Nathan G.:

“We live in Kigali, Rwanda and he is a stray, a local vet found him as a few week old kitten and gave him to us. He was very tiny when we got him and he had to be fed from a syringe, but he’s on to solid food now and has porked up nicely. We really like his bug eyes and when his tongue hangs out.”

Well put. You cannot beat The Glubster’s Bonus Tongue Action!

Call Mom Taxi 3

Don’t forget to buckle up! Eet’s the law!

Via The Buzz. Photos from See more Mom Taxis here!

The Poky Little Puppeh

Sender-Inner Julie from Buenos Aires tells us the story of The Poky Little Puppeh:

She says: “I’m sending you pictures of my neighbour’s little dog. He is 2 months old but hasn’t grown much, and his head still fits in a 4 inch square hole on the wall that separates our gardens. He is left alone during the day and every time I walk by he tries to get out through the hole, so this is what I stumble upon. It’s way too cute. I don’t know his name, sorry! I hope you like them!!”

Hey Mr. Goodwrench, little help?

Hand me that wingnut. Or that lugnut. Or that peanut!
Only got two hands paws! Well, I could use ma feets I guess.

Check the oil too, Petsami!

Corgi Want a Cracker?

You need to learn to stick your head out the window, Unripefruit.


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