Swan: Legacy

“Get on the bird”

The journey across the cygnet universe.

alextotoro, has changed the game.

A Bun in the Hand…

…is worth OMG A BUN IN THE HAND!

ANOTHER fantastic Sleeping Baby Bunny (^0^) by Happy Holiday Flickr Friends!♥ Spice ♥.

I’ll Get You My Pretty!

And your little dog, too! [paws rubbing together]

OK OK I’m no witch—The hat is just a Petunia.

Mitza in the garden
Mitza in the garden was conjured up by todorrovic.


Is it gonna rain again?

[peers out from behind leaf with help from twenty suction cupped fingies]

This suction-cupped fabulousness, called The Survival of The Weakest was shot by nicointhebus (nicolas monnot).

Go Awn!

OMG BFFWCs! Cuh-yute Corgi here, getting her Doggie Blogger gossip points today! Talk about faux paws, that paw-thetic poodle at work actually wore FUggs to the office! Toe-dally cuh-razy. Dial P for phony! We are so done, done and done! Laytah!

We double-dog heart you, Heather!

Pop, Mom and I are going to The Galleria

Thanks for the twenny bucks. [Nose kiss]

So Dad, when can I go surfing? by the fantastic PacoAlcantara.

Well, I’ll Be! It’s a Wallaby!

And wouldn’t you know it, I just happen to have some Wallaby Chow here…

That’s one lucky hand, Caitlin B.


Sounds like these ladies have finally found a way to make Foosball more entertaining: Let the kitten play it instead.

The Big Reveal

Closing her yes tightly, Susan hoped they hadn’t used Avocado in the den makeover. She hated avocado.

Sense of touch by Happy Holiday Flickr Friends!♥ Spice ♥.

Go Ahead TSA

Pat me down. You know you want to.

This is Merlin, for whom the security wand is not an issue! Thank you, Rolf Hawkins.


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