Caturday Night Slow Loris Makeout Sesh

Fave Frame™:

Another quality foraged link, to take your mind off sad news for a moment, by Ant.

Caturday Sleep-over

Kitten #1: Dreaming about melks
Kitten #2: Dreaming about mices
Kitten #3: Dreaming about being sooo comfortabuhls…

Dishtowel bedding — verrry clever, Michelle H.

Wow-worthy Pet Portraiture

Amazingly creative pet-tographer Seth Casteel has a new series of Underwater pup photos:

We like it (officially, on Facebook!) See much more over at Seth’s Little Friends Photo site.

Neeble, Neeble, Neeble

I yam known as Zorro. I yam the masked estealer of esalad. I yam an esalad estealer.

I yalso khave a beauty mark.

And in a flash, *Zorro was gone, Rachel.*Real name Zeus, but don’t tell.

My What Big Eyes You Have

The Big Bad Pug got Little Red Riding Hood!

Almost fooled us, but Bootzilla’s one fang gave it away, Sara K.

What were you—RAISED BY WOLVES!?

Yes, actually.

Wolfmother by Adam B. was submitted by Kristen C.

Getting a Leg Up on the Campaign Trail

Hi, I’m neu ter this race. I represent the Wag Party. If I am elected my first order of office will be to appoint a Secretary of Snausages. I promise squeaky toys, easy squirrels and belly rubs for all Americans!

Nicky is good at sound bites, Alison R.

Friday Haiku: Dream a Little Dream

Woman and hamster
Drift in a shared reverie
What is in their dream?

Sweet dreams, Sophie S.

*Someone* forgot their coffeeeee! [singsong]

Will you please check out this tiny tailio on this floppy Boss:

You’re right, Becky D. An animation can’t go in the 2013 calendar.


Here at C.O. headquarters, we have a Glossary term called “comfortabuhls.” As in: “I’m soooooo comforabuhls sipping Pinot Noir in my fleece slanket in front of the fire.”

Thanks to this video, there is a new definish for comfortabuhls, and it’s this dog, with his eyes slowly sliding underwater:

Blissful, Jana A.! Also, a Calgon commercial here.


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