Daisy a-splishin’ and a-splashin’

Daisy the meelks magnet!

Surf’s up! Hang ten, Daisy!

Whoopsie Daisy!

Somebody has a very quick camera and a movin’ groovin’ kitty, Ben T.

No, Not The Angel On Top!!

Simon’s Cat, everyone’s favorite black and white cartoon kitteh, returns with a pair of new videos. In the first one, he discovers Christmas and….all the fun stuff you can destroy!

And here, he discovers how to fish. Kinda. Sorta.

Much more of Simon’s Cat here and here.

Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

THIS Bun does:
Tell us about eet, Brogan S.: “This is a photo of my rescue bunny, Betty (AKA Clock Ears), showing me how she knows exactly what time it is! (Time for an Egg Biscuit!) Love your site and the calendar. [Nice plug, thanks. -Ed] Keep up the good work!”

In Otter News

Apparently cats are not the only ones who need to go to BOXHAB!

Cuteporter Mary H. reveals the latest otter expose’ from the Gulfarium at Fort Walton Beach, Florida!

“Here is a pic of the big otter pile. It was like a feeding frenzy, then we walked away for a few minutes and next thing you know… Boom! Giant, napping otter pile! I like the otter in the corner who is lounging lazy-boy style, head hanging over the edge. These otters were OTTER this world cute! Check out 3:20 on my iPad video where they bring up their ice to show us!”

Heartstrings Alert!!!

Me: Hey—-Heartstrings? Yo, you awake?

Heartstrings: Yeah. Whatdya want?

Me: Prepare to get YANKED. Yanked HARD.

Heartstrings: Roger that, standing by. Fire when ready.

SuperAwesum™ video sent to us by Nancy F.; video posted by Julian B. Soundtrack by Queen.

Salvador Doggy

Sometimes a mustache is just a mustache. Sometimes a melting clock is just a melting clock. 8261402297_dc4982969b_z
It is important to appreciate surrealistic art. Especially dogs playing poker. 8262470366_0f007e9ba3_b
Augie’s mustache is a work of art, Gail R.

Go Trinkster, Go!

The stubbiness of these Trinket feets, plus the huge Indecision Factor, make this a #WIN. Oh, and the trotting ‘tocks at the end. WHAT.


Ton O’ Trinket here.

Everything’s Just Ducky

Sender-Inner Aileen M. says “Duke is a Cavachon (half Cavalier King Charles/half Bichon Frise mix) in a pair of duck slippers. Overloading with cuteness, no?”

Personal Peeg To-Do List

Here’s Squishy Kosher Pickle, with a checklist to help you do the essential peeg things you need to do every day. Have you checked these off your list today?

Lullaby a peeg to piggy sleep.

Pedicure a piggy paw.

Provide a piggyback piggy pillow.

Happily hog a puckering piggy PDA.

Squishy Kosher Pickle wants everybody to have a piggy day every day, just like Alexis H. and Randy B.

Chicago, Chicago, That Puppyin’ Town…

Chicago, Chicago that Puppyin’ town
Chicago, Chicago I’ll sniff around – I love it
Bet your bottom dollar you’ll lose your bones in Chicago
The town where the best grass can be found [paw gestures over field]


In Chicago, my home town!

Sender-Inner Sigrid N. says “Pictured is our prosh Miss Holly (officially Miss Holly Golightly!) who, after spending her first 9 years down south, has recently relocated to Chicago. She’s enjoying her new life in the city (and our fingers are crossed she’s still a happy pupster after her first winter!) Here she is posing with the cityscape and showing off her chic new wardrobe! Photo credit goes to Linda N.”


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