♪ ♫ I’ll Hold Your Yarn For You ♪ ♫

Pleeeeeahhhssse let me help! (holds up paws way too eagerly)

Cuteus Felinius: Mog aka Mogwai aka Gremlin from Lindsey P.


Let’s See Him Unscrew It With Those Leetle Hands

Now I just gotta get me a large glass of milk to dunk it in.



Photo by Julia F. in Bryce Canyon, UT.

A Mouse’s House, Part II (Sorta)

Remember when we told you about the mouse in the Norwegian house? Well, here’s a similar story. Kinda.

These little mice critters got flooded out. Now a local UK tennis club (actually it’s LAWN tennis over there, Wimbledon and all, tut tut) has come up with the idea to put tennis balls on sticks, so the little guys n’ girls can move in and settle down here!

From Teresa N.

Cuteness Drill!



Ferret Out the Savings!

Hey friends Tom Nom here for Tom Nom’s Bargain Barn now friends my managers are great and I love ’em but they’ve ordered too many ferret heads so we’re havin’ a two for one sale you heard me right we’re letten ’em go for half price so now’s the time to stock ’em up and stack ’em up we got balloons for the kids come on down!

Via generalroy.

Ozzy The Weasel’s War Dance

“We gotta post this one!” -MF

All ye need do is ask, Cute Overlord, and eet shall be done.

Posted on YT by Frisco68, who added “The weasel war dance is a colloquial term for a behavior of excited ferrets and weasels. In wild animals, it is speculated that this dance is used to confuse or disorient prey. In domestic animals, the war dance usually follows play or the successful capture of a toy or a stolen object and is commonly held to mean that the weasel is thoroughly enjoying itself. (No background music on this one ‘due to a BS copyright notice.’)”

Ah, but there’s more! Say hi to Ozzy’s pal Eeyore, why don’cha.

And……..just one more. Because we can.

THIS JUST IN: Mmmmmm, Bebeh Hoomin!

Mr. Camel seems quite content to nom whatever whoever is in the car.

Spotted on DP&F.

That’s the Most Redonkulous Thing I’ve Ever Heard

“One morning, I caught a mouse in my pajamas. How he got in my pajamas, I don’t know.”

It’s Moo-Moo, via Kazutaka Sawa Portfolio.

Kittehs Dans Une Zone Commerciale De Téléphone

Le voiceover ees En Français, -eet ees not ze problem, no?

“I came across this. I don’t speak French, but honestly, it didn’t matter.” -Paula K. (Lucy’s Mommeh.)


Here’s how they did eet.


Looks like someone’s been watching that Will Sasso lemon video too many times.

Via Lon G.