Frankly My Dear,

I don’t give a duck.

Trivia Time! You may know about the adorbs Make Way for Ducklings sculpture in the Boston Public Garden, but this is not it!
This is the replica in Moscow, given to Mrs. Gorbachev by Barbara Bush. Qvack, Qvack, ZaVaL!

New Rule of Cuteness: Lazy Ear

In which we appreciate asymmetry in aural appendages, one ear sleeping while the other stands ready, scanning the area for the whirr of can opener or the clink of leash. “No need to get up,” Vigilant Ear might offer, “I know you had another late night, so just take it easy. I’ve got this,” and then quietly mutter “you freeloader.”

Hope to hear from you again, Sodanie Chea.

Sneef sneef

[Sniffing sounds]

I prefer peanuts…

…But popcorn is OK too.

Sender-Inner Katarina used her trusty iPhone 4S and snapped these shots of this little guy in a New York City area park.

What’s new, Pussycat?

For some reason, the first thing I thought of here was “Tom Jones.” That’s not unusual, is it? It happens every day. All we need is one of those 60s turtlenecks and a peace sign medallion. And mebbe a lava lamp. Bottom line, a Smiling Furball Alpaca.

Thanks to NoName.

Just When You Thought All the Great Rock Band Names Were Taken

Peeps! Let’s hear it for, SCREAMING PUG ROCKET! (wild applause!)

That’s our favorite song, youmongrel!


Frosting licker reporting for duty! (tongue drops out) Just in case it might happen to be anyone’s birthday around here?
Anyone? Anyone?

You call it frosting. I call it true loff! C’est magnifique!

Sugar high in 3, 2, 1, Soggydan!

Queen Of Cute!

How better to honor Meg, the birthday girl, than with a video made for the Queen Mum on her 100th Birthday?

Meg is nowhere near 100 years old, but certainly deserves the biggest and best of everything. Happy Day, Meg!

Birfday cupcake for The Megster

This is a burpday cupcake for The Megster but ah might just go ahead n’ eat it cuz that’s how Pandas roll.

Birthday Buzz.

And Now, Here’s Yakov Smirnoff to Tell That One Joke He Knows

America, what a country! Your rich people, like the Paris Hilton, I always am seeing them carry tiny little dogs. In Russia, tiny little dog carry you!


This critter is motoring somewhere in a real hurry!


Score this a #WIN for Animals Taking Off for their Home Planets.


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