You’re getting it both barrels!

No where to run, no where to hide.

Apparently, no place to fly, either.

And ANOTHER thing…

This incessant yapping brought to you by SMS.

Uh, Honey?

I’m gonna have to draw the line at eye kissing.

Here’s tongue in yer eye, Marina Cano.

Oh. Are You Working?

Don’t mind me, I’ll just nap right here.

Um, here’s the deal. I am pretty sure you are done with work.

Your lap is so much more comfortable than your work thingy.

Sicca the kitty was fostered and adopted by Yoko Tanji, who took these darling photos. You can get more of the story and more photos here.

Let’s sneak up on this sleeping puppeh!

Hmmm. Dreaming of a joke the cat told him or impersonating a turkey gobbling?


FreeFunnyClips is.

Presenting the Great Hairy Maru-dini!

Looks at Maru, looks at box, looks back at Maru. [Thinks yeahriiightnoway!]

Oooh! Gasp! (swish swish) Ahhh! (squish) Applause!

Please add postage and mail to my house, Mugumogu!

Caturday Breakfast in Bed

And how would you like your kittens?

Over Easy?

Sunny Side Up?

Hard Boiled?

Or Scrambled?

Breakfast is the most important squee of the day, Whitney R., Yoko T., Gerard,  Piter de W.’s Frysian kittens – Teun, Bram (the orange one) and Saar.

Whiskers And Horns

Paws and hooves

Short and long tails.

It is not our differences or our samenesses

That determine our capacity for friendship.

Sometimes, I think we could achieve world peace by imitating the animals, malikimran.

Speed Nomming

Remember when we checked in on Johnny and his two kittehs, Rocky n’ Elvis?

They’re back! And this time, we git Mrs. Johnny and three kittehs going nuts with the maximum nommage allowed by law.

MrsArtAngie, y’all are havin’ some kinda fun.

Tonight’s the Knight

Greetings. I am Sir Archibald Arthur, your knight-in-ye-olde-armadillo-armor. Far and wide across the land I dost win fairest lady’s affections! For behold, indeed I be always ready for the ball! (rolls up into a ball)

Huzzah, Andouille!

Roger Needle-Nose, you’re cleared for landing

Fill ‘er up Hi-Test if you please!

Many thanks to Poppy.


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