Who’s The Cat That Won’t Cop Out…

..when there’s danger all about?



Right on, Josh N., who is clearly on a ROLL.

Guineas From Heaven

:: Angelic choir from above, trumpets, ethereal light ::
Greetings new arrival. St. Guinea Pig welcomes you!
Why don’t you have a seat? Just need to do a background check. We don’t get many of your kind here.

OK. If you don’t mind whistling for all eternity, you are free to stay.

Owner-sender-inner-ographer, Samia K.M. says, “My piggy is so cute!”

You’ll Receive Full Severance, Of Course

Mr. CEO McFerretPants has his game face on as he axes another helpless underling.

From the always reliable Josh N.

Bunday Board Meeting

“All right, folks, I have a 2 PM tee-time, so let’s get this moving. First up, Marcie will fill us in vis-a-vis the fourth quarter carrot situation, and then Stan has a thrilling three-hour Powerpoint about — Herbert! Stop eating the conference table!”

All in favor, vote “aww,” Dany W. S.

Cute Alert Threat Level: High

Once again we’re raising the cute alert threat level! Intelligence reports cite credible evidence of a cute attack in 3, 2, 1

Ashleigh tells us her corgi, Nugget, is 5 months old and although she looks innocent, she is full of sass.

They Say Russian Winters Are Tough

Need proof? Ask these little Crow Comrades.

Отличное видео by Sergazo, and sent to us by Ingrid B.

So Whut?

I happen to like neeputt tubber and foona tish wandsiches! Izzat KO with you?

We’ll give ya’ll Furfty guesses who this pic is from. And the first Forty-Norem don’t count.

Would You Like To Ride In Ma Bootyful Balloon?

Ah don’t cares eef eet wuz for the hoomin’s birthday last month. Eet’s MINE.

Cuteporter Laura let us know ’bout this one, saying “This is Nala. Chexjc posted a picture of her holding a balloon on Reddit, saying that the cat has been dragging the balloon everywhere for the last month. When people didn’t believe this was true, chexjc posted video evidence. The video turned out better than anyone could have predicted.” Post title inspired by the 5th Dimension.

New From L.L. Bean: The Moc-A-Pup

L.L. Bean’s moccasins have proven to be a pupular product. This is their new “Moc-A-Pup.” These comfortable slip-ons are great for wearing around the house or around the campsite.

Spotted by Mrs. Brinke on the Bean Blog.

In-‘Tocks-I-Cated In The Big Easy

They told me this is how all puppehs dress for da Mardi Grah. And where are ma purple beads? Am I wrongs or sumfin?

Photo by Jeff Haynes/Reuters Nooz Serveece.


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