We Have Full Ducklings

I notice that the Wi-Fi down at the pond has been upgraded. Used to be, you would be lucky to get a single duckling, but now we get three!

Photo: Three Ducks in a Row by Shayne Kaye (Why yes, you have seen these cuties before)


Whooo-hoooo! It’s great to be back in the Enormodome, rock-and-rollers! Now, I just have one question for you: Are! You! Ready! to POLLINAAAAAAAAATE?!

I just don’t have the heart to tell him we’re in Akron, Josh N.

H A P P Y (Belated) B I R T H D A Y M E G

Bek-E-Gong thanks for bringing the key lime pie.

Remote Control Bears Brunt of Misplaced Anger

Not understanding, Chunk feels the remote control is to blame for the constant stream of “Jersey Shore” on the television.

You’re lucky Chunk can’t put 2 and 2 together, Kimbrey & Brooks

He Glistens with Condescension

Perhaps you don’t know better, but does this look like a face that would tolerate your plebeian hot dog rolls?

Bring the aquatic veg and grains, stat, Merlene A. Photo by Netti Anker

T-Birds Aren’t Born Pink Ladies

You may want to flock to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay to get yo’ swoon on because since June 3rd, seven baby Caribbean flamingos have hatched.

And to add extra incentive, the newest long-legged fluff was born just a few days ago on Sunday, July 25th.

And as Sender-Inner Nick G. points out, while obviously fuzzy, baby flamingos are not born pink…

…their pink coloring comes from the carotenoid pigments they consume as part of their diet.

As always, thanks Nick G.

From the Cute Overload Kitchens

Kitten Surprise
Light and fluffy, this easy-to-prepare dish is perfect for picnics and outdoor parties.

  • Three medium kittens
  • Two cups floof
  • Four tsp. inquisitiveness
  • Season with charm and attitude to taste

Cooked up by the Vancouver Film School.

The Excitement of Comic Con Continues to Spread Everywhere

I’m Captain Sniffles with my trusted sidekick, Half-Mustachioed Wilma! Our mission is to rid the world of evil while relying on our looks and using our oddly friendly-looking, yet completely debilitating, colorful lasers!

Hop & Scotch are clearly evil masterminds, Bryn H.

Today’s Exercise in Futility: Playing Hide-and-Seek with the Cat

OK, so while I count to ten, you go hide. One…two…three…four


Narcolepsy, Christine & Trevor F.

Hold Still! Holdstillholdstill! Hold! Still!

We cut now to our roving NTM-Cam at the 2010 California State Fair, where two-day-old Sproingy McUnpredictablesons is playing his favorite new game, “Fake the Cameraman.” Bonus SimulTail™ action at 0:34!


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