Last One Down Came From a Rotten Egg

According to the YouTube uploader, “In front of the library at University of Maryland Baltimore County, the mother forced those little guys to jump down three giant steps.” (Video includes bonus fly-by from the Blue Angels, goose division.)


Hair Salon on Planet Purple

Now let’s put you under the dryer for 30 minutes until your hair glows neon green.

This is Angel. She is a fancy Russian dwarf hamster, proudly pampered by Ashley J.

They Woulda Never Done This To Snoopy

sno“My wife and I love your stuff, so we decided it’s time we share who we think is the cutest dog in the world.

This is our beagle puppy, his name is Tintin and he just turned one year old. We took these today after his shower. We hope you like them as much as we do.” -Cindy & Alex V.



Commenter Timo Takalo said, “Now we just need a cat named Milou to play and cuddle with him, and the internet will implode.”

OK, here’s a kitteh named Milou.

Hover quotes by C.M. Schulz.

Amsterdam Vegetable Stand

Let’s see…I’d like some oranges…a few apples…those strawberries look nice, are any of them fuzzy though? On the bottom? No? OK. Oh, and I’ll take a box of cat. Looks like the last one YAY.


Anabel T. reports in: “Last week we were walking through Amsterdam and saw this cutie for sale in a vegetable stand. Well, I wouldn’t confuse her with carrots but I would want to take her home!” For you techies: Anabel’s shot came via a Canon EOS 7D.

Benny: J’adore Dior!

Dogs can pick up a scent rather quickly, but Benny here takes it to a whole ‘nuther level. Now can SOMEone get this puppeh some Chanel No. 5?

Spotted on DPF.

Maymo Vs. Robot Inchworm For World Supremacy

Or at the very least, supremacy of the living room.

Get more of Maymo here!

C to the U to the T to the E!

Z to the OH to the MY to the GAWD!

“My name is G.G. Taco Rodriguez Jones. But call me G.G.!  I’m a 6 year old chihuahua mix!” Gee to the gee, Mary J. and Mary B.

Fum And Gebra

In doing a little detective work, (watching the other videos, yo) it appears that Fum is the Kitteh and Gebra is the Owl. Either way, looks like BFF’s to me!


They have a website & Facebook page. Of course they do.


Another vid. This one kicks out the jams, too. (The song “Deixa’m Dir Una Cosa” is on iTunes btw.)

Woolly Bullies

Just put down the hay bales and back away slowly.

Sheep stand in a snow-covered field near Wincle, Cheshire, UK. From The Telegraph. Photo: Lynne Cameron/PA.

Like, Remember When U Fell Asleep In Your OJ Glass?

And you were snoring? Remember? Sure you do. In case ya don’t, we’ve got it on VIDEO!

Mihaifrancu vid submitted by Ray R.