Get ready for tiny mews

Tiny mews, odd monochromatic body fur and paw chewing. GO!

Ross and Jo-Lynn L., exquisite work with the tiny mews.

Captive giant pandas found safe in China

After that devastating earthquake, that’s some good news, People. News via CNN.

This can only mean more snow rolling in preparation for the Olympics.

Su playing in the snow, originally uploaded by kjdrill.

Su really loves snow!, originally uploaded by kjdrill.

Yoga Master, originally uploaded by kjdrill.

Hilarious Su Lin, originally uploaded by kjdrill.

Rolling around in the snow, originally uploaded by kjdrill.

That’s one happy panda!!, originally uploaded by kjdrill.

Whaaaaat’s uuuuuuuuuuup

Seriously, what’s aaaap. Oh, and pass me a beer.


TimesOnlineUK Slide show, that’s what!

‘alo! Jost poppin’ in fo’ a spo’ o’ tea!

Behbeh: ‘alo! Jost poppin’ in fo’ a spo’ o’ tea!
Cat: Right oh, just getting the teacops out now! [rattle rattle rattle]


Johanna S. found this photo from several terrific ones over at Uber Cats slide shows

Chihuahua ordered to perfection

[Speaking into drive-thru window speaker]

Um, I’ll take the beady eyes/stuffed animal combo…


…with finger monches


Oh, and paws up for dessert. Thannnnnnnnnks.


Drive to the next window, Eva H. Bone Appetit!

Charlie, Chloe. Chloe, Charlie.

The Daily Coyote, friend of Teh Qte™, recently reported PUPPIES.  And now SOMEbody’s getting a new BABY SISTER:


(sniffing ensues)


Yay Spring!  It does make me wonder where Eli stands on all of this, though.

We’ve seen Charlie with Eli before.  Many thanks, Shreve!

You are powerless against my nomming

You KNOW this would make the BEST office demotivational poster with the word "Powerlessness" across the bottom. You can do eet!


Nomulent, Linda K.

And now, the six-toed back massage / acupuncture chomp

The lavendar oils, they come laters. For now, dee chompingks. [bites into back]


*teh 0wch*

According to Sender-Inner Stephanie D., this kitteh’s thumbs inspired his Daddy to name him "Six-Shooter Denney-Enochs." Pew pew pew!

Overwhelmed…BY LOF!

Come here you delicious WHITE FLUFFBALL, COME HERE I SAY!

[muzzle muzzle muzzle]


Sender Inner Teajay and photographer Marley, what a romannnnntic pic.

Goodnight, Sleepy-Pannnnts

This post powered by Ambien ifyouknowwhatimeanandithinkyoudo.

Meia G., the straaaayche is the best part.