Knitting + Kittens = KNITTENS!

[Kneading sounds to infinity]


helpless, young and sleepy, don’t wake me up, i’m sleeping, all by DIgital DI! Nice earless kitteh, BTW.

Behold the Tiny Tongue of DISAPPROVAL

Apparentleh, this kitteh named Neptune got a SERIOUS hairs cut and like, hated it!


BLEEEEH! Neptune: Haircut Summer 2008 and Neptune: Haircut Summer 2008 – 2 by tammyhq.

Why not get a “Pomster”?


[shifty eyes] I’m still checking if they exist. Something about the beady-eye to paw ratio scares me.

This pocket pet pomster was created by Scuzzi for a contest. No, you can’t have one.

Fuhst, you must STRAIN ZUH KITTEN

[Say in Julia Child voice]

Redonk Siesta (cat, Katze) found on Flickr-roonie-poonie (because it was tagged with "Cute Overload"! ) by Urs Wachter™.

White owl

I could really go for a cigar right now, for some reason.

Betsy B.

It tastes so good when it hits your lips!!!

Another pic from the insane Victoria fires over in Aussie-tralia. Don’t miss this koala we featured earlier, also from a similar scene.

Via DListed:

Look at the koala’s little tongue! And the koala’s paw on the fireman’s hand! The koala is so polite and so thankful! Like a little person! This makes me want to truckjack a Sparklett’s water truck and drive through the ocean to Australia.


Thanks Mr. Michael K. ;) You can help at the Australia Red Cross.

Behind the scenes at Westminster

Dang, Beeyatch! You got some fiiiine har!

[fluff fluff]


MORE pics from behind the scenes at Westminstah shog dow here! Thank you, Carrie L.!

Porter Earns His Merit Badge

"OK, let’s see… the rabbit goes through the hole, then round the tree… no, wait, that’s not it…"

Well, it KIND OF looks like the diagram ...

"Shoot, now it’s all tangled up!  Well, maybe nobody will notice if I cut it a little…"


"YIKES!  How’d it get wrapped around my ankles?!"

Oh, SWELL, now I'll be hanging from the flagpole until sundown.

"Ah, to heck with this.  Who ties knots these days, anyway?"

What they REALLY need is a Playstation merit badge.

You’ve earned your sender-innering badge, SM.

New From The Franklin Mint!


Angela C.

Gardener wanna-be

Listen here, Pup.

I know you wanna accomplish something besides looking like a raccoon-slash-teddy-bear…


But gardening? That takes more skills than you’ve got…

Now get that leaf out of your muzzlepowsche!


By the way, excellent eyeliner application Sarah B.!