Are You a Cat Between the Age of 65 and 90?

Are your ears hairier than your head? If so, then Cheesy Toupee’ is for you!

Riley is not just the President, he’s also the client. Submitted by Licky and Stacey L..

How Slow Can You Go?

Scene: Smooth Operators Call Center.

11:00 Perky Receptionist, manicuring nails, notices the boss never came in.

1:00 Instantly realizes, “No boss!”

2:00 Immediately buzzes Operator 1, “No boss, pass it on!”

3:00 Right away Operators 1 & 2 peek over their cubicals.

4:00  Without further ado, it’s, …. Office Liiiiiiiiiim-Bo Time! Everybody limbo!

These photos (Limbo) rock, Irene K.

Rule of Cuteness #48 Tiny Tongues are Cute

Check it! Simultaneous miniature slurping and ‘Pppbbbbffft!’ action!


We are closing in on 50 Rules, Miriam Sssssssth.

How’s My New Haircut Look?

Seriously, what does it look like? I can’t see a damn thing.

It’s like a Q-Tip with a mouth, Winn S.

From the “Snowpocolypse, Bring it” Files

Check out this super “Ehn!” action:

Gozo fetching his ‘duck’ brought to you by Beth L.

Covert Kitteh

Litterbox, this is Pied Piper… Pied Piper calling Litterbox, are you receiving? Target just left for walkies at oh-nine-thirty, heading due north up Central Avenue… ETA your checkpoint in four minutes… get the water balloons ready…

Kittens are so good at covert ops, Guadalupe C.

Great Moments in Cute History

1887: The fledgling Ringling Brothers Circus first comes to national attention when it debuts “The Amazing Floofini,” the first bunny to be shot from a cannon.

That’s a good-looking mug, Martha J. And the cup’s pretty, too.

THIS JUST IN: Prosh Dachshund takes a bath IN SLO MO

Via DListed, my other favorite blog.

Morning Ritual

O blessed coffeemaker, benevolent bringer of caffeine, whose warmth elevates our speech above the level of prehistoric guttural mumbling, whose full-bodied flavor makes open our eyes that we may locate our desks without stumbling into the supply closet again, let thy mountain-grown richness flow into our veins, so that we may endure the weekly all-hands meeting without slumping into a coma…

[slurred, indistinct acknowledgement of submission], Kelly M.

It’s a Culinary Breakthrough!

At last, Science develops a hot dog with no mysterious ingredients!

Hold the ketchup, Kristen K.


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