‘Tocktober 1st /// 24 Hours Of ‘Tocks /// 5:14 pm PT

This is our second set o’ Turtle ‘Tocks today! You can Nevah have enuff.

[Editor to copy boy: “Get me more Turtle ‘Tocks, stat!“]

Not the cuddliest ‘tocks in the world per se, but they have great….how do you say? Ah, definition.

24 Hours Of ‘Tocks…continues.

‘Tocktober 1st /// 24 Hours Of ‘Tocks /// 4:00 pm PT

Yup, those are Prime Corgi ‘Tocks. (Say, a passing resemblance to one Max Stubbular…no?)

24 Hours Of ‘Tocks…continues.

‘Tocktober 1st /// 24 Hours Of ‘Tocks /// 3:33 pm PT

[What ‘choo lookin’ at?]

This kitteh totally gets the concept of #Tocktober.

That should be “Toe-tally.”

(#WIN BONUS- The Toe Beans! The Toe Beans!)

24 Hours Of ‘Tocks…continues.

‘Tocktober 1st /// 24 Hours Of ‘Tocks /// 2:12 pm PT

We’re over halfway into today’s ‘Tock-strava-ganza, and lo and behold, what do we have here but a Loafin’ Llama. Actually we have two Loafers, but the ‘tocks are only visible on the one. S’OK though–we know the others are there!

24 Hours Of ‘Tocks continues.

‘Tocktober 1st /// 24 Hours Of ‘Tocks /// 1:49 pm PT

Gack! Look at this Leetle Man, trying to climb into his Deesh! If he gets too hungry, how can he make eet through #Tocktober Foist?

24 Hours Of Tocks…continues.

‘Tocktober 1st /// 24 Hours Of ‘Tocks /// 12:12 pm PT

What we have here, People..is a Patagonian Cavy. The, uh, business end of a Patagonian Cavy, that ees.

24 Hours Of ‘Tocks…continues.

‘Tocktober 1st /// 24 Hours Of ‘Tocks /// 11:22 am PT

Warm brown Puppeh ‘Tocks. What a way to spend #Tocktober Foist.

We’re not done yet, not by a long shot.

24 Hours Of ‘Tocks…continues.

‘Tocktober 1st /// 24 Hours Of ‘Tocks /// 10:24 am PT

If you’re trying to hide from the deluge of Today’s ‘Tocks, try crawling in a shoe, which is a good fit…for some of us.

24 Hours Of ‘Tocks…continues.

‘Tocktober 1st /// 24 Hours Of ‘Tocks /// 9:09 am PT

At this point, 24 Hours Of ‘Tocks can’t be stopped- eet’s taken on a life of its own. Our advice?


24 Hours Of ‘Tocks…continues.

‘Tocktober 1st /// 24 Hours Of ‘Tocks /// 8:30 am PT

We’re ‘Tocking Hedgie ‘Tock Madness! Look at that little guy- he’s staring at his own ‘tocks!

24 Hours Of ‘Tocks...continues.


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