Whoooo-HOOOO!  Cute Overload just won an award in the 2009 Weblog Awards announced tonight at South by Southwest!

We were nominated in the category of "Best Topical Weblog," which is a special category for weblogs that can be applied directly to the skin.

Thhay, thath's thupendouth!

Thanks for bringing dessert, Christina V.


Just for clarity, that’s "UGG!" as in "will you just look at this mess?" and not "Ugg" as in "popular brand of stylish outdoor footwear."  Although, quite honestly, that is a good look for you:  The palette of whites and off-whites is flattering, and the flared legs have a funky retro feel to them…

Gee, thanks, Mr. Blackwell.  Where's the blow dryer?

I’ve got some syrup, Rita L. — Let’s make sno-cones!
[Yes, peeps, it's another C.O. Encore Presentayshe - Ed.]

“I better not have peanut allergies…”

“Because this bird feeder is brimmin’ with ‘em.

Guess there’s only one way to find out!”

“Down the hatch!”

(Throws head back) [Glurp!]


yes, we can!!! by bvshort.

Good Evening, Mister Bond

I’m so glad you could join us, my old nemesis; I do hope my henchmen didn’t treat you roughly.  You’re just in time to watch me unleash my army of killer robo-ferrets upon an unsuspecting world — but first, I will explain my sinister plan to you in elaborate detail at great length, which will give you time to escape and ruin everything.

Don't know why I do that; we villains can be kinda dumb sometimes.

Evil never looked so cuddly, Kate S.

THIS JUST IN: Panda ‘Tocks

Some choice panda shots arrived in the fluffy pink C.O. Mailbag (delivered daily by white swans with tiny mailman hats) today from our Uncle John. :D

First up we have this "HANG IN THERE" Ranger-Rick style poster:


Next up is: "’Tocks on a Log."



And lastly, your moment of zen:


Secrets of Pocket Pet Photo Shoots

This is how it’s done, People. When you’re lining up your hamster, hedgehog, bunny you found in a hole for a photo shoot, DO IT RIGHT.

Don’t just get RUN OF THE MILL dollhouse props, get GOOD, hand-painted ones, even if you have to CHOP DOWN THE TINY TREES AND MILL THEM YOURSELF.

Don’t cut any corners on your narrative—make sure you bring the DRAMZ

MAKE your models cooperate even if they HAVE NO MUSIC SKILLS WHATSOVER

TAKE matters into your OWN HANDS for the sake of your audience

Choose your backgrounds wisely—high contrast will set your shoot apart from ALL THE OTHER POCKET PET SHOOTS OUT THERE

And only, ONLY IF your model cooperated and the shoot went well, should you rest.

Pyza sets the standard again with: *POMPON* (news..), "I want play!" ~ Pompon, "Nooo, I scared!" ~ Pompon, "I play Trumpet!" ~ Pompon, Feeding baby Pompon ;), "I not Baby!" ~ Pompon, ond "I am Pyramid" ~ Pompon, are all photos by the wonderful and hilarious pocket pet chronicler pyza*.

Gimme Some Sugar

One glider or two?

Plorp! [Dropping into rack sound]

Will you please get a load of the fluffeh tail action on the left—



Fabu photo Spike!  My Sugar Glider is by Agent Retro.

This kitteh’s all up in yo’ grill

Here’s how to say "STEP OFF, MoFos" in Kitteh:

The majority of today’s Caturday posts are powered by Josh N.

Customize your puppeh

It’s reaaaaaaaally easy to turn your boring, run-of-the-mill, straight-from-the-factory white puppeh into something MUCH MORE EXCITING.

Give your toddler some markers and an hour alone, and VOILA PEOPLE:


Cartoon_dog_warhold_110 Josh N., I like how the kid emphasized eyelashes and ribs in his drawingk.

I Don’t Like This Planet, Mommy

"I hate this place — everything’s all flat and quiet.  Yeah, sure, there’s people, but nobody talks to me or pets me or anything.  I mean, check out Necktie Boy, here; I lick his face, give him my best sad-eyes routine, and what do I get?  Bupkis!  And the worst part is that there’s all this food, and I can’t eat any of it!

"On the plus side, though, I’m feeling very motivated to quit smoking.  Whatever that is."

The snozzberries most decidedly DO NOT taste like snozzberries.

Maybe a trip to Sofaland will cheer him up, Steph W.