Dachshund UN


Artist Bennett Miller created his Puppeh Performance Piece Dachshund UN a few years back for a Melbourne festival. Catch ’em now in Toronto! Admish is free but you have to reserve tix in advance. Thanks to Ella for the teep.

Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Baby

Photo by Petteri S.

Ever Seen a Mouse Fly?

It’s like a house fly, but a whole lot cuter!

This is John Cocks/RHS/PA commendation winning photo for the Royal Horticultural Society 2012 annual photo contest.

Hello, Ladies.

Look at your man. Now back to me. Now look at my thumb. Gee, you’re dumb. Back to me. I’m on a horse. In a rocket sled. Look again: Now I’m on a boat, in the desert, playing Stratego with Liberace. That makes no sense. Do you want your man to smell like me? Probably not, because I smell like cat box. I’m in a bag.

Stop trying to make Fitch happen, Julia G.

Q: Who’s the Best Pet Photographer in all the Land?

FUR_2169 (Medium)
A: The Furrtographer! Friend of the site Josh Norem is up for Best Pet Photographer in the Bay Area and needs your votes because it’s CLOSE!

FUR_2222 (Medium)

FUR_2401 (Medium)
Says Josh: “Voting ends in a few days and it’s down to the wire. If I nab this it will be a lifelong dream fulfilled.”

FUR_2525 (Medium)

FUR_2629 (Medium)
He continues: “Almost all the cats & dogs I shoot are from shelters like these, so this will help them too.”

FUR_2647 (Medium)

“People can vote with their Facebook or Yahoo! account. They don’t have to create an account.” Go Josh!

Tattoo Tale

Do you really expect me to believe you drove to Vegas, got drunk, and had my picture tattooed on your arm? That doesn’t even look like me! You’ve been seeing another kitty, haven’t you?

Via Sin Amigos.


Move over bobblehead llamas !

Bob bob bobblin’ along with, Kira.

Important C.O. Policy Change

As you know, many animals are cute from home, a practice called “telecuteing.” Effective next month, all such employees will be required to relocate to Cute Overload global headquarters in Oxyquatl, Peru.

This change will accomplish three things: Create a fertile environment for cross-team collaboration; re-contextualize the parameters of our core competency oogular flaffernappies; and mainly ensure you slackers are still working.

photo (2)
Employees requiring assistance with relocation may contact the HR Department for a $5 U-Haul discount voucher. Supplies are limited.

Photos from Melissa, Tracie S., Ola M., gathered during Photo Assignment day.

OMGPONIES!!!!1!1!1111!!!!!1!!! (Like You’ve Nevah Seen Them Before)

This takes OMGPONIES!!!!1!1!1111!!!!!1!!! to a whole ‘nuther BIZARRO level. You can make your own, too!

John N. submitted the first video, with the PS “Also, thanks for all the qyoot!”

Is It Summer Yet?

I’m ready for some dog days, ya know?

Photos by (in order of appearance) istolethetv, Andrew M. and Sookie


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