Happy Valentine’s Day…From a Cold, Dark Heart

It may be a little wet too, sorry.

Happy Valentine’s, Christina D.

Flying, grinning, STINGING!

According to photographer Tara Renaud; “Under the stingray tank at Sea World, you can experience the feeling of being surrounded underwater by hundreds of “happy” and beautiful stingrays.”


Photo by Tara Renauld, sent in by Marilyn T. over at the National Geographic Intelligent Traveler. National Geographic Daily Dozen edited by Susan W.

Just Noshin’

So, what are you doin’ today?

This just in from Ant over at AQFL

THIS JUST IN: frolicking and mini trunk action

Please check out this prosh baby elephant frolick:

The mini trunk is really redonk:

Plink plink! [sound of trunk 'lips' smacking]

This baby elephant was born on 1/16/10 in Melbourne, Australia. See her first swimmin’ experience and many many more shots over at Zoo.org. The anonymous Sender-Inner would like to remain Anonymous. Done.

Deli Department Avoided, for Obvious Reasons

Today was Saturday – or as he liked to call it – “Adventure Day”, and Figaro could barely contain his excitement during the short train ride to their special place.

But when a fellow traveler asked where they were going, Figaro could no longer keep the news to himself, and he gleefully shouted, “We’re going to the most magical place on earth! There are carrots and celery and corn – all right next to each other, in one giant room named the Piggly Wiggly!”

Keep letting Figaro believe the store caters specifically to him, Claire C.

P.S. Snorf-hance:

Confusing! Staring! Contest!

Having a staring contest with Edgar was like playing paddy-cake with an octopus – it was the most disconcerting few minutes you’ll ever experience. He seemed to meet my gaze, yet each eye also seemed to look due east and west simultaneously…

That’s some powerful peripheral vision, Dan T. Photo by Karin.

Marvin shares a piece of his mind

“… and if that’s not enough, that smarmy jerk doesn’t even have the guts to come down here and tell me himself, so if he thinks he can make me work Saturdays, he can just kiss my furry a… aaaand he’s right behind me, isn’t he?”

Timing is everything, Spiky G.

Why Wait for Valentine’s Day?

Please, please, please don’t think less of me for singing Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” in my head…

Love is in the air (as is dander), Jessica D. via How Animals Kiss

Snow Kidding

From Tiffany L.: “We’ve have quite the blast of snow on the East Coast.  This is my little Yorkie Chibi trying to comprehend the white stuff around her.  Enjoy!”

Activate the Magnetomic Snow-Hance-A-Tron!


Hoverhog flies over this great land, searching for toilet paper tubes WITH HIS BEADY EYES OMG

Mr T’s hedgehog by phrenophile.


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