Behold the Fearsome Predator

On the vast arid plains of the Serengeti, the silent and deadly jaguar awaits his prey.


Victim in sight, he creeps slowly forward, his mighty paw raised for the killing stroke… and then…


WHUMP!  "Oh, hi boss!  I was just, ah… walking around the yard, minding my own business… you know, thinking about stuff… and definitely not stalking you, honest, I would never do that."


Rare jaguar cub born last year at Huachipa Zoo in Lima, Peru.  Details here.


"This tuna tartare is…OUTRAGEOUS!"

Garfi-I Said "NO!!!", by E.L.A.

My Private Torment

"I’ve tried to quit, honestly, I have.  Twelve-step programs, hypnosis, patches, pills, ointments, you name it.  But then I’ll be out with the boys at a party, and someone starts passing around a… a… chicken, and it starts all over again."


You’re such an enabler, Kathleen C.

Is it Spring Break Yet?

…now as you can see, if we conjugate the hypotenuse along the lateral preamble parallel to the esophagus, we can retract the dangling participle near the soliloquy of



Sender-innered by Da Megster her own baaaaaaaaaad self!



More details here!!!


Now, if only the ocean would turn LIME GREEN!!!

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“I’m marrying him Mother. You can’t stop me.”

“Sure, he’s a little cold, but he’s BIG and he’s green and he’s MINE!”

5 2 3 4

Just let her go, Emily D. H. [eye roll]


The Plot Thickens

"Um, you haven’t seen a meatloaf with hair on it, have you?  I was saving that for lunch."

And I even labeled it with my name and everything...

... you'd just think that people could keep their hands off other peoples' food.

Just look innocent and don’t say anything, Tia D.

You’re Kind Of New At This ‘Stowing Away’ Thing, Aren’t You?

"Excuse me, flight attendant, if there will be a choice of snack then I would like pretzels instead of peanuts because I have allergies, and I also need to know if the in-flight movie will be age-appropriate for myself and my traveling companions, and I noticed that the gentleman across the aisle did not return his tray table to the full upright position during takeoff, in direct violation of FAA regulations…"

Nice going, loudmouth.  So much for the free trip to Costa Rica.

Cat Apartment by richard_b

Did You Make Your Bed This Morning?

"Oh yeah, I made my bed, all right… I MADE IT BEG FOR MERCY!  BWAH-ha-ha-ha-haaaaah!  That’s right, I’ll show the furniture in this house who’s boss!"

Wicker?  I hardly knew 'er!

You must be on a first-name basis at Pier 1 by now, Angela S.

What’s For Dinner?

(Let’s see… I could make an omelette… nah, that’s too much work… Well, an English muffin and cheese sandwich sounds good… Maybe with some of that meatloaf?  Ick, there’s hair growing on it… Ooh, there’s some salsa left…)

Could be meat... could be cake...

Ya got enough beer, Joanna?