Now, back to Woodworking for Hamsters

Today we’ll be making a lovely hand-lathed sock rack, but first let’s put on our safety goggles. It’s important to wear googles that are the right size for your face…

OK, these are maybe just a smidge too large…

Via Jannes Pockele.

Fluffy and White. They Can Only Be Clouds.

Clouds are classified into a system that uses Latin words to describe the appearance of clouds.

I don’t know which these guys are, but they’re cirrusly cute.

Samoyeds brought to you by Reddit

Memo To Santa

To: Santa
Fr: Hermey
Dt: 10 October 2012
Re: 2013 Cute Overload Calendar requests

Hey Kris:

Just wanted to shoot you a quick update re 2013 Cute Overload Calendars.  We are getting a ton of requests down here in the factory for them. Suggest we contract out to Amazon to fill all the orders. Bezos will be cool with it. What say U?

Hermey The Elf

PS: Sorry I was late for Elf Practice won’t happen again

Why I Otter!

Hold on tight, friends, cuz it’s…


Here’s some waiting in line for school portrait day.

Now, a bored baby otter.

And, finally, we have one that is more attentive than all the otters.

We hoped you enjoyed this otter interlude!

Photos by Jeff J. Mitchell for Getty Images.

Oh, Get Over It.

So you got a D in math. It happens.

Me? I haven’t caught a mouse in a month! A month!

The guys are givin’ me grief like you cannot imagine. Everybody has slumps. Babe Ruth had slumps! I go a month with no results, and all of a sudden I’m ‘over the hill’. And another thing—

Buck up, Ademiromano.

Flying. Corgi. ‘Tocks.

It’s #Tocktober after all, so please take a look if you will at these…Flying Corgi ‘Tocks. Those ‘tocks belong to a little fellow named Dill, and The Daily Corgi sez “Everybody thinks he got his name from his pickle-like shape, but he’s actually named after a character in the novel ‘To Kill a Mockingbird.’ Fair enuff!

Nice ground clearance for the belleh, too.

And here’s another shot of a quieter moment. But you know they’ll be ZOOMIN’ off somewhere soon! There’s fun to be had out there!

Flying ‘Tocks submitted by Deidra Beckey; bottom photo from The Daily Corgi.

Bend Me, Shape Me, Any Way You Want Me

Spug Spugly on YouTube says “This is our new kitten Bean. She’s a little easy to manipulate when she’s dreaming.”


In this episode, Maru plays a frustrated mechanic that *can’t* quite get in to fix the engine. Harumphf.

Fix it, Mugumogu!

Can Opener

Can’t…get…the…top…off. Need one of those rubber grippy things.

Thanks Skipster.

Please, Please, Please

Take me to Carrotland. I’ll clean up my room and go to bed on time and save up all my greens to buy Carrotella’s Castle so we’ll never have to leave!

It’s a carrot world after all, redditter stargoslaby.


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