A Proverb

A squirrel in the hand

is worth two in the bowl.

Squirrelumptious photos by Coast & Canyon Wildlife Rehabilitation and Miriam S.

Next Week, on The Guiding Leash

Candice Flargstyne’s insistence on attending Cousin Maynard’s funeral shocks her family, especially Cousin Maynard, who keeps yelling to be let out of the coffin.

Meanwhile, blackmailer Loretta Sneer threatens Griff Blanson’s meteoric rise in the Pupublican Party by claiming to have proof he was once nice to a poor person.

And in the tumultuous Baffleslacker household, Timmy and Tiffany attempt to escape their evil foster parents by shipping themselves to their mother in prison.

The Guiding Leash is a Raychael L. production.

THIS JUST IN: Baby Klopspanner… er, Kripsparkler… um, Cute Sproingy Thing

The Mesker Park Zoo in Evansville, Indiana is proud to welcome a new baby klupsprinkler… er, klipspringer. Meaning “rock jumper” in Afrikaans, the karpspanker is a relative of the antelope native to southern Africa. The new baby is one of about 30 kryptospelunkers in zoos across America.


Worst. Salon. Ever.

It is a sad state of affairs when you can’t get a quality salon experience. Here are a few places to avoid:

Sally’s Home Salon and Spa

PJ’s Hair Market

Hair’s Johnny!

Georgia’s Old Timey Salon Emporium


Kim’s Hair I Go

Last Chance Stlye

Jim’s Wash Rinse Repeat

Clip and Snip

The happy ending is that all parties are okay and found new stylists. We’d like to thank the following for their salon busting (in order of appearance): Heidi H., Leila, teddibearpicnick, Callie F., Mike H., Suzanne G., Chris, and Christina V.

Daring Duo

We dare you.

We double dare you.

We double dog dare you.

We double black dog dare you.

We double black dog’s buddy dare you!

And 5 years later they’re still at it according to Heather N. Photos via Art Jonak and DogsTrust

Never Seen You Wear That Color Before

That facial did wonders. You are absolutely glowing! Did you change your hair? Is that a new shade of lipstick?

You’d think they’d never seen a leucistic sugar glider before, Dave H.

Four’ll Get You Five

We’ve already reached level five in the Infinite Cuteness Project once, but here are some more level four pictures for you to play with. We begin with this shadowy figure from Jenny K.: “This is Quiz contributing to the infinite cuteness project.”

Next, from Bethany L.: “This is our rescued sheltie Maeby! I was actually going to take this pic when it was just one kitty and when I saw it had gotten to three levels I just had to get to the fourth!”

Longtime commenter Ceejoe brings the ICP its first guinea pig: “I’ve attached a couple pictures of my guinea pig Cupcake, gazing at the CO entry from Feb 2. She agrees that all the black-and-white anipals could be her long-lost relatives!”

And our final candidate, from Justine N., is “Lutin (pixie), and she’s a very bizarre cat. We can keep her on our knees or belly and she will stay as long as we want to. And she never, ever, eats anything else than her food in her bowl. She hates paint odor, a very convenient thing, as I’m a miniature painter.”

It’s Been a Long Week

Soakin’ and soothin’ in a pink tub o’bubbles. Lettin’ the world go by!

Ready to face the world again!

Thank you for sharing your sudsy buddy, 四川 成都

Thanks, Mom.

‘Cause it’s cold out d’ere. [Double baby shivers]

Johanna S. found this gorgeous photo by Ric Seet.

Who Wants Bunny Toast?

Pop in some bread. Push the bunny toaster button all the way down.

Waaaiiit. Waaaiiit.

Ka-ching! One slice of bunny toast is ready! Put some butter on it while it’s hot!

I don’t care for the way your toaster is looking at me, Jayme & Catarina P.. Bunny toaster played by Ellie!


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