Tea, Earl Grey, cute

Hey, everybody, take a pekoe at this teacup pup. We haven’t seen a face this dar(jee)ling in, oo, long time.

We’re green with envy, Lori S.

Meow Culpa

I’m … I’m really sorry about what happened to your curtains. And the Bentley. And your credit rating. This has never happened to me before — since the last time.

Twister Gone Wrong

Oh believe you me, next time my Food Dispenser-Person wants to play a game, I’ll read the directions first.

Right paw on red, left hind leg on head, Stacy.

Sears Portrait Studio is Now Officially Insect- Free

It seems the anteater is having the best week ever. Over at Discovery Cove in Orlando, a lesser anteater (only in name!) – or tamandua – was born just a few days ago to mother Cypress. And like any proud ma, Cypress’ first order of business was to carry her adorable freeloader over to get some frame-worthy photos taken.

“Give me junior-prom-date cheesy!”

“Give me artsy-fartsy avant-garde-y!”

“Give me Burt-Reynolds-on-a-bear-skin-rug-circa-1979 hunky!”

“Give me eyelash-less-eyeball-y!”

Again, thanks to Nick G. Photo by Jason Collier, Discovery Cove

You’re gonna need a bigger bird

Pushing the envelope on the whole “birds on backs” theme, Mama Bird re-enacts the famous “evacuation of Saigon” photo from the 70’s.

By Petra Z via Pixdaus.

Things Are Looking Up

I’m a tiny little lizard in a great big world, and all I ask for…

… is someone to look up to.

Beautiful shot, Jackie.

Malcolm Reviews the Super Bowl Spots

I don’t know about you, but my favorite commercial came from Budweiser. You know the one I mean:


Oh, really – you say that spot’s from 1999…? Well you can’t expect me to watch the actual game when re-runs of “SVU” are on.

Eh, the commercials were terrible anyway, Elke V.

Best dog birthday “cake” ever

People, why are you wasting your precious time making actual cakes for your dog’s birthday when you know all they want is an awesome sausage with a candle in it?

Yanhg, yanhg, yanhg:

Sender-Inner Dorota says her pup Amy is almost a purebred weiner dog but calls her “95% daschund 5% mystery LOL”


I know ya’ll are busy watching the Who at the Superbowl Halftime show, but in case you were looking for something a litttle less Amerrrrican and something a little more of the crocheted, Japanese, Ukulele variety, settle in for some sweet videos:

Via Boing Boing. Listen to U900 tracks, see pics and watch vids over at their MySpace.

Heisman Ham sez

“This is a GAME OF INCHES. This is NOT the practice wheel, Men, this is the effing SUPERBOWL. Kick off is in five minutes—Now go b***s out to make it the best damn day of your life.”

Kiss your wife like it would be the last time, and GO GO GO!


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