Hi Mom, I Maded Your Mother’s Day Gift

Aw, for me? Honey thank you it’s so sweet! Did the teacher show you how to make that?

No, my heart did.

Günther, 9 weeks old Goldendoodle, Meaghan J., “He’s like a stuffed animal with dagger teeth running around like a mad man chewing everything, but his cuteness makes it all ok!”


Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Monster Jam Spectacular!

Starring the amazingly-named Princess Monster Truck. As it states on her (naturally) Instagram page, “All teeth, no bite.”



Photos by Buzz.

A Half-Caff Kitteh If You Please

Purr-fect for your Sunday morning- a copy of the NY Times and a kitteh latte. “I found this on my local public radio’s web site. The latte artist is Kazuki Yamamoto, and it appears he provided the photos.” -Cuteporter Serenpoly.


Bunday Salad Bar Special

Today’s all-you-can-eat day, ’til 4pm. Just don’t forget to get a new plate if you go back through the line.



“Although I’m biased I believe these photos will put a smile on everybody’s face. Or at least on the faces of rabbit owners who also have the experience that these animals have huge appetites and will never say no to a fresh picked salad. This is Sasha, one of my rabbits.” -Willemijn, Netherlands.

You’re Always There For Me, Mom

And now I’m here for you!

And Mom is always there on the spot, eh?

First video discovered by Smedley. Second video from HooplaHa.

This Is How You Do It, Right?

I didn’t see any instructions or anything.

From TDC.

B’Arrrk! I’m Commandeering This Boat!

Avast! This pond is not big enough for the three of us!

Kanga, the Boston Terrier on the High Seas (name of boat I’m guessing) taken in Blacksburg, VA, by mom, Shannon C.

Everybody Duck!

Watch this little motorin’ yellow ball of CHEEP go after this defenseless puppeh. #Relentless.

Spotted on Cuteroulette.com, and posted on The Tube by NeilB2.

Caturday Support Group

Where cats get together on weekends to ritually undertake Catly Things:

Fave “We’re There For Ya We Can Get Thru This Thing” Frames:

Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 10.24.04 AM
Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 10.26.24 AM
Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 10.28.41 AM
Oh my, oh my VideOmy

Why Do Dogs Lick Their Nose?

Because, you never know when it might get booped.

“Caught this awesome photo of my dog Gordie licking his lips while he begged for some of my lunch at the park the other day. He is a 4 year old Beagle Maltese mix.” -Keely K.