It’s Kimbo, Daring Dog of Danger!

In today’s action-packed episode, Agent Kimbo infiltrates the secret jungle headquarters of C.H.U.B. (Covertly Heinous Underworld Brotherhood).

Will Kimbo defeat the comically inept minions of the evil Dr. Fang? Can Kimbo thwart the evil plot to poison the world’s kibble supply? Will this video seem cutesy and staged until about 1:30, when it suddenly gets jaw-droppingly awesome?

Press play and find out!


Beside bananas for lunch and turns on the tire swing, little Rollo Bumblemufkin’s favorite pastime was a little game he liked to call “Will This Fit Up My Nose?”

That’s snot funny, Barney M.

He Found Us Again!

That settles it–next game, we all need to find separate hiding places.

It’s the Cluster Associative Theory in action, Kevin F.

Juuust One More

Come home, Clarence. Put the nut down, and back away slowly. We’ve exceeded our target goal already. You need to know when to stop and think about something else.

Oh he can quit anytime, Stephanie F.

A Wee Itty Bitty Pony Ditty

The bonny pony from near Glasgoo
Aye, she kinna take much moo.
If she dinna pluck her auld eye broos
She’d look aboot like a highland coo.

Cheerioo, suvodeb

Meg Says We Have to Share the Buns

Ohhh Kaaay. One bun for you all, but sheesh.

And two for me! (quickly licks them both so I don’t have to share.) …What?

Please Sir JPockele, may I have some more?

Stop Borrowing my Outfits!

Or else!

You’re just a cheep imitation.

There’s no birdy else like me.

Imitation is the sincerest form of fluttery. Rainbow Lorikeets image taken at Port Stephens, Australia by Ring K., submitted by Tran H.

Ice Capawed

And as Daisuke completes his final spin in this technically flawless program, we go to the judges for the scores…

Meow-point-seven, meow-point-eight, meow-point-seven, meow-point-nine, meow-point-four… ooh, very harsh score from the East Marmalade judge, and we can hear a wave of disapproval ripple through the crowd…

PS: Yes, we know they don’t use that scoring system anymore.


The blob is back and blorpier than ever, oozing a highly tuned metaphysical oneness with pudding; a blorpy skill possessed only by a special few.

Brittany S.’s cat Ender says, “Skeletal schmeletal.”

The Brotherhood of the Mystic Citrus

And now, my young acolytes, you must join hands and channel the ancient spirit energy, as I place before you the sacred Orange of Rasth-Kabongg. For truly it is written, if you are able to balance the Orange in stillness, then your souls are prepared to attain the highest plane of omniversal awaren — LEONARD, YOU IDIOT!


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