Introducing the Socially Awkward…Doug

Hey Sweets, you hang here often? Do you wanna climb up and see me some time? If not, no biggie, because falling for you would be a short trip.

Like the late, great Swayze said, “She’s like the wind…in my tree.”

Photo by Erik V.

“Heeeerrrre, kitty-kitty-naive-kitty-kitty…”

I don’t know…Maybe he just wants to be my friend? Oh, why am I complicating things?  I’m sure it will be fine…right? I mean, the damn hamster has a brain the size of a walnut! What could he possibly do.

Chase seems like a bit of a scaredy cat, Annie G.  Photo by Mike C.

Dance, Ya Varmint, Dance!

All that this duck* needs now is Yosemite Sam shooting the ground underneath him (and maybe a top hat and a cane). A-five, six, seven, eight!

* (probably a goose actually, and maybe one of our readers can clear that up.)

How to Fire Your Maru Cannon

Like all dangerous munitions, the Maru Cannon must be loaded with extreme care. Do not attempt to place Maru in the cannon yourself — simply leave the cannon unattended and Maru will be drawn inexplicably into it.

Next, make sure that Maru is coiled tightly at the bottom of the cannon, to attain the necessary “spring-loaded” effect.

When firing, be aware that Maru may not always follow the desired trajectory.

Spotted on Maru’s blog by Marianne H.

Claustrophobic Kitty Meets the Siblings

Wow, I didn’t realize there were so many of you…OK, I’m cool, I’m cool…Um, is anyone else feeling anxious?…No? Nobody else feels like he could just freaking crawl out of his skin?…

Whatever you do, don’t call Dr. Phil, SmithEmma.

The Tech Support Ham’s Here

…so you say it makes a pockety-pockety sound, followed by a schlunka-schlunka-schlonk noise, and then just goes whirrrrrrr? Well, let’s crawl in and take a look…

Photo by Zixii

Wes Craven Just…Got…Cuter.

In an effort to recruit a new demographic, the producers of “Scream 4″ decided to ditch the iconic mask for this little token of evil.

Mr. Moe is an evil genius, Debbie S.

Trifectaaaaa! [say in Oprah voice]

Will you please check out this trifecta:

1. Adorkabuhl Ear-to-head ratio
2. Glossular, plink! plink! icy-blue eyeballs
3. And a new rule: #46: Showing a small bit of your tongue is cute.

I’m sure you will agree that a stylish log makes the pose. F1ver was sure to pass this one along via ZooBorns.

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, Who’s About to Take a Fall?

All right, students, time for another lesson in C.O. Math: Kitten plus mirror times depth of bench divided by distance from floor equals…?

And This is Why Bob has a Giant Target on His Head

“Hey Noreen, look at the fuzzy dice I just found for the car!”

Forwarded by Kelly J. via The Frisky


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