Who’s That Girl?

It’s Zoe!

She’s kind, adorable, fashionable and even has roommates! If this was a show, I’d watch everyday.

Zoe the Chihuahua and her best friend and roommate, Ninja the Pointer/Husky mix are from Norway living in style with their mom and roommate, Benedicte T.


If You Liked High Diving Giraffes…

…then “Elephant Jumping On Trampoline” should be right up your alley. Thanks to Commenter Baileysgrandmom for the teep!

PS -For the folks on Facebook who thought the giraffes were real (face palm,) say it with me. “THIS. IS. COMPUTER. GENERATED.”

No, This is Not a Scene From Iron Man

Apparently it is a normal day at Kimberly A.’s house.


“I wanted to share a picture with you of my two 10-month old kittens. We adopted them this past December. The one on the left is Stark (Tony Stark -Iron Man) and the one on the right is Banner (Bruce Banner – Hulk). They decided they were ready to join the Avengers on their next mission. (The second picture is of them playing in the sink right around when we got them) Hope you enjoy!” Kimberly A.

If You Knew Sushi Like I Knew Sushi

Usually kittehs EAT sushi. This time, they ARE sushi. This site is connected somehow. I think. Maybe. Lost in translation, we are. Gonna give these a guess- see hovers.

UPDATE: Tracked this back through several websites and found some more info.















~The Creditos~
1-6: Incredible Things.
7-14: Some website with a .jp domain I got no idea.
Originally spotted on the Internet.

What’s a Girl Like You Doing in a Dive Like This?

I’ve been deep-sea diving since I was old enough to swim, and I guess you could say I’ve seen it all. Gossamer jellyfish billowing like clouds, delicate fingers of coral in crystal blue reefs, the glint of sunlight reflected by vast schools of fish. But nothing can prepare you for the day you encounter your very first mermaid.

(Photo removed, but may be seen at Karen Dillabough Photography on Facebook.)

Do Ya Mind?

We’re tryin’ to get our play on. Go take some pictures of trees or sumpin’.

Jesse the Lab and Gordy the Bassett should get a room, Katie K.

Little Brothers Are NOT Funny

4 out of 5 big sisters agree, bad puns and passing gas are dumb.

Sender inner Ivy G. tells us, “This is 10 month old Tony inside the house, with big sister Marcy looking on in annoyance. We got Tony last year as a three-month old and it’s taken Marcy a long time to accept him (begrudgingly):).”

Photo Assignment Day #3: Pocket Pals!

Check your CO Calendar- today’s Photo Assignment Day #3: how much cuteness can you put in your pocket? Grab your hedgie, hamster, gerbil, ratso, puppeh or kitteh- if they can fit in your pocket, we’d like to see the photo! It could end up right here on Cute Overload. Here’s where to send it!

Photo by The Furrtographer.

Wonder Boy by Day, Miniature Horse by Night

Codename, … “Mr. P.”

Any resemblance between Mr. P. and a miniature horse is purely coincidence.

OK little girl, just pretend you don’t notice.

Real-Life My Little Pony
Nothing unusual here.

Real-Life My Little Pony
Situation normal.

Wait, isn’t that a …. NO! ha ha ha.



After a long day workin’ his halter ego, Mr. P. can finally relax.

Real-Life My Little Pony
And have fun horsing around!

Real-Life My Little Pony
Pony Therapy with Molly & Mr. P., photos and cute article via The Daily Mail

High Diving Giraffes

That would be what’s usually known as a “Non sequitur.”

Non sequitur (pron.: /nɒnˈsɛkwɪtər/) is Latin for “it does not follow.” It is most often used as a noun to describe illogical statements.

And that’s just what this video is. “High Diving” + “Giraffes” aren’t generally used together in sentences. But here we go!

“This is not mine but I came across it today and I thought of you. High-diving giraffes! (I mean, really, where else but up high would giraffes dive from, anyway?) Make sure you watch all the way to the end of the credits.” -Cuteporter Allein S.