Only They Know For Sure

Marmies. It’s been long suspected they have “something special”.

All we know is, the first ingredient is a secret. And the rest is classified.

They aren’t telling. But Emily G. tells us these are her tabby boys, Charlie (3 years) and Zack (almost 4 months).

Just gotta pick up a few things at Target


I hear that Missoni sale was out of control, Emily J.

Ear ye! Ear ye! We May Have a New Rule of Cuteness

If you have spots on your ears it’s cute. But what to call said spots? Help!

Recently, on this post, flutterby suggested “flap frecks”.

Sender-inner Jen M. says her charming hamster, Romeo, has “ear splotchies”.

Jen M. says, “..ear splotchies.. they’re very “in” right now.”

Equal Rights for All Hams

This ends now!

Stop the ham hate!

Will you please check out this BLATANT DISCRIMINATION towards dwarf hamsters. Tewtelly appalling! [cross-eyed head tilt]

Like My Bum? is by digital_image_fan.

You Too Can Have a Flat Stomach in Seconds

Finally, the secret to quickly and effectively getting the firm, flat stomach you’ve always wanted.

Simply lie face down!

Photo by Noah P., who says, “Dahlia is a shelter pup (we think chihuahua and dachshund mix—check her stubby cute legs!).”

And So it Begins

According to Australian Geographic, birds of a feather learn to talk together. Escaped and released cockatoos, back in the wild after learning to mimic human sounds, teach the sounds to their new tree-mates. Can “Rise of the Planet of the Cockatoos” be far behind? What else will the feathered freinds teach each other?

Photo by Flickr user S Baker.

If You Go Down to the Woods Today,

You’re in for a big surprise.

If you go down to the woods today,

You better go in disguise.

‘cause every purr that ever there was

Is gathered there together because

Today’s the day the kitty cats have their picnic.

Lilly and her friends are sure of a treat today, Amber W.

Thuh lasht leaf of Autumn!

You can shtart Chrishmush shopping nao!

Winston is the cutest leaf-peeper evar, Jess R.!

In The Beginning

There was a great void.

And Box said, “Let there be Maru,” and there was Maru.

Maru looks like he’s in his own little world.

Skwerlio Finds Itself Wayyy Off the Beaten Trail

Woah, we cannot co-exist in the same era!

But look at us, we finally have proof that squirrels and dinosaurs were closer than ever thought.

Um, wow, you’re eating like there’s no tomorrow. Har, har, har.

Those are walnuts, you know, as in, dinosaur brain size.

So? Dinosaurs rely less upon brain size and more upon eating everything in their path!!!

Sender-Inner Kim B. used a remote camera to get these shots from the Bad Manors Squirrel Diner.


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