In His Dreams Saved Pup Runs Free

Sender-Inner Jason says he found puppy Laji in a dumpster in China! [face palm] Thankfully, Jason rescued the pup and he now has happy, happy dreams:

Nobody Understands Emo Trump

Emo Trump is not afraid to fire Gary Busey if the Buce can’t deliver the goods.

Emo Trump is an influential world leader sought out by politicians, businessmen, and humanitarians, who show their respect by not staring at Emo Trump’s combover.

Emo Trump has dug up dirt about the missing birth certificate that you won’t believe. Seriously, you won’t believe it.

Life is hard good for Emo Trump.

It’s ZZ (pronounced “zee zee”) from Camille. Idea stolen from Meg.

When The Dress Code Says, “Bun”

When a bun is required, say goodbye to casual. A denim shirt with a bun simply screams rhinestones! I’m thinking accessorize with fringe here and here, hand beading there, matching embroidery all over, and a little black lace to complete the look! Oh and could you carry a chandelier? Fabulousss!

This fashion round up is brought to you by Sarah M. and her new unnamed rabbit. The choices are: Sullivan, Flynn, Roan, Orion, Aden. (AKA Rhinestone Cowbun!)

An Update on Lil’ Drac!

People, could lil’ Drac be any more prosh? The answer is nyerhe. My husband who watched me watch this video just said: “Did I just hear multiple ‘Awhhnns’ for a blood-sucking bat? Yes Honey. You did. (And he’s a fruit bat, you eeeeediooot!)

PART 2: Lil’ Drac

And, in case you missed it:

PART 1: LIL’ Drac

Sent in by cuteporter Wendy. Batworld Sanctuary is to thank for the video.

Choosy LOLers Choose GIF

For all your low-res feline animation needs, stop by The Cat GIF Page, a growing repository of cute cat clips. Herewith, a sampling:

Spotted by none other than Pee Wee Herman!

I Said I Would Move!

Why you wanna make dis bed?

I was sleepin’ heah!

You couldn’t have waited?

Sender-inner Sharon H. says this is Skiffy, who was rescued from an abandoned building, “He looks distressed, but he is just meowing to signal for me to help him get down from the bed (too big of a jump for this little guy).”

I Has A Dream

I also has a heart. Kinda teh same ting.

Polly has the heart of a dreamer, Lorene T.

Your Move, Arby’s

In a sign of increasing competition among the major fast-food chains, McDonalds has introduced the “Puppy Meal” — a cheeseburger, small fries, milk or juice box, and a puppy. In a response, Burger King said it plans to replace its scheduled “My Little Pony” promotion with “My Actual Pony.”

For here or to go, Megan C.?

Honk-to the-shu

I’m just a little ham
in a cup
when I get tired
I pull the shavings up

Honk-to the-shu
Honk-to the-shu
Honk-to the-shu

C.O.X.C.U. (Hey, that rhymes)

Sweet lil’ ham courtesy of Erin O.

Go, Puppy. Go!

One little puppy is in.

One little puppy is out.

One little puppy is on the go. Look at the puppy go.

All the puppies are out! All the puppies are on the go!

Where are the puppies going, Kristina G.? Photos by Sean Y.


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