Cat Scratch Fever

And our next applicant for the club DJ position goes by the name of “L.E. Katt.” All right, Mr. Katt, whenever you’re ready…

can i haz it nao?

can i haz it nao?
can I haz
can I
okay you can eat it

Brilliant caption by Rara1pm3t over on YouTubes. Wow, two Quality Foraged Links featured in ONE DAY. Thanks, Ant.

For That Sharp, Shimmering Shine!

Say, is your shell shamefully shabby and shopworn? Has it shucked off its showroom sheen, leaving you shambling and shy? Then sashay shortly to Shelly Shonk’s Shine Shack, for a ship-shape shampoo and shellacking!

Start with a dip in our 100 percent pure mineral water bath, then it’s off for a luxury wash and brushing (techno music available on request).

… and finally, restore that “just-hatched” luster with a coating of (let’s all say it together now)… TURTLE WAX!

“This is my turtle Pepe,” says proud photographer Laura H.

Hi-ya, a Little Help Here?

It’s not going to push itself, y’know.

Whee, happy feet, Ant!

Penguin Attack! One Reader’s Terrifying True-Life Story of Survival

It happened early in the third week of the expedition. The winds of Antarctica whipped especially strong that day, and I had wandered far away from base camp, lost and alone. That’s when I heard the crunch-crunch-crunch of webbed feet in the snow behind me, and turned in time to come face to face with…

A penguin! He had probably been stalking me for hours, but there was no time to think about that as the giant beast threw his crushing weight upon me…

I could feel the fiend’s razor-sharp beak tearing into my flesh, and I knew I had only one slim desperate chance to survive. Using my finely-honed Judo skills, I flipped the beast over and slammed his face into the cold snow-pack!

And just as quickly as it began, it was over. Panting, I crawled out from under the monster, grateful to walk away with my life — and quite a story to tell back at camp!

Captured on film by Flickr user pinguino k.

Oxen Yoke

Baby Ox: “Hey Mom!”
Mom Ox: “Yes, Son.”

Baby Ox: “What do you call it when two oxen run into each other?”

Mom Ox: [Sigh]

Baby Ox: “AN OXIDENT!”


Mother and Baby photo by Randy Kokesch. Via Marilyn T. at National Geographic but you already knew that. Submit *your* sweet photo to the National Geographic Photo Contest TUHDAY!

Hot Enough for Ya, Tex?

We rarely venture from the climate-controlled confines of the CuteCave to notice, but evidently it’s quite hot out these days. So hot that, in Texas, young Slurpy McArmorplatingsons walked up to this nice family and asked for a drink of water.

A Girlfriend for the Banff Crasher Squirrel?

She’s all, “…Love lift us up where we belong! 

Where the eagles cry, on a mountain high…”

Photo by Caryn Walters, sent in by Marilyn T. Got squirrels or any other fabulous travel photo? Enter it now at the National Geographic Traveler Photo ContestEnds July 11. Also, don’t miss the original Banff Crasher Squirrel. Hee.

Oh, It’s… Lovely. No, Really.

What unusual housewarming gifts, you guys.

I was just telling Joyce here that what we really needed was a sneezing tissue box, a gun-shaped dog leash, and a wind-up Michelangelo throw pillow that plays “I Want To Hold Your Hand.”

Before you nuff: 1. Yes, we know the dog isn’t really smiling; 2. We don’t know if the dog does this often, or if this is just a lucky snap; 3. Please do not make accusations of mistreatment unless you have specific information about the dog and its situation.

Eek! A Mouse!

Wh-where?! Where’d it go?!”

Zoinks! Like wow, Ant!


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