I Got Quills! They’re Multiplyin’

And I’m losin’ control!

[slips and slides in bathtub]

Quentin H. Hedginton is all greased up. Sent in by Jessica D.

Friday Haiku: Happiness is a Warm Belly

Deep in the jungle

Moment of serenity

Secret paradise

Lounge lizard by Josh220

What’s your Howl-o-ween costume?

We have it on good authority that Tar-Jay is a good place for costumes.
OK, some of them stink.

I Have a Dream

[Triumphantly] That one day


Via Srsly Cute.

What Wine Goes with Fowl?

If they’re geesling, serve ’em Riesling
For swan, try Sauvignon
Macaw and parrot love a Claret
They’ll drink from dusk to dawn

But if it’s duck, you’re out if luck
They’ll have none of that swill
When they complain, just pour Champagne
And put it on my bill

Via Reddit.

The Rine in Spine Sties Minely in the Pline

No, Eliza! The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain!

Just you wait, Luna

The Only Way to Bathe a Dog

According to dogs.

Photo by 16 year old Jessica Keating via The Guardian.

Monster Quiller Horror Theater!

Arr-ooooooo! It’s your old pal, Count Floyd, with another scary chiller monster feature, you’re gonna love it! This time it’s Night of the Pricklies, and it’s very scary, keeds… ah, who am I fooling, this turkey’ll put you to sleep faster than Ny-Quill!

Via Reddit.

Mail Call: Baron versus Bubbles

Baron the cat PREYS on his mail. That Papa John’s pizza coupon is important stuff, and must be safely delivered: 

Then there’s Bubbles, who takes a more Hurricane Katrina delivery approach:

Baron by Tikigoth, and Bubbles by Pottybursar.

Dateline: Kigali, Rwanda- Magilla Glub Glub, Vol. II

Remember this little guy:

The kitten, with a funny name, who was rescued in Kigali, Rwanda?

We have an update! Sender-Inner Nathan G. gives us the latest 411: “He’s starting to grow into his bug eyes and he’s now sporting an orange collar with a bell.”

“…His whiskers, eye lashes, and ear hair are all quite long and wild, looking more like those of an elderly man than a couple month old kitten.”

“…He spends his days sleeping, eating, and practicing his hunting skills, which always end with a kangaroo-like pounce with way more height than distance.”

“His tongue still spends equal time in and out of his mouth and he likes playing with ants, paper bags, which Rwanda has plenty of as plastic bags are outlawed, and a pink toy called the Hugga Wubba.”

“P.P.S. Thanks for posting the previous photos. My wife logged on to your site w/o knowing I submitted the pictures and shrieked with excitement to see Magilla Glub Glub.”

No thank you, Nathan.


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