A Day in the Life of Squirrel Jr.

Squirrel Jr., we’re gonna have a good day together, you and me.

This day in the life brought to you by Sender-Inner and squirrel-taker-carer Lindsay R.

Have a Nice Trip

(Cliff Clavin voice) “It’s a little known fact that dogs and cats may be good companions, but they can break your leg…

(Carla rolls her eyes as Cliff goes on) A new analysis of emergency-room data found that 86,000 people a year wind up in the hospital after tripping over a pet, its bowls, or its toys. Dogs cause nearly eight times more injuries than cats, mainly because they’re bigger and stronger, and can yank people down stairs or into holes when pulling on their leashes during walks…”

See you next fall, Dani H.

Though Cliff Clavin would have said all that, it’s really from the Dec. 24, 2010 issue of  The Week magazine.


Since the unfortunate passing of the original Disapproving Rabbit Cinnamon, the search is on for a new face of Disapproval. We want gravitas, depth, the same completely unfavorable opinion as Cinnamon expressed.

Our first contender is in from the ironically named Happy Farm Bunnies:

Contender number two, with his famous wrinkular grimacing is “Pancake” the pup:

Next up, contender 3 is a species you may not have expected to express annoyance. Cape Rain Frog condemns you!


Final contender number 4, White Kitteh With ‘Tude, renders us totally unsuitable:

Too bad about your bunnies, Grace! (Happy Farm Bunnies.) You’re pup’s not good enough, Mai N.! We don’t like even like frogs Vanessa H.! The kitteh’s not even close Animal Photography image library! Disapproval hoverfacts via Get Listy, The Guardian, We Interupt and Wikipedia.

A Dog…

…is the only thing on earth

that loves you more…

…than he loves himself.

Quote by Josh Billings, American Humorist (1818-1885.) Photos and hover-factoids by Jennilee M.

THIS JUST IN: The Most Patient Cat of All Time

Obviously, this video was cut short because of a murder at the end.

And this is just getting ridiculous:

It’s a virtue, Barbarella!

Let’s Play I Spy

I spy, with my little eye, a pup who cubed your new shoe.

Thank you for playing, Rachel R.


Once again, the CO cute-o-sphere has all your basic needs; food, clothing, shelter. Oh, sorry, we’re out of those.

Doesn’t matter, we have yellow lab puppies! What more could you ask for?

All you need is pups, Shanley M.

Just Add Brandy, a Pinch of Nutmeg…

Who wants some spiked egg hog?

Cheers, Ant !

C’Mere, You Have Something on Your Face

[Licks paw]

[Wipes your face]

Thanks for keeping us clean, Lologabriella

Bushy-Tail Fail

Ah-HAH! Not only is the nice lady alone and unprotected with her jar of delicious cashews, but she has also carelessly left her window open! Banzaiiiii!


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