Hoppy Hour

“Bartender, I’d like a Fuzzy Navel, please.” the frog said, a tad politely.

Let the good slimes roll, Paula A.!

Dogs, They’re So Easy

Zee poopay ees in range. Zee poopay suspects nozzink. I shall hold my pozeeshon until zee moment ees right…

Zee poopay ees zo close… …ATTACK!

More Poptart and Cupcake, by Mary K.

Penguinea Pig

We complete each other.

This is Binka cuddling with her penguin. Bet they finish each other’s sentences too, Kim B.

Gee, Your Hair Smells Like Chipmunk

The YouTube user who uploaded this video swears the chipmunk fell asleep in her hair, and that it’s only dead tired, not actually dead. Decide yourself, or just giggle.

There’s a Simple Explanation for This

I was abducted by aliens who force fed me ice cream.

This is a Fuzzy photo, I mean, photo of Fuzzy, by Lindsay A.

Smiling Baby Dolf-Dolf

Will you please check out this insanely prosh, smiling baby dolphers being introduced to a baby penguin:

You killed us ded, Johanna S.

We Have Angered the Vacuum God!

Flee while you can, lest ye feel the wrath of His mighty crevice attachment!

Beauty and the Bulldog

What beauty could ever learn to love a beast?  Before the last petals fall?

This is Tamara L.’s French Bulldog. Oh Oslo, you sexeh beast you!

Will that be all, mallard?

Aristoquacks, though endangered, are most commonly seen in the countryside, since they own most of it. Distinguishing features include their simply spiffing clothing, which used to belong to Mummy and Daddy, and their oft-heard call of “Harrumph.” Unaccustomed as they are to work, aristoquacks are ever so fond of spending their days dabbling and preening and wittering, “Lads, I think the pheasants are revolting.”

This eggstavagant photo by Polly.

Squeels on Wheels

Ooh! Out of the way Mary Kay! We’re two hamster guys pootling along, cruising in plastic flamingo style, at 3 MylittlePoniesperHour, getting in touch with our bubblegum side. More pink than all the world’s cotton candy wadded together. If we do a donut it’ll have sprinkles, and we’ll get arrested by Officer Barbie, ooh!

Thank you, Alisha, for sharing Peanut and Deuce, Chinese dwarf hamsters. Beep, beep!


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